Fun Indoor Activities for Kids’ Birthday Parties

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It’s that time of year again – just before your little one’s birthday – and you want to make sure you make it as fun and memorable as possible. This is especially important for kids whose birthdays end up on days with poor weather, when going outside and playing in the sun is not an option. So, what can you do to keep the fun alive and blooming indoors?

There are so many engaging activities you can use to keep the kids occupied, so before you settle for an afternoon of cartoons (which is still a great option for one portion of the day), consider the following cool games and contests!

Set Up a Dance-Off

If you have the gadgets to create the perfect atmosphere, then you can easily make this one game the highlight of their day. For example, you can use disco balls to add flashy colorful lights, make a faux stage, and prep different costumes together with the kids. They can have some time to practice their choreography and even put on some face paint as fancy makeup. The adults’ roles can vary from makeup artist to costume creator or DJ, helping to pick their perfect song.

Of course, if the kids are truly up for it, they can even go for duets and group dance performances – whatever keeps them active. Also important: though there might be several prizes, make sure everyone feels appreciated for something. You could even invent awards, such as “Best Twirl” and “Best Costume.”

Turn Up the Karaoke

Another music-inspired game could be the “old, but gold” karaoke, where kids can get a treat such as a marshmallow or a Skittle every time they participate. Of course, you can always use a classic plush toy as the winner’s prize, but once again, it’s especially important for younger kids to feel included, whether or not they have a knack for singing.

Tons of fun props can help make this an even more fun event, and you can use pretty much the same ones from the dance-off to create the right mood. If there are kids who are too shy to sing (or dance, for that matter), you can let them be part of the panel of judges and help you give out prizes. And guess what? They can always get the “Best Judge in Town” badge by the end of the show!

Get Creative in the Kitchen

If there’s one thing that’s at least as important as opening gifts, it’s the sweets your little ones are looking forward to. It’s one of those birthday promises, that they’ll get their slice of cake and go nuts on a candy piñata! However, you can take this to a whole new level by setting up an ice cream station in your kitchen, so that you can all make a massive batch of this delicious treat and get messy!

Plus, who said ice cream is reserved only for summer? Another way to surprise your kids is to book a van from your local ice cream store and have them arrive in the middle of the party. In case anyone has started to get bored, they’ll perk right up to try out funky flavors of that locally made ice-cream.

A Treasure Hunt

Depending on the size of your home and the age of the kids, this somewhat simple game can turn into quite an elaborate adventure! Of course, you’ll need a day in advance to prep this little quest, so get some handy supplies such as colorful markers, a treasure map of your home, and your birthday boy or girl can help to decorate the treasure trove! (Of course, glitter is always welcome, so even an old shoebox can become an intriguing chest.)

Get enough eye patches and swords to hand out to kids and use as many puzzles and clues as possible to keep the kids occupied for a while. You can even divide them into teams and prepare several prizes to give out when the hunt is finished.

Feel free to mix and match these activities according to your kids’ personalities and preferences, and of course, let them have an occasional break to get some more energy for their next adventure! You’ll have them talking about this party for days after the birthday, and you’ll be eager to make the next one even better!

Sharing is Caring!

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