Gift Wrap Fix with Scotch Tape

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From birthdays, baby showers and soon the holidays, the cost of gift giving can quickly add up. Buying gifts on sale is a great way to balance the desire to get a gift with the need to cut costs. And thanks to my early years working at a bookstore, I have learned a trick to avoid the ‘sale’ gift look. All you need is Scotch Tape.

When buying a book on sale, there’s usually a special sticker advertising the book’s discount: 50% off, clearance, BOGO Free. This is great for your pocket book but not so nice when your recipient opens their gift. Many times these stickers, when pulled off, will leave a sticky residue behind on the book. A quick and easy way to remove this residue is with a little piece of Scotch tape.

  • Place the sticky side of the tape on the residue
  • Rub the tape down so it sticks to the residue (make sure to keep a piece lifted up so you have something to grab onto). I like to wrap the tape around my finger (not too tight) . This enables me to direct the tape where I want and then just roll it away.
  • Lift the tape from the book and with it should come the sticky residue. This might take a few times to get all of it.

scotch tape giftwrap fix solution

Now you’re left with what looks like a brand new book. Although I’ve only tried this on book jackets and covers, it might work on other surfaces too. Scotch Tape is usually used to wrap a gift but this trick enables you to present a discounted gift like new. With family budgets being tight, anything that can save me money without others knowing, is a great trick.

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Sharing is Caring!