Indoor Beach Party for the Teen Beach Movie

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This Friday, July 19, Disney’s fun Teen Beach Movie premieres on The Family Channel at 8pm ET. We’re getting into the spirit with our own indoor beach party family fun while watching the movie with the kids.

 We had a chance to preview the Teen Beach Movie and I must say I enjoyed it more than I expected I would. It reminded me of those fun 1960’s teen beach flicks like Gidget and Beach Blanket Bingo. The two main characters, Brady and McKenzie, are transported into Brady’s beach surf movie, Wet Side Story. As they try to figure out how to get back home, they are thrust into various dance scenes and even get caught up in the impromptu songs. It really is a lot of fun.

We’re getting into the beach movie mood with our own little beach party.  You don’t have to be a party planner to have a little themed fun for a movie. I didn’t want to turn our fun movie night into a chore for me so simple is the word fo the day.

summer teen movie party seating

We own a number of really big beach towels, which we’ll lay on the floor for seating. Just toss a few pillows under the towels for a more cushioned area. You can add to the beach feel by placing a few pails and shovels from the sandbox at the end of the towels (after you’ve cleaned them of course), as well as any seashells you may have from past beach holidays. I can’t be the only one with buckets of shells in our backroom waiting for a use?

For snacks we’ll have a beach party picnic by simply making a selection of sandwiches and wrapping them in butcher paper tied with string. Add some small fruit like grapes and plums along with vegetable sticks to your picnic basket and you’ll have an easy mess-free beach party picnic. Kids will love pulling their food from the basket versus just bringing it out from the kitchen.

summer teen movie party sandwich

You can even dress the part, wearing Hawaiian shirts, sun hats and bathing suits. I think the dressing up will appeal to my kids the most. They love wearing items at unusual and unexpected times. When was the last time you sat in the living room in your bathing suit?

All that’s left to do is lay back on your beach and enjoy the Teen Beach Movie. Don’t worry if you find yourself bopping on your towel; that’s what beach parties are all about. Your indoor beach party fun doesn’t have to be just for the Teen Beach Movie. Here are 10 fun summer fun movies you might also enjoy:

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Ernest Goes to Camp
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Camp Rock

Have you ever hosted a beach party? Does your family get into themed nights or turning a simple movie night into something a little fun?

Sharing is Caring!