112 Chilling Halloween Trivia Questions and Answers for Kids

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Halloween is one of the fun-filled and most beloved times of the year for the whole family.

It’s something that kids especially always look forward to — and with good reason! It’s a time of the year when they can dress up as their favorite monster, hero, character, or whatever costume they want to wear. 

It’s a time filled with a ton of candy and other treats that they can collect and consume as they please.

There’s also a lot of great, spooky decorations to take in and a big serving of chills and thrills all around! Your family undoubtedly has many cool Halloween traditions and activities you enjoy together when this spooky season rolls around. 

You love to dress up and spend a lot of time planning and preparing those perfect Halloween costumes. You’re all about putting up the spookiest decor and whipping up the yummiest Halloween treats. 

You probably also have your collection of scary movies lined up, plus a playlist filled with all those fun Halloween tunes to play on repeat. And you’ve most likely been setting up great activities for the whole brood, too. 

Now, why not amp things up by adding another great game to play on All Hallow’s Eve (or day)?! 

If you’re searching for a Spooktacular activity to make the Halloween festivities last longer and make sure that you and your kids have a fantastic, spooktastic Halloween to remember, now’s the time to try out Halloween trivia for kids! 

What is Halloween Trivia For Kids?

What is Halloween Trivia for Kids

Halloween trivia is a simple way for you to get children even more excited about this spookiest time of the year! It is an easy, no-frills activity that kids will totally enjoy — and parents will get a blast out of prepping the questions as well (and playing along with the little ones, too!). 

Halloween is a minefield of vastly interesting facts and info. And the Halloween Trivia is a superb chance for you and your kids to learn more about this unique holiday, its traditions, and lore while also giving you an incredible opportunity to bond with each other and just have a fantastic time together!

How to Play Halloween Trivia With Your Kids?

How to Play Halloween Trivia With Your Kids

It is simple, doable, and fun-filled, requiring very little preparation to entertain your children. 

All you need for a rousing, rowdy game of Halloween Trivia is a list of excellent questions and answers and some eager and excited participants. 

Here’s How to Hold an Awesome Game of Halloween Trivia:

  • Gather a list of interesting questions and answers for your game.
  • Get all the kids (and kids at heart!) to come together in a circle.
  • Simply read out the questions one by one and try your best to get the right answer. You can choose to take turns in reading the trivia questions, or you can opt for a designated host that will read them all out loud.
  • Keep track of the score and raise the stakes higher by competing for a Halloween prize, like getting first dibs on a coveted Halloween treat. Or you can also just choose to play for fun without feeling any pressure about a score!
  • If you have a lot of players, you can even decide to split into two separate teams and then compete with each other!

When to Play a Rousing Game of Halloween Trivia For Kids?

When to Play a Rousing Game of Halloween Trivia for Kids

The beauty of trivia games is that you can play anytime, anywhere! It’s easy to whip out anytime and just start challenging each other, and it’s also a great way to talk with your kids and engage them at any opportunity. 

It’s something you can easily do when you’re on the lookout for quick entertainment. It’s also a good option for a big family night together.

Halloween Trivia is no exception. The topic of Halloween is so fascinating that the interest is there any time of the year. But of course, a perfect opportunity to play it is during the spooky season — and most especially on All Hallow’s Eve itself. 

You can do it while your kids wait for trick-or-treat time. Or you can also do it after trick or treat as a way to keep them immersed in a great evening. 

Whenever you opt to play, one thing is for sure: Your children will definitely want to play this more and more. That’s the wonderful thing about trivia, isn’t it? You just can’t get enough!

Why it’s a Stellar Game to Play With Your Kids?

Why it’s a Stellar Game to Play With Your Kids

Trivia is always a stellar choice for a game night because it’s informative, engaging, and just a whole lot of fun, fun, and fun! Children love it because they are naturally curious and want to know so much about the world around them and all its wonders.

Does your kid have a whole bunch of questions and queries about Halloween? Halloween Trivia is a superb way to share tons of fun facts about the holiday and all the lore surrounding it with your very curious child. 

Just as with all the other holidays and special occasions we celebrate, Halloween has a lot of surprising facts most people actually do not know much about. 

It is such an interesting time that lends itself to a lot of curiosity — and Halloween Trivia for kids is the best way to feed that curiosity and then some. Your kids will love it. And so will you!

112 Chilling Halloween Trivia Questions and Answers for Kids

On the hunt for fun Halloween trivia for kids? You have most certainly come to the right place then! Start a super cool Halloween tradition your family will go crazy over with these questions equipped for chills and thrills and just a heck of an awesome evening.

Fun and Fascinating Halloween Trivia: Let’s talk about all things Halloween! 

“Is a pumpkin a fruit or vegetable?


“What do pumpkins grow on?


“During Halloween, what do people “bob” for?


“Where did bobbing for apples originate?

Ancient Rome.”

“What is the most popular Halloween candy?


“What is another name for a phantom?


“What do witches use to fly around?

A broomstick.”

“What kind of houses do people go into on Halloween?

Haunted Houses.”c

“What do you call a group of witches?

A coven.”

“What animal is associated with witches that is black?


“Where did jack o’ lanterns originate?


“What two colors are associated with Halloween?

Orange and Black.”

“The word Halloween means?

All Hallows evening.”

“What is the name of the most popular Halloween vampire?


“What is sweet and made of sugar?


“What do kids like to dress up in on Halloween?


“In the US, this public holiday is celebrated on October 31st?


“Before pumpkins were used, what was used to carve Jack o’ Lanterns?


“Where do vampire bats live?

North and South America.”

“What does the Halloween color orange represent?


“What two words does the word, “bonfire” originate from?

Bone and Fire.”

“What does Dracula mean?

Son of the Devil.”

“What do you call the Halloween character that is big, tall, scary, and usually green?


“What do you call the pot that witches cook in?


“What is a stone-built grave called?


“What does the Halloween color black represent?


“In Ancient Rome, what were owls thought of as?


“What do you call a dead human whose body has been preserved?


“What century did trick-or-treating begin?

16th Century.”

“What country celebrates the Day of the Dead?


“What do you call the bone of the head that is associated with Halloween?


“How do witches cook their potions and spells?


“Other than a cat, what other animal is associated with a witch?


“What was Bram Stoker’s original name for Dracula?

Count Wampyr.”

“When is Halloween thought to have originated?

4000 B.C.”

“What is Hong Kong’s Festival of Hungry Ghosts called?

Yue Lan.”

“While trick-or-treating, what does a teal pumpkin mean?

Allergy-free treats.”

“What does the word “Halloween” mean?

Holy Night.”

“What Halloween candy was originally called “chicken feed”?

Candy Corn.”

What were originally used as the first Jack-o’-Lanterns?


“What did Scottish women hang to see their future husbands on Halloween?

Wet sheets in front of a fire.”

“What phobia do you suffer from if you have an extreme fear of Halloween?


Halloween Trivia for Little Kids: Questions the Littlest Ones Can Enjoy

“Where do you go to pick a pumpkin?

Pumpkin Patch.”

“What Halloween creature has fangs?

A vampire.”

“What Halloween monster is wrapped in bandages?

A mummy.”

“A pumpkin with a face carved is called what?

A Jack o’ Lantern.”

“Which Peanuts character believes in The Great Pumpkin in It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown?


“Who does this character mistake for the Great Pumpkin?


“What do ghosts say?


“How many legs do spiders have?


“What are the bones in our body called?

A skeleton.”

“When do vampires sleep?

During the day.”

“What month is Halloween?


“What day is Halloween celebrated?


“What do you put inside of a jack-o-lantern to make it glow?

A light or candle.”

“What do you say on Halloween to get candy?

Trick or Treat.”

“What flying animal is associated with a vampire?


“Casper is a what?


“In which country did Halloween originate?


“What is the final day of Halloween?

All Souls’ Day.”

“Out of which vegetable were Jack O’ Lanterns originally made?


Historic Halloween Trivia: Taking It Back to the Beginning

“What does “hallow” mean anyway?

To make sacred. During this time, lots of cultures honor the dead, good or bad, including saints and martyrs.”

Halloween Trivia on Traditions: Why They Are the Way They Are

“What is Allhallowtide?

Allhallowtide is a three-day religious observance. It includes Halloween, which comes first, followed by All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day.”

“What is Sumpango, Guatemala famous for?

Their giant Halloween kite festival. To honor the dead, the people build brightly colored kites and fly them in cemeteries.”

“If you made a reverse resolution on Halloween, what did you do?

You wrote down the things you wanted out of your life and burned the paper.”

“During Halloween, what’s the gathering of people to dine together in absolute silence called as?

Dumb supper.”

“If you visit an Italian family during Halloween, you may see them putting what objects out?

Food for the visiting spirits.”

Halloween Trivia On Lore: Learn About these Fascinating Beliefs

“What do the traditional Halloween colors of orange and black symbolize?

Harvest and the death of summer.”

“What does it mean if you spot a spider on Halloween?

A loved one’s spirit is watching over you.”

“The jack-o-lantern was born out of the myth of Stingy Jack. What was the myth?

He took the Devil for a drink and tricked him. Read the legend of Stingy Jack.”

“According to Halloween myth, what happens if a bat flies around you or your home thrice on Halloween?

Someone in the house will die.”

“You’re out on Halloween night…and you hear footsteps behind you. What should you absolutely not do?

Stop and look back. You’re probably being followed by a ghost.”

Halloween Film Trivia: This One’s for the Aspiring Movie Buffs

“Which sea creature has inspired plenty of monster flicks?

The shark.”

“Which movie is about a teenage girl with superpowers who becomes a villain?


I see dead people.Sounds familiar? Identify the movie.

The Sixth Sense.”

“Guess the name of the next movie. Here are some clues: 😺 🪦👹

Pet Sematary.”

“‘Annabelle’ is based on an actual doll. True or false?

True. The movie Annabelle is based on a haunted doll kept in the Occult Museum in Connecticut.”

Halloween Food Trivia: What’s Tastier Than Tricks? Treats!

“When was candy corn invented?

In the late 1880s. This iconic candy was invented by an employee of the Jelly Belly Candy Company, and they use the original recipe even now.”

“In which country can you find sugar skulls during the Halloween season?

Mexico. But check before taking a bite as they could be meant for the dead.”

“Who or what is Barmbrack?

Ireland’s traditional Halloween dessert. Read more about barmbrack and its quirky, and sometimes dark, predictions.”

“If you want to eat this Halloween treat, forget about cutting it – you’ll have to bash it with a hammer. What’s it called?

Bonfire toffee, made from black treacle, butter, and sugar. It comes in sheets and is absurdly brittle.”

“What nation’s food might be the origin of trick-or-treating?

Portugal’s  Pão de Deus  – ‘Bread of God.’ This was originally given to kids and the poor as a treat when they went from house to house singing and praying for the dead.”

Halloween Costumes Trivia: We All Love Dressing up on the Spookiest Night of All

“What two countries popularized Halloween costumes for trick-or-treating?

Scotland and Ireland.”

“How did Halloween dressing come to be?

On what is now known as Halloween, many Europeans dressed up in costumes to ward off spirits they believed had returned to Earth.”

“In what American state is it illegal to be a priest or nun for Halloween?

Alabama doesn’t approve of clergy costumes.”

“Jason wore what type of mask in the Friday the 13th film series?

A hockey mask.”

“In Mean Girls, Lindsay Lohan’s character wears what type of costume to the Halloween party?

She’s the bride of Frankenstein.”

“According to the National Retail Federation, which children’s costume continues to hold the number one spot year after year?


“What were the early Celtic Halloween costumes made of?

Animal skins.”

“Try to guess the following trick-or-treater: he’s wearing a brown dog costume and also has a yellow and blue-collar tag with initials on it. Who’s this doggy?


“Try to guess the following trick-or-treater: a boy dressed in a space suit with a “Space Ranger” badge and a green belt. Who is this mysterious spaceman?

Buzz Lightyear.”

“Try to guess the following trick-or-treater in a classic character’s costume: she’s wearing a blue outfit with red on top and yellow on the bottom, with a red ribbon in her black hair. Who is she?

Snow White.”

Halloween Trick-or-Treating Trivia: The Best Part of Halloween for Kids and Kids-At-Heart

“How many pieces of candy does the average house give to every trick-or-treater that comes?

Two pieces.”

“What are some of the most popular Halloween candy options in the United States?

M&M’s, Resse’s Cups, Skittles, Snickers, Candy corn, Hershey Kisses, Tootsie Pops, and others.”

“How many calories are to be found in an average trick-or-treater’s Halloween stash?

Around 11,000.”

“When did the modern version of trick-or-treating for Halloween candy become popular?


“What’s the most searched-for Halloween candy on Google?

Candy corn.”

“How many pieces of candy does a plastic jack-o’-lantern approximately carry?


“What’s the mega-popular Halloween candy that was named after a horse?


Halloween Trivia On Monsters: All About the Scary and the Creepy

“Who creates the creature in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein?

Victor Frankenstein.”

“During the Middle Ages, the practice of witchcraft was perceived as what?


“Where can you find mummies?

Inside the Egyptian pyramids.”

“Which film popularized the modern visual image of the witch, with flowing robes, a pointed hat, a mole, and a hooked nose?

The Wizard of Oz.”

“What word begins with the letter C, looks like a pot, and is usually used by witches to brew potions and cast their evil spells? 

A cauldron.”

“Can you complete this witch chant: double, double, toil and _____?


“According to superstitions, how can you get rid of a ghost?

Walk around the ghost nine times, and it will disappear.”

“According to a legend, tattoos, a unibrow, and a long middle finger are signs of what Halloween creature?

A werewolf.”

 What was the most trending Halloween costume for kids in the US in 2021?

Squid Game!

Which ancient festival is Halloween said to have originated from?


Traditionally, what animal is associated with witches?

Black cat

What century were the first Jack O Lanterns believed to be made?

19th Century

Which country is believed to be the birthplace of Halloween?


Trivia is always a blast, and your kids will one hundred percent have a blast with these chilling Halloween Trivia questions and answers! Get everyone into the Halloween spirit and have a spectacular spook-licious time!

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