Homemade Fireworks

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Sparks are about to fly! On Canada Day and America’s Fourth of July you have come to expect firework celebrations. Fireworks are usually part of most summer holiday long weekends. Is it too late for your children by the time the celebrations start? Do you dread taking all of them out with a ton of gear? But it isn’t quite the same to just watch on television, is it? Here is an easy way to bring the celebration into your home. How about getting your young child to make some fireworks of their own? It’s safe, don’t worry.


You will need some bright acrylic/craft paint in varying colors, black construction paper, paint tray (I use washed Styrofoam trays from packaged meat), yarn, and a flat topped lid.


Wrap a long piece of yarn around your lid and tie a knot to secure it. The yarn should make a starburst pattern on the flat side of the lid.


Squeeze craft paint onto your paint tray into swirls. If you try to swirl the paint with a stick it will mix and the colors of the swirls will not be as well defined.


Have your child dip the lid stamp into the paint.


Then have them stamp the construction paper.


Your children will get the hang of it very quickly. Mine were going so fast I couldn’t get a non-blurry picture.


Now your children have made their own nighttime sky filled with fireworks. No one got hurt and it will last longer.

To really kick this craft up a notch you can use glitter paint or sprinkle glitter onto the wet paint after stamping. Have fun and enjoy your holidays!

Sharing is Caring!