15 Fun First Day of School Activities for the Little Ones

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Can you believe that we are already talking about the first day of school? I have a love hate relationship with the first day of school. I love that my little ones will be off learning, but my heart is so sad to see them off exploring without me, knowing all too well that these moments will fly by way too fast. To make the first day of school feel special we are sharing some fun first day of school activities to do at home and school this year! 

Fun First Day of School Activities for Little Ones

Fun First Day of School Activities for Little Ones

At Home First Day of School Activities

1. Pick a favorite outfit

Pick a favorite outfit

A great first day starts with picking out something fun to wear. Whether it is something new or their favorite shirt and shorts let them feel special and confident in what they choose. My mom always said, if they don’t want to match at a young age let them. She said it is the best way to make them feel comfortable. What do you think about this concept for young kids?

2. Document the Day

On the first day of school, you have to take a back to school picture! Pose with a homemade sign or own you print off the internet that tells what grade they are going into. 

I have a friend who buys a plain white men’s t-shirt the year their kids go into Kindergarten and writes their graduation year on it. Each year they put on the shirt for a quick pic. It is a great way to document just how much they grow year after year. 

3. Special Breakfast

Special Breakfast

Start the day off right with a special breakfast that the kids love. This can be a favorite cereal or a hearty breakfast like pancakes and eggs. Take a few minutes to sit with your child while they eat rather than rushing around the house. 

4. Plan an Afterschool Snack

Get in the habit of having an afterschool snack together when they get home. This lets you sit and find out about their day. Rather than ask how was your day. Ask them what they did or who they played with if they can remember. 

5. Read Together

Read Together

Get in a good habit of reading together when they get home. Establish a fun spot around the house to read and snuggle. Your kids will look forward to this each day. 

6. Record it!

Let them record on a piece of paper or draw a picture of their first day. File this away so that you can look back on these special days. 

7. Special Dinner

One of my favorite things is our special back to school dinner! Here I always decorate the table “school themed” and have fun food. It is a tradition that the kids look forward to each and every year. 

First Day of Schoool Activities at school

As a teacher, you might be a little more worried than the kids when it comes to back to school. Use these fun activities to settle your nerves as well as theirs. 

8. How Did You Arrive/ How will you go home

One way to get kids mixing and mingling is by getting them talking. Give each child a piece of paper with different ways they got to school. Have them color the way they got to school and cut it out. Once they are cut out have all the kids group together by the way they got to school. Have them introduce each other and say how them say their favorite color. 

Once they do this, have them return to their seat and have them do it again for how they will get home. Chances are they will get to meet some other kids and at least have some practice hearing some of the other kid’s names. 

9. School Tour

For younger kids, a school tour is exciting and a little scary. Grab a rope and let them all hold on. Then together, go explore the hallways, find the bathrooms, visit the nurse, the cafeteria, and even meet the principal. By introducing them to some friendly faces they will feel more comfortable in no time. 

10. Rules

Going over the rules of the classroom is important, but you can make it fun. Mix in some funny rules like you have to bring a monkey to school to see how many kids you can get to laugh. Of course, tell them that we really can’t bring monkeys to school. 

11. Playground


Take the kids to the playground and let them play. This is a great way to relieve their nerves, get to know others and get them giggling. 

12. Scavenger Hunt

Plan a classroom scavenger hunt. Give each of them a scavenger hunt board with various things that are around the classroom. Let them explore and cross off what they find. This will get them familiar with the classroom in no time. 

13. Pictures

group picture of the class

Don’t forget to take individual pictures and a group picture of the class. This is always so fun to look back on throughout the year to see how much the kids change in a year. 

14. Self-Portrait

Kids love to feel special! Give them crayons and paper and let them create their very own self-portrait. Once they are done, mount them on a piece of colored paper and display them all on the wall. This way each time they walk into the classroom they can find a little piece of them. 

15. Play fun getting to know you games

The first day is all about getting to know one another and making the kids feel comfortable. Play a variety of fun getting to know you games throw in some funny trivia questions as well as other ice breaker games. By doing this you and the kids will all get to know one another and they will be so excited to return the next day and learn. 

What other first day of school activities for little ones would you add to the list? Share in the comments! 

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