Head of the Class School Fundraiser Ideas

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Back-to-school means many classes and lots of books, but luckily there is a way to avoid teachers’ dirty looks. And it’s by coming up with outside-of-the-box fundraising ideas for your child’s school. school-fundraiserBecause money is something nobody likes to part with easily, it’s important that fundraisers are thoughtful, properly executed, and unique ideas don’t hurt either.

One interesting fundraising idea comes from Phoneraiser.com. This organization collects old cell phones and PDA’s which, if not disposed of properly, pose a serious threat to the safety of our environment. They also take inkjet cartridges for recycling. Each item has a value associated with it and at the end of a collection, Phoneraiser pays out the sum of the donated articles ($3 per phone, about $10 per PDA, and .50 per ink cartridge). It is an innovative idea that benefits our fragile environment and requires not much more than a letter to parents and a collection box. Super easy!

Raise money even while reinforcing good eating habits by holding a citrus sale. Websites like Florida River Indian Groves provide all the info needed to get started, including how much to sell the fruit for, and how to customize the order form for your school. Not only does this raise much-needed funds for schools, but it gets kids excited about eating oranges and grapefruits! This is also sure to bring out a little entrepreneurial side in every child.

Auctions and galas bring in lots of cash, but they are also a lot of work. If you live in an area that lends itself to spending big bunches of money at once, it’s not only social and fun, but it’s a nice community event and can be a nice way to mark the holiday season, or any other special time of year. Keep in mind, curating a large, formal event takes a LOT of work so be sure to activate as many helpers as possible. Put together a committee and be organized. While a big undertaking, at the end of the day, an auction or gala is a phenomenal way to raise lots of money in one night, and a great idea for a Parents Night Out. For tips, visit eHow.com.

Bake sales, spaghetti dinners, pancake breakfasts, car washes, cook-offs, coffee houses, and walk-a-thons are also relatively simple and productive methods of raising money within schools. Best part? Having a great platform with which to teach kids about helping others.

What creative fundraiser ideas had you reaching into your wallet to help?

Sharing is Caring!

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