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Good Night Tiger
Tiger Tales / Publisher Group Canada Books
By Becky Albertalli
26 pages
age 5 to 8

Synopsis from Publisher Group Canada Books:

Emma is trying to sleep, but the animals in her wallpaper are making too much noise! The gorilla bellows, the hippo stomps, the elephant trumpets, and tiger growls. “Go to sleep!” Emma tells them. “We’ve tried and tried, but we can’t!” replies the tiger. Then Emma gets an idea. Can she help the noisy animals settle down so that everyone can get to sleep?

If there’s any parenting advice I would give, it’s starting a bedtime routine with your kids when they are young. Good Night Tiger (affiliate link) not only makes a great story about bedtime but it focuses on routines and how they can help set the mood and quiet you down for a good night sleep.

In this case, it’s not Emma’s issue with scary dreams or being afraid of the dark. Good Night Tiger is about the animals in Emma’s room having trouble sleeping. By going through her nighttime routine with the animals she helps them to settle in for a good night sleep. The story is a refreshing take on not being able to fall asleep, having Emma help others versus her parents help her. And most children will love the animals’ take on some of the routines shared with them by Emma. Even the illustrations are fun, especially the inside front and back cover.

You can get an inside peek to this book in the following video review, published within our Picture Book playlist on our Youtube channel every Wednesday:

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