134 Spooky Halloween Would You Rather Questions For Kids

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It was a dark and stormy night… Or, you know, maybe not dark and stormy, but still with all the spooky feels! After all, Halloween is almost here, and the spookiest time of the year definitely brings with it the clamor for all things creepy and spooky — in the funniest way possible!

With Halloween right around the corner, everyone’s busy prepping for cool activities to fill the day – and night! – with all things enjoyable and spook-tacular.

You’ve probably had that conversation with your child and are not in search for the perfect Halloween costume for them, and maybe for you and the whole family as well!

You’re also probably planning out your calendar with all the great events that may be on your radar, like Halloween activities at your neighborhood mall or your child’s school and parties with your friends.

You’re also probably already mapping out where you’ll be going trick-or-treating with your little one — and setting the stage for your family get-together afterward to really bring it home and give your child and all your loved ones the best Halloween ever!

You already have your Halloween decorations envisioned in your head, you’ve picked out the best goose-bumpy themed yummy treats to serve, you’ve set aside time to buy enough candy for a whole neighborhood and then some — and now comes what’s next on the list: The entertainment.

After all, every good special occasion gathering deserves activities that will entertain and ensure that everyone is having an awesome time!

Maybe you’ve picked out the Halloween tunes for your playlist. You’ve also most likely jotted down things like bobbing for apples and costume contests and such on your list of fun things to do on All Hallow’s Eve.

You’ve also queued up the best jump-scare-inducing films to watch together! Now, how about a fun game that the whole family can enjoy – especially the kids??? And what better to play than a fun game of Halloween Would You Rather really amp up the chills and thrills!

Check out our list of 134 spooky Halloween Would You Rather questions for kids for an exciting, unpredictable, and entertaining fright night!

Halloween Would You Rather: A Quick Overview

Halloween Would You Rather is a very easy-to-play game that brings a boatload of fun with it! It’s basically just like Would You Rather, which is a game you’ve all probably played at one time or another.

You take turns asking questions with two options, and players will then answer. It’s an excellent way to get to know each other even better and also be the jump-off point for some very interesting conversations!

Halloween Would You Rather is, simply put, a Would You Rather game that has questions dedicated exclusively to the spookiest season! You’ll be amping up this beloved party classic to a scarier, creepier level — in the most intriguing and funny manner!

A Guide to Staging an Awesome Game of Would You Rather? – Halloween Style!

Unsure of how to play this game? Everything you need to know is right here!

How Many Players do We Need?

To be able to play Would You Rather, you will need two players at the very least. But there is no limit on how many players can join in. As they say, the more, the merrier — although should there be a larger headcount, you may opt to split everyone into smaller groups.

Who Should go First?

Well, for this, you can get really creative and choose your method! You can go from oldest to youngest or in alphabetical order. You can even draw lots or do it rock-paper-scissors style. A cool way you can also do this is by letting the player who was born nearest to Halloween go first and go from there!

How do We Play?

So how exactly do you play Halloween Would You Rather? Well, it’s as easy as (pumpkin!) pie. Just read these steps below:

  1. First, you should have your questions ready. Our list below will help you out!
  2. Print out the questions or write them down on strips of paper or small cards – one question per card.
  3. Because it is a Halloween-themed version of the game, after all, add a spooky thought by using a pumpkin or a scary-looking bowl to put the questions in.
  4. Each player will pick a random question during their turn.
  5. The first player will begin by picking a question. You can decide amongst yourselves if the player will then ask the question to the next player only or to the whole group.
  6. Players will take turns picking out questions and asking them. You can opt to go clockwise so things go smoothly.
  7. The game goes on until all the questions have been picked – or it’s time to enjoy the spooky night in another way.

Will There be a Time Limit?

This is all up to you. You can choose to use a timer so you can speed up the game or put more pressure on all the players to answer more quickly and really blurt out what comes to mind, no filters! This can lead to a lot more laugh-out-loud moments and creepy conversations!

Spooky Halloween Would You Rather Questions For Kids

Choose from these 133 spookilicious Would You Rather questions for kids for a surefire chilling and thrilling laugh-out-loud time!

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Spooky Questions

Spooky Questions

Ready, get set, and go have some Halloween Would You Rather fun!

  • “…Be scared or scare someone?”
  • “…Carve 20 pumpkins or eat 10 bags of candy corn?”
  • “…Meet a werewolf or a zombie?”
  • “…Watch Hitchcock’s Psycho or Spielberg’s Poltergeist?”
  • “…Be a real-life Vampire or Werewolf?”
  • “…Be Covered in spiders or snakes?”
  • “…Eat Extreme Sour Warheads or Hot Tamales?”
  • “…Dunk apples or carve your jack-o-lanterns?”
  • “…Drink apple cider or veggie smoothie?”
  • “…Read horror stories or watch horror movies?”
  • “…Live in a zombie apocalypse or post-nuclear war?”
  • “…Have a pet bat or a spider?”
  • “…Have a monster in your closet or ghost under your bed?”
  • “…See a trick or get a treat?”
  • “…Meet a vampire or meet a werewolf?”
  • “…Walk through a haunted house or run through a graveyard at midnight?”
  • “…Have nightmares about Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees?”
  • “…Stay home to give out candy or go trick-or-treating?”
  • “…Be a zombie or a vampire?”
  • “…Watch Teen Wolf or An American Werewolf in London?”
  • “…Carve 5 giant pumpkins or 50 small ones?”
  • “…Fly on a witch’s  or drink some witch’s brew?”
  • “…Win a contest for carving the best jack-o-lantern or win the best costume?”
  • “…Be a black cat or a vampire bat?”
  • “…Make your own costume or buy one from a store?”
  • “…Have curly red hair or long black hair?”
  • “…Have it rain candy corn or Snickers?”
  • “…Go to a pumpkin patch or grow your own pumpkin?”
  • “…Sleep in a coffin or inside a giant pumpkin?”
  • “…Sleep in a coffin or in a haunted house?”
  • “…Go trick-or-treating with a vampire or a zombie?”
  • “…Go trick-or-treating with your friends or get paid to take a kid trick-or-treating?”
  • “…Spend a night in a haunted house or haunt a house yourself?”
  • “…Make a haunted house or go to an actual haunted house?”
  • “…Wear a princess costume or a minion outfit?”
  • “…Would you rather get to trick or treat?”
  • “…Be haunted by the demon from “Insidious” or Bughuul from “Sinister”?”
  • “…Listen to Edgar Allen Poe or Stephen King tell a scary store?”
  • “…Eat candy corn or Smarties?”
  • “…Drink apple cider or eat pumpkin spice cake?”
  • “…Be chased by Zombies or wolves?”
  • “…Go trick-or-treating in the mall or in your neighborhood?”
  • “…Eat a bloody Snickers bar or a Twix covered in underarm hair and sweat?”
  • “…Would you rather get bitten by a werewolf or a vampire?”
  • “…Live a world where King Kong or Megalodon is real?”
  • “…Only watch horror movies or never be able to see movies again?”
  • “…See Little Shop of Horrors or Sweeney Todd on Broadway?”
  • “…Be given a Snicker’s Bar or a Reese’s Peanut But cup?”
  • “…Use an Ouija board to perform a séance?”
  • “…Enjoy eating all your Halloween candies or exchange all of them for $15?”
  • “…Have you ever seen or felt the presence of a ghost?”
  • “…Have you ever been to a historically haunted house?”
  • “…Have you ever been to a haunted house attraction?”
  • “…Is there a movie that scares you to this day?”
  • “…What is the scariest story you’ve ever heard?”

More Spooky Questions

More Spooky Questions

Still, craving for more? These Would You Rather questions are tailor-made for All Hallow’s Eve.

  • “…Have every day been Halloween or never have Halloween?”
  • “…Dress up as a hero/heroine or as a villain?”
  • “…Watch a scary movie or be in a scary movie?”
  • “…Trick-or-treat with your friends or trick-or-treat with your family?”
  • “…Dress up as something scary or something silly?”
  • “…Get dressed as an angel or a devil?”
  • “…Voldemort crashed your sleepover or Darth Vader?”
  • “…Be forced to eat lobster brains or alligator hearts Fear Factor style?”
  • “…Collect candy in a pillowcase or in a bucket?”
  • “…Trick-or-treat in your neighborhood or a new neighborhood?”
  • “…Wait for the Great Pumpkin with Linus or celebrate Christmas with Jack Skellington?”
  • “…Have a costume malfunction in public or an allergic reaction to your face paint?”
  • “…Be chased by Friday the 13th’s Jason or Halloween’s Michael?”
  • “…Trick or Treat in a store-bought or homemade costume?”
  • “…See the costumes at a Halloween dog parade or human parade?”
  • “…Watch a slasher film or get a root canal?”
  • “…Go trick or treating with an embarrassing parent or an embarrassing teacher?”
  • “…Never celebrate Halloween or Thanksgiving again?”
  • “…Have vampire teeth or a witch’s mole on your nose?”
  • “…Get your groove on to “Thriller” or boogie down to “Monster Mash”?”
  • “…Have a nightmare featuring the clown Pennywise or the Headless Horseman?”
  • “…Explore a corn maze or a haunted house?”
  • “…Wear an incredibly itchy wig all night or super uncomfortable fake teeth all night?”
  • “…Be a member of the Brady Bunch or the Addams’ Family?”
  • “…Be super sweaty in your onesie costume on a warm Halloween night or out in your tiny/thin costume on a cold Halloween night?”
  • “…Feel sick from too much candy or not have any candy at all?”
  • “…Visit a haunted trail or be the one haunting people?”
  • “…Light a bonfire or a candle at the graves of the dead?”
  • “…Which of your coworkers is most likely to skip the company Halloween party?”
  • “…Please change your Zoom background to an image of your favorite monster?”
  • “…What is the dumbest horror movie? Can you Google when it was made?”
  • “…Hand out candy to trick-or-treaters or ignore trick-or-treaters and watch horror movies all night?”
  • “…Eat a caramel apple or a caramel popcorn ball?”
  • “…Would you rather go to a Halloween party or go Trick or Treating?”
  • “…Listen to the song Monster Mash on repeat or Werewolves of London?”
  • “…Dress up as a character from Harry Potter or Star Wars?”
  • “…Eat a live cockroach or play a game of Ouija?”
  • “…Ride the Tower of Terror or the Haunted Mansion?”
  • “…Have all your pumpkins smashed or got egged?”
  • “…Watch Beetlejuice or Ghostbusters?”
  • “…Wear something that makes it impossible to walk or wear something too tight that you can hardly breathe?”
  • “…Would you rather have a pumpkin for a head or pumpkins as feet?”
  • “…Eat pumpkin pie or apple cider donuts?”
  • “…Stay at the Hotel Transylvania or the Monster House?”
  • “… Live in a world of A Quiet Place or Hocus Pocus?”
  • “…Create a monster like Frankenstein or become one like Dr. Jekyll?”
  • “…Take an evening swim at Amity Cove or a midnight stroll in a cemetery?”
  • “…Would you rather be in a zombie apocalypse or a ghost in a school forever?”
  • “…Carve a jack-o-lantern or play some pranks?”
  • “…Live in Salem, Massachusetts, Roswell, or New Mexico?”
  • “…Wear a mask or paint your face?”
  • “…Be a witch or be a warlock?”
  • “…Go to school with Harry Potter or with Casper the Friendly Ghost?”

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Scarier Spooky Questions

Scarier Spooky Questions

Are you looking to raise the spookiness to greater heights? These Would You Rather questions are just what you need!

  • “…Fly on a broomstick or cast a spell?”
  • “…Have a black cat cross your path or break a mirror for bad luck?”
  • “…Get bitten by a vampire or hexed by a witch?”
  • “…Be chased by a zombie or be chased by the headless horseman?”
  • “…Put your hand into a dark slimy hole to try and find something small, or walk into a very spooky dark cave to try and find something big?”
  • “…Get a foot massage from the monster under your bed or dance the tango with the monster in your closet?”
  • “…Be able to see ghosts or walk through walls?”
  • “…Be chased by one werewolf or ten zombies?”
  • “…Eat a spider or a slug?”
  • “…Get attacked by a skeleton or a ghost?”
  • “…Let a tarantula crawl up your arm or a snake wrap around your neck?”
  • “…Have a toad as a best friend or have a black cat as an enemy?”
  • “…Scream like a banshee every time you try to talk or have snakes for hair?”
  • “…Be trapped in a cave of bats or stuck in a pit of spiders?”
  • “…Have pins growing out of your face and head, or have scissors where your fingers should be?”
  • “…Eat dog food with sugar, or eat snails with garlic butter?”
  • “…Blindfolded, stick your hand in a jar of eyeballs or bowl of guts?”
  • “…If your mum was a witch or your dad was a vampire?”
  • “…Eat a sugared spider or eat a fried snake?”
  • “…Have a witch’s green skin or a werewolf’s hairy fur all over your face and body?”
  • “…Eat a caterpillar sandwich or let spiders crawl on your face?”
  • “…Trick or treat in a creative costume or a scary costume?”
  • “…Watch a horror film or visit the dentist?”
  • “…Be best friends with Wednesday Addams or Sabrina, the Teenage witch?”
  • “…Look like a zombie or smell like a zombie?”
  • “…Have to sleep hanging upside down or sleep in a coffin?”
  • “…Only be able to get around by flying on a broomstick or being driven in a carriage by Frankenstein’s monster?”
  • “…Would you rather visit a cemetery or visit a pet cemetery at midnight?”
  • “…Fall into a pool of blood or kiss the creature from the Black Lagoon?”
  • “…Walk through a graveyard at midnight or spend a night in an abandoned house?”
  • “…Put your hand in a tank full of spiders or a tank full of snakes?”
  • “…Be locked in a room full of snakes or rats?”
  • “…Eat a frog or fish eyeballs?”
  • “…Face a Zombie Apocalypse or an Invasion of 10-ft spiders?”

Halloween Would You Rather questions for kids are the perfect ingredient for an awesomely great night of a lot of chills and even more thrills not just for your children but for the whole family as well! 

Take turns in answering these, and you will not be able to quit laughing at all of the answers and ideas that will come out!

Happy Halloween!

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