25 Fun Things To Do With Kids At Home

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Kids love to be outside exploring, but with the cooler days and it becoming darker sooner the kids are finding themselves in the house more. Sometimes we just need some fun activities to help pass the days and nights! This list of 25 things to do with kids at home can help you not only pass the time, but also help create memories together. 

25 Things To Do With Kids At Home

Playing with your kids at home does not have to be hard or overly complicated, these 25 tips are easy and inexpensive and take minimal planning. 

Cardboard Drive-In

things to do at home with kids

Grab those cardboard boxes and turn them into cars! Once their car is decorated, let them come to the drive-in movie where they sit in their car east snacks and popcorn, and watch a movie. 

Have an Unbirthday

Need a reason to celebrate? Have an unbirthday! Start with Funfetti pancakes for breakfast. After breakfast play birthday party games and give away prizes from the Dollar store. Perhaps even get a pinata for even more fun!

Have a read-a-thon

things to do at home with kids

Kids love to sit and listen to you read, so grab a chapter book for kids and take turns reading it. If your kids don’t read yet, then read to them. Reading is not only fun to do but it establishes a love of reading and learning in young kids. 

Build a Fort

things to do at home with kids

Grab the pillows and the blankets and build a fort in the living room. 

Play hide and seek

things to do at home with kids

A family favorite in our house is hide and seek. The great thing about this game is that everyone can play it together. There is nothing better than hearing the giggles from their hiding spots as you get closer to little ones. 

Have a dance off

things to do at home with kids

If you have never had a dance off with your kids you are missing out. To have a dance off have everyone pick their favorite song. Once they choose, the dance off is ready to start. One person will dance against another and then everyone else votes to see who wins. 

The dance off continues until you have all danced to all the songs. 

Bake in the kitchen

things to do at home with kids

Kids love being in the kitchen. So grab a kid-friendly recipe and get baking with them. They will love making the recipe and eating it as well. 

Camp in the living room

things to do at home with kids

While it might be cold to camp outside, grab your tent and sleeping bags and camp in the living room. Light the fireplace and make s’mores in the oven for the full camping experience. 

Play board games

things to do at home with kids

Board games are always a family favorite thing to do with kids at home. As we play, we talk, we bond and interact. Not only that, but board games teach kids patience cooperation, and many more useful life skills. 

With so many great board games for kids on the market, you are sure to find one all the kids love! 

Make Homemade Ice Cream

Homemade ice cream is another great activity to do with the kids. There are so many recipes out there to try you are sure to find one the kids will love. 


things to do at home with kids

The perfect thing to do with kids at home is to craft. There are so many crafts for kids that you can do with them. Everything from space crafts for kids to Harry Potter crafts for kids there is a project that they will love. 

Make slime

things to do at home with kids

Kids love slime. They love to play with it, feel it, and touch it. So with the slime obsession that is still happening everywhere why not get in the kitchen and make slime together. There are some great slime recipes out there. 

Learn Magic

things to do at home with kids

Kids are fascinated with magic, so why not grab a magic kit and learn magic together. Each member of the family can learn and magic trick and then you can showcase your new talent to the whole family. 

Spa Day

things to do at home with kids

If you have girls, a spa day is always a great option. Pull out the nail polish and paint each other’s nails, or watch a YouTube video together and try and learn a new nail technique. 

This is always a great way to bond with your daughters. 

Play Indoor Balloon ball

Grab some balloons and play indoor balloon ball. 

We love to make a line in the middle of the room for the net when we play. See what team makes it to 21 first. For an even bigger challenge play with multiple balloons at the same time. 

Make your Own Pizza

things to do at home with kids

Hop into the kitchen and have a make your own pizza night. Grab a dough recipe off the internet or buy premade dough at the store. Then get a bunch of different toppings and let your kids create their own masterpiece. It might surprise you what your kids will actually put on their own pizza and eat!

Have a Puppet Show

things to do at home with kids

Create a family puppet show. You can either buy puppets or make your own. Then as a family create a skit using your puppets. Your kids will want to do this time and time again at home. 

Make Popsicles

things to do at home with kids

While the weather might be a little frightful and cold outside who says you can’t make popsicles. Teach your kids how easy it is to make popsicles. They will love making them and eating them. 

Create Snowman Hot Chocolate Bombs

things to do at home with kids

If you want a super special treat for the kids, make snowman hot chocolate bombs. Your kids will love them melt into the most perfect cup of hot chocolate right before their eyes!

Make Playdough

things to do at home with kids

There is nothing better than making your own homemade playdough. It is softer, more pliable, and it makes a ton! Grab your favorite recipe and sit down and create with playdoh together. 


things to do at home with kids

Being indoors is the perfect time to work on puzzles as a family. Grab a puzzle that everyone can work on and sit around the table and eat snacks and work on the puzzle. 

Play Truth or Dare

Who says truth or dare is only for adults and teens? Grab this truth or dare for kids and have fun answering questions and doing dares. The real question is will you choose truth or dare?

Play Tic Tac Toe

things to do at home with kids

Playing with your kids doesn’t have to be super thought out. Grab a piece of paper and some pens and play tic tac toe. If your kids are younger teach them the ins and outs of this game, perhaps even a few tips so they can win against an older sibling. 

Tie-Dye T-Shirts

All the kids have a new fascination with tie-dying these days. So grab a tie-dye kit and some t-shirts and have a family tie-dying party. Once they are done, wear them out to dinner together next time. 

Play with shaving cream

things to do at home with kids

Shaving cream is a kid’s best friend. What is not to love about it? There is something about them getting to squish it, play with it, and just get it everywhere. 

Set up a shaving cream area with a tarp on the floor and roll up their sleeves and let them play with shaving cream on a cookie sheet. 

They will love manipulating it in all kinds of ways. Use it as an educational tool and have them write their name in it or words. If they don’t write yet, have them draw shapes in it. 

There you have it! 25 things to do with kids at home. What things do you like to do with your kids at home? Share in the comments!

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