Easy Halloween Games for Kids [They will Love]

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Halloween has been a big favorite in our home. I think this is because my kids’ first Halloween costumes are my favorite.  We love all things Halloween. Halloween parties, trick or treating, and all the fun things that Halloween brings. If you are looking for some fun Halloween games for kids to play at your next party then be sure to check out these spooky games!

I am sharing some easy activities to help plan your next Halloween kid-friendly party. 

Halloween Games for Kids

Fun Halloween Games for Kids

Halloween is that time of the year when we are all in a celebratory mood. It kind of marks the beginning of festivities that is followed by Christmas and New Year.

It is one of the very few festivals that is enjoyed by kids and adults alike. But, of course, kids enjoy the most – all thanks to their spooky costumes and candies.

Halloween is just around the corner, and this is the best time to plan for this special day. Are you ready to make it all the more exciting and fun for your little one?

The following are some of the best Halloween games for kids that can help them burn those candy calories!

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Monster Freeze Dance

Gather all your monster dancers to the dance floor. Tell them that they boogie while the music plays, but once it stops then they have to freeze. If anyone is left moving and grooving after the music stops then that monster is out of the game. The last monster standing wins.

This game can be played multiple times. It is always a favorite Halloween game for kids, especially the younger ones. 

Eyeball Race

Halloween Games for Kids

Eyeball Race is going to be just like any other game you play with an object on a spoon.

You will need some kitchen spoons and eyeballs. For the eyeballs, you can use gumballs, chocolates with eyeball wrappers, or these pre-made glow-in-the-dark eyeball ping pong balls and draw black eyeballs on them with a sharpie. Be sure to mark your starting line and the spot where they will be turning around with an object. The kid with the fastest time wins. 

Wrap the Mummy 

Wrap the mummy is simple but so much fun. To play this game just grab a few rolls of toilet paper, the stronger the better. Have one child stand and be the mummy while teams of 2-3 start wrapping the rolls of toilet paper around the mummy. 

Use a timer to keep track of when each team finishes. The first time that completely wraps their mummy from head to toe or toe to head wins.  

Costume Contest

Having a costume contest is fun to do with the kids. Be sure to announce this on your party invite. like involving the kids in the voting. To do this, place a bowl on the table with blank pieces of paper so they can write their favorite costume down. You can have different categories like the cutest costume, scariest costume, and most original costume.

Towards the end of the party go through and tally the number of votes per costume voted on. The costume with the most votes wins the best costume! Have a small gift for the winner. It can be a giant candy bar or a trophy

Capture the Witch

This game is a spooky spin on the classic ring toss game. All you need for this Halloween game for kids are a few witches’ hats and a couple of rings you would use for diving in a pool or you can even take a frisbee and cut a hole in the middle to use. 

To play each player must stand a set distance away from the witch’s hat. The object of the game is to throw the ring and have it land on the point of the witch’s hat. Give everyone a set amount of tries for throwing the ring. Set a point system for when they land a ring around the hat. The person with the most points after everyone has had a turn wins the game.

 Candy Corn Relay Race

Candy corn is such a yummy Halloween treat so why not use it for a fun game? Add this fun relay to your list of Halloween games for kids. 

To play this game all you will need to do is set a bowl of candy corn at your starting line and set up a few objects for the kids to have to maneuver around.

Let each team line up at the start line. Once you say go have one teammate take a small dixie cup and scoop up as much candy corn as they can and race it to the empty bowl and dump it in there. Then race back and hand the empty cup to their next teammate. They then scoop up as much candy corn as they can in the cup and race it to the end. This continues until everyone has had a chance to go.

The team that has the most candy corn placed into the empty bowl wins. If you want to change this up because you have fewer kids playing you can always time each kid to see who can do it the fastest!

Halloween Feel Box

This is the perfect Halloween game to keep kids busy with at the party. You will need a few empty boxes. Cover them in wrapping paper and cut a hole in the top big enough for a kid’s hand to fit in. This is a great way to easily spook your guest using items you already have around your home.

Here are some great examples of what to fill your Halloween feel boxes with:

  • Hearts- canned tomatoes
  • Teeth- canned corn
  • Worms- cooked spaghetti
  • Eyeballs- peeled grapes
  • Fresh skin- banana peels
  • Rat Droppings – Uncooked rice

To add to the thrill, blindfold your guest to make it a bit scarier while they touch the items in the box. I like to make this a guessing game. If you prefer you can label each box and watch how hesitant they are to stick their hand into a box labeled worms, hearts, and teeth! 

Be sure to make sure no kids have allergies to any of the foods before playing this Halloween game!

Jack O Lantern Face Carving 

This is such a fun craft activity for any age. You can carve or paint Jack O lantern faces on real pumpkins. Try gutting the pumpkins before the kids arrive that will help set up this activity. You can also buy smaller pumpkins and have them just use black paint to paint the faces on. This is a great take-home gift as well for any Halloween party! 

Halloween Games for Kids

If you are having a lot of guests and do not want to purchase pumpkins for everyone you can let them decorate faces on orange paper plates using black construction paper.

Halloween Games for Kids

What other fun Halloween games for kids do you like playing? Share in the comments.

Ghost Bowling

Does your kid like to accompany you when you go bowling? If so, how about you let them have their own bowling game this Halloween?

For this game, all you need are some toilet rolls, googly eyes, skittles, and sketch pens.

Take some paper from the toilet rolls and wrap them around the skittles. Use the sketch pens to draw scary faces on them. These will be your balls.

Now, for the bowling pins, stick some googly eyes onto the toilet rolls.

Divide the kids into two teams. Each of the teams will take turns knocking the Skittles down. The team that knocks the most Skittles down in less time wins the game.

This is a fantastic game for greatly boosting your kids’ co-ordination skills. And did I tell you how fun it is?

But before your kids begin the game, make sure to move anything fragile out of the way!

Pumpkin Drawing

Are you ready to bring out the creative best of your kids this October 31st?

Drawing on a pumpkin would surely be one of the best Halloween activities for them!

Giving a carving knife to your little one to carve the Halloween pumpkin is not a good idea, right? That is where washable felt tip pens and crayons come into the picture.

Give them to your kids and ask them to decorate the pumpkin with a Halloween theme. This super fun game will not only excite your kids but also encourage them to be creative.

The one with the most creative pumpkin drawing wins the game.

Pumpkin Hunt

Do your kids like it when they go for egg hunts during Easter? Then, the chances are that they will love the pumpkin hunt game, too.

To start, you need to arrange some pumpkins and some easy clues. Also, if you want to make it easier for your kids, you can create a map too.

Take the pumpkins and hide them in your house and garden corners. All that your little ones need to do is go find them all.

They can take the help of the clues or the map you have prepared. Make sure to give them a good prize once they find all the pumpkins!

Pumpkin Patch Stomp

Popping balloons is so much fun! And kids love it. You can let your kids play this game in two ways.

You can blow up some pumpkin-theme balloons in the color orange, and while blowing, stuff them with candies, slips of paper, and money. The kids will have to stomp them, and they get to keep whatever is there in those balloons.

Or, if you don’t want to include money and candies, blow up the same number of balloons in Halloween-themed colors. Assign one color to each kid and give them one minute to pop their balloons. After one minute, the kid who popped the highest number of balloons wins!

Feed The Monster

This is a super fun game that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. And if your kids like to play with balls, they will love to play feed the monster.

We all have spare cardboard boxes in our homes, right? You are going to need one of those for this game.

So, take a large cardboard box and carve monster teeth out of it. Once you are done, decorate the box the way you want to make it look like a monster with a big open mouth.

Now, arrange some balls and ask the kids to take turns throwing them into the monster’s mouth. The kid who can throw the highest number of balls inside the cupboard wins!

Will You Try Any of These Easy Halloween Games?

Halloween is when you get to have fun with your loved ones and make memories that you will cherish forever.

Playing games with your kids or arranging games for them will surely bring a smile to their faces.

I hope you liked my list of the most exciting Halloween games for kids. Which of them did you like the most? Are you going to them this Halloween?

Let me know in the comments!

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