244 Playful Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text

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Updated on:- Dec 6, 2022.

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Exchanging messages over text is fun and a great way to stay connected with loved ones even when you are physically apart. But admit it: There are times when your conversations may drag, or you may find a lull in your exchanges. You can only ask, “Hey, how are you?” or, “What are you doing?” so many times before it starts to feel a little unimaginative.

Don’t worry, though. There’s an easy and simple way to take your texting to the next level. We’ve got three words for you: Truth. Or. Dare.

Okay, okay, we know that when “truth or dare” comes up, some awkward, even embarrassing memories may come up from your childhood. We’ve all been there! But now that you’re older, more mature, and can roll with the punches more good-naturedly, truth or dare is much more fun — and a great way to get the conversation flowing and evolving into new, interesting directions.

It’s also an exciting way to get to know each other better, build trust, and strengthen bonds from across the miles. And it’s just plain fun!

For example, say that you’ve just met someone you find cute and intriguing, and you’re wondering how to break the ice with them. In such cases, a game of truth or dare can come in very handy. 

Through this game, you can not only develop a lovely camaraderie but also discover pleasant and eclectic aspects about their personality.

We’ve whipped up a collection of thought-provoking and playful truth or dare questions over text that you and your friends, family members, or even significant other can text each other during your next chat session. 

So check out these truths or dare questions over text and get ready for awesome text conversations and discussions — and a ton of revelations!

Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text: How To Play?

Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text How To Play

Truth or Dare is an easy game to play and understand. The basic rules are the same when playing this game over text, with just a few tweaks.

Start the festivities by choosing the number of players who will join.

Then, a player will ask another player this question: “Truth or dare?” 

If the other player chooses the truth, they must answer the question honestly. If they choose dare, they have to do whatever dare is in the proverbial cards.

If they refuse to do either the truth or dare given to them, they can pass and move on to another truth or dare — but this can only be done once in the game, as a bonus “out.” As a rule, players cannot skip a turn.

Since this is a game done over text, you have to ensure there is a way to prove that the dares have been done. You can either have the players record themselves or take a photo or have the person somehow on the phone while doing what needs to be done so you can hear them.

You may also establish a basic ground rule initially, saying that whatever is revealed during the game will only stay between the group members.

Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text

Spice up your chats with friends, family, or even your significant other with these 244 playful truths or dare questions over text!

Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text: The Truths 

Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text The Truths 

TRUTH may seem scary or nerve-wracking, but don’t let it faze you: It’s an awesome way to get to know each other better! Unravel those secrets you’ve been carrying to a trusted group of friends with these Truth Or Dare Questions: The Truths!

  • “Who are you crushing on right now?”
  • “Tell me a time you were rejected, and describe it in detail for at least five minutes!”
  • “What is the meanest thing you’ve ever done to somebody?”
  • “Have you ever peed on yourself as an adult or teenager?”
  • “What is something illegal you’ve done?
  • “What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?”
  • “What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?”
  • “What is the most childish thing you’ve done over the age of 13?”
  • “If you were to ask your parents what the most childish thing you’ve ever done was, what would it be?”
  • “What is the grossest thing you’ve overheard someone do?”
  • “Tell me something you don’t like about me.”
  • “Who is a person you don’t like but pretend to?”
  • “Do you think you’re uglier or better looking than most people you know?”
  • “When was the last time you felt too embarrassed for somebody else?”
  • “What is something you did a long time ago that you still regret today?”
  • “What is a gross habit you have and never wanted anybody to find out?”
  • “Have you ever been in a police car, and if so, why?”
  • “What is something your best friend or significant other does that you hate?”
  • “Have you ever hacked into someone’s social media to read their messages?”
  • “Have you ever stolen something from your parents or another person?”
  • “At what age did you stop sleeping with a light on?”
  • “What is the silliest thing you’re genuinely scared of?”
  • “Do you believe in ghosts?”
  • “Have you ever been pulled over by the cops?”
  • “Tell me about a time you fake-cried or only pretended to be regretful to get out of trouble.”
  • “What is the biggest lie you’ve ever told, and who did you tell it to?”
  • “Who do you think is the most unattractive of all your friends?”
  • “What’s the biggest pet peeve you have about your boyfriend/girlfriend?”
  • “What are you most attracted to in the opposite sex?”
  • “What’s the weirdest thing you do in the morning?”
  • “Have you ever peed in a public place that you shouldn’t have?”
  • “What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done on the weekend?”
  • “What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done with your partner?”
  • “Would you ever eat a soggy cupcake if you were craving it?”

Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text: More Truths

Are you warming up to all the truth-telling? We’ve got tons more questions you can throw at each other for even more revelations in our Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text: More Truths.

  • “What’s the absolute worst thing you’ve ever done?”
  • “Have you ever farted in front of your crush?”
  • “When’s the last time you cried in public?”
  • “What’s the grossest thing you have ever done in public?”
  • “Have you ever eaten really old food?”
  • “Who is your secret crush at work/school?”
  • “What friend would you marry if you had to marry someone?”
  • “When was your first kiss, and who was it with?”
  • “How many selfies do you have on your phone?”
  • “What is the biggest lie you’ve ever told your parents or a teacher?”
  • “What is one thing you would sleep overnight on the sidewalk for?”
  • “Do you believe in angels, heaven, and hell?”
  • “What’s something you’re attracted to in another person that you don’t like to share?”
  • “What’s the most embarrassing moment that you had with your parents?”
  • “What’s something embarrassing that very few people know about you?”
  • “If you could change your nose or your jawline, which would you pick and why?”
  • “Does your crush know that you have a crush on them?”
  • “If you had to be a TV character from a sitcom, who would you choose and why?”
  • “What’s one thing that you would change about your body?”
  • “Would you ever date a friend’s girlfriend?”
  • “Who is your grossest celebrity crush?”

Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text: Interesting Truths

Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text Interesting Truths

Let’s make things a little more interesting, shall we? So get ready for some reveals that will pique the interest with these Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text: Interesting Truths!

  • “If we were all going into your room to snoop around, what would we find that should shock us all?”
  • “Have you ever prank called a friend?”
  • “What is one secret you are hiding from your mom?”
  • “Have you ever crept on or stalked someone on Facebook or Instagram?”
  • “What would you buy me if I gave you $50?”
  • “How many boy/girl contacts do you have on your phone?”
  • “Have you ever fallen in front of your crush?”
  • “Do you currently have a crush on anyone?”
  • “Is there anything in your life that you would change?”
  • “How many selfies do you take a week?”

Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text: Juicy Truths

Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text Juicy Truths (1)

What’s a truth-telling session without some juicy reveals? With these Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text: Juicy Truths, you’re sure to exchange some pretty fascinating details and revelations!

  • “Do you cover your eyes during the scary parts of a movie?”
  • “Have you ever practiced kissing the mirror?”
  • “Have you ever practiced kissing on a piece of fruit from the kitchen?”
  • “Who do you hate and why?”
  • “What is your biggest pet peeve?”
  • “Do you talk in your sleep?”
  • “Do you drool in your sleep?”
  • “How many people have you kissed?”
  • “What was your most embarrassing moment in public in front of everyone?”
  • “What is your guilty pleasure?”
  • “What is your go-to song to sing in the shower?”

Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text: Funny Truths

Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text Funny Truths

Oh yes, the truth is often funny – especially if you know the right questions to ask! So with these Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text: Funny Truths, you all won’t be able to help but smile or even laugh out loud!

  • “Would you rather have no heating or A/C or no internet?”
  • “If you suddenly became invisible, what would you do?”
  • “Would you rather let your dog eat out of your mouth or eat food out of a trash can?”
  • “Would you rather lick someone’s foot or lick the sidewalk on the street?”
  • “Have you ever blamed your fart on someone else?”
  • “Have you ever farted in an elevator?”
  • “What was your favorite childhood video game?”
  • “Have you ever played a prank on your parents?”
  • “Would you rather be caught picking your nose or picking a wedgie?”
  • “Do you have any silly nicknames?”
  • “Describe the strangest dream you’ve ever had and who it was about.”

Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text: More Interesting Truths

Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text More Interesting Truths

We’ve got more questions that you can ask to know more about each other. From random stuff like your favorite ice cream to deeper things like what you’d like to change about yourself, these Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text: More Interesting Truths are certainly very interesting.

  • “What is your favorite type of ice cream?”
  • “Are you an early bird or a night owl?”
  • “If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?”
  • “Have you ever eaten something off the floor?”
  • “If you could have any superpower, what would it be?”
  • “If you could change places with a celebrity for a day, who would you choose?”
  • “What is your favorite holiday?”
  • “If you had to kiss a Disney character, who would you choose?”
  • “Describe what your crush looks like.”
  • “If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?”

Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text: More Juicy Truths

Can’t get enough of those juicy little tidbits? Well, with our Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text: More Juicy Truths, you’ll get all the yummy deets, from what last made them cry to how attractive they truly think they are. Ooooooh. 

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  • “What is the weirdest food combo you’ve ever eaten?”
  • “Who is the last person you tried to impress?”
  • “If you were famous, what would you be famous for?”
  • “What is the last thing that made you cry?”
  • “If you had to be stranded on a deserted island with a celebrity, who would you choose?”
  • “Tell me about the last time you got embarrassed.”
  • “Where are you ticklish?”
  • “What do you think is your best feature?”
  • “On a scale of 1-10, how attractive do you think you are?”
  • “What is your biggest insecurity?”
  • “What is your biggest irrational fear?”
  • “Who is one person you wish was still in your life?”
  • “What’s your biggest regret in life that you never tell anyone?”

Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text: Sizzling Truths

Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text Sizzling Truths

If you’re ready to take things to the next scorching level, these Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text: Sizzling Truths are here to heat things! It’s time for some very, very, very hot reveals, from cheating and sexual pasts to catfishing and secret fantasies!

  • “What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done in the bedroom?”
  • “What’s one thing you wish you could change about your sexual past?”
  • “Have you ever cheated on a love interest?”
  • “What’s your ultimate sexual fantasy?”
  • “If you were allowed to be with more than one person, would you do it?”
  • “Who is the last person you had a sexual fantasy about?”
  • “Have you ever done anything sexual in a public place?”
  • “If you had to hook up with one family member, who would it be?”
  • “Where’s the riskiest or out-of-this-world place you’ve ever done it?”
  • “Have you ever got caught masturbating?”
  • “Who have you had a fantasy about that you’ve never mentioned?”
  • “Have you ever had a fantasy about anyone’s parent? Who was it?”
  • “Have you ever heard your parents sleeping together?”
  • “Describe your grossest kiss and why it was so nasty!”
  • “If you had to go out on a date with one person of the same sex, who would it be?”
  • “Have you ever catfished anybody? If so, what happened? If not, have you wanted to?”
  • “Have you ever been catfished before? What happened, and how did you find out?”
  • “How many people have you slept with?”

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Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text: The Dares

When people don’t feel ready to tell the truth, they choose DARE. And you’ll be more than prepared to get the ball rolling with these Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text: The Dares. Have fun!

  • “Try to lick your foot!”
  • “Do a three-way prank call to somebody so that I can listen.”
  • “Fill up the bath and get in with your current outfit still on.”
  • “Pick the third number on your contacts list and message them a silly poem.”
  • “Open up all your windows and sing an entire song as loud as you can.”
  • “I dare you to order me $10 worth of food for delivery.”
  • “Shave your arms and send me a pic.”
  • “Record yourself singing a song and post it on YouTube.”
  • “Mix a drop of every condiment in your house and drink/eat it.”
  • “Message someone you haven’t talked to in at least one year on Facebook or Instagram and take a screenshot.”
  • “Cut a piece of your hair.”
  • “Put ice cubes down your pants and try to shake them out and send me a video.”
  • “Take a video of yourself doing a crazy dance and post it to social media.”
  • “Ask a neighbor if they have fifty cents.”
  • “Walk around the block and talk to yourself the entire time, even when people are around.”
  • “Go up to your biggest window and dance badly until someone walks past.”
  • “Text a random number and write ‘I see dead people.”
  • “Pretend to be a cat for five minutes and send me a video.”
  • “Find the spiciest thing in your house and eat an entire spoonful of it.”
  • “Walk to the nearest store and ask for the smallest available change for five dollars.”
  • “Wait until a dog walks past your house and bark at it!”
  • “Knock on someone’s door and try to run away before they answer!”
  • “Make a video of yourself making your weirdest habit!”
  • “Close your eyes and reach into your fridge or food pantry – the first thing you touch, you have to eat.”
  • “Send me a screenshot of your messages with the last person besides me you texted.”
  • “Brush your teeth with peanut butter or another condiment and send me a pic.”
  • “Send me a screenshot of your selfies gallery.”
  • “Watch five minutes of an adult movie I’ll send you.”
  • “Put on clothes of the opposite sex and take a video of yourself trying to act like a guy/girl.”
  • “Create a really bad, five-minute make-up tutorial and post it to YouTube.”

Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text: More Dares

Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text More Dares

Ready for more? You surely won’t run out of fun, silly, and even challenging things to dare each other with via our Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text: More Dares! 

  • “Show us your most recent social media direct message in a screenshot.”
  • “Make a prank call to another best friend.”
  • “Bark like a dog for two whole minutes.”
  • “Take peanut butter and coat your face in it.”
  • “Order five pizzas to your house right now.”
  • “Go into the bathroom and unroll all the toilet paper.”
  • “Try to make one part of your body make a fart sound.”
  • “Take a shower with your clothes on.”
  • “Go onto Doordash and order something super random.”
  • “Ask your crush out on a date through text message.”
  • “Try to be funny and make us laugh with your best joke.”
  • “Take a revealing photograph right now and post it on social media.”
  • “Text your parents that you’re pregnant.”
  • “Roll around on the floor and pretend you have a really bad stomach ache.”
  • “Take an unflattering picture and make it your profile picture for one full day.”
  • “Pretend to be playing a sport in your living room.”
  • “Act out your favorite movie in only two minutes.”
  • “Pick someone random from your contact list and call them.”
  • “Text your parents and tell them that you’re interested in the same sex.”
  • “Call Pizza Hut and pretend to order Chipotle.”
  • “Take a photograph of yourself going to the bathroom.”
  • “Google something really disturbing and take a photograph of the results.”
  • “Walk into your parent’s bedroom and jump on the bed.”
  • “Go ask your neighbor if they have any eggs and then smash them on your sidewalk.”
  • “Try to lick your own elbow.”
  • “Rub your feet with your hands and then smell your hands.”
  • “Try to take a bite out of a bar of soap.”
  • “Try to eat a tablespoon of cinnamon.”
  • “Find something spicy in your fridge and take a big bite out of it.”
  • “Go into your kitchen, find an onion, and take a big bite.”
  • “Make a sandwich with potato chips and take a bite.”
  • “Run into your brother or sister’s room and scream.”
  • “Tell your brother or sister that you have a disorder and then try to fart in front of them.”
  • “Go to your biggest window in the house and start dancing poorly for 2-minutes.”
  • “Text a random number on your phone and take a really bad selfie of yourself.”
  • “Shave a part of your body that you never shave.”
  • “Pretend that you’re a mummy and annoy your brother/sister/parents.”
  • “Knock on your neighbor’s door and run away.”
  • “Make out with yourself for 2-minutes and videotape yourself doing it.”

Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text: Funny Dares

Some of the best dares are downright hilarious; there’s no denying that! From making up a song to professing your love to The Biebs and more, these Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text: Funny Dares will have you laughing for hours. 

  • “Prank, call someone and try to talk for 15 minutes straight. Then, take a recording of the call.”
  • “Eat a spoonful of any condiment of my choosing.”
  • “Tell your crush you like them over text. Screenshot the conversation.”
  • “Make up a song and voice record yourself singing it. Then, send it to me when you’re done.”
  • “Video yourself eating a tablespoon of butter and send it to me.”
  • “Lick your armpit. Record yourself.”
  • “Wrap your head with toilet paper like a mummy, take a picture, and make it your profile pic.”
  • “Call someone and confess your new love of Justin Bieber.”
  • “Text a friend and tell them their hair is on backward.”
  • “Use a picture of me as your phone background for three days.”

Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text: Interesting Dares

Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text Interesting Dares (1)

Why don’t we make things even more interesting? Challenge each other and try to see how far you all can go with these Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text: Interesting Dares. For example, can you send your most unflattering photo of yourself or send a screenshot of your text message inbox? Let’s go!

  • “Send me the link to the last YouTube video you watched.”
  • “Write a short love poem.”
  • “Find some lipstick and put it on.”
  • “Write my name somewhere on your body (where it can be hidden) with a permanent marker.”
  • “Do a sexy dance with just one leg.”
  • “Record yourself singing your favorite love song and send it to me.”
  • “Send me the most unflattering picture of yourself on your phone.”
  • “Video call me or record yourself dancing for 1 minute with no music.”
  • “Send me a screenshot of your text inbox without deleting anything.”
  • “Read me the first email in your inbox.”

Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text: Dares To Crack You Up

Hilarious dares are some of the best, aren’t they? From writing a status on Facebook praising your friend to sending a break-up message to a random person, these Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text: Dares To Crack You Up will do the job and crack you all up! 

  • “Tell me all of the contents of your purse/wallet.”
  • “Take a video of yourself drinking pickle juice.”
  • “Go outside and do the chicken dance where people can see you for 1 minute.”
  • “Do the macarena for 2 minutes straight.”
  • “Dip a bar of soap in sauce and lick it.”
  • “Go as far down in the splits as you can.”
  • “Close your eyes and write a text without looking. Then, send it to someone random and screenshot the conversation for proof.”
  • “Write a status on Facebook praising me.”
  • “Write a break-up text message and send it to someone random in your contacts. Take a screenshot for proof.”

Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text: Silly Dares

Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text Silly Dares

The most awesome times are when we can all just get downright silly with each other! With these Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text: Silly Dares, you’ll all be able to let your hair down, loosen up, and just get silly with it!

  • “Fill your mouth full of water and say your full name. Then, take a video and send it.”
  • “Call your crush and flirt.”
  • “Dial a random number and make meaningless conversation for 2 minutes.”
  • “Do 25 sit ups without stopping.”
  • “Wear all your clothing inside-out for an hour.”
  • “Take a video of yourself drinking water like a dog.”
  • “Take a video of yourself imitating a celebrity.”
  • “Crack two eggs on your head, then take a selfie.”
  • “Call me and say my name in a loud voice.”

Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text: More Interesting Dares

Time to take things up a notch and make things even more, intersecting with these Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text: More Interesting Dares. I hope you’re all ready to go the extra mile and tell a stranger a secret, sharing a screenshot of your search history, showing a photo of your first crush, and so much more!

  • “Record a video of you singing a song with a mouthful of peanut butter.”
  • “Color one of your front teeth black and take a selfie (eyeliner works for this!).”
  • “Put flour all over your face and take a selfie.”
  • “Call a stranger and tell them a secret.”
  • “Call your mom and tell her you can’t find a boyfriend/girlfriend in a panicked voice.”
  • “Send me the 11th picture in your photo gallery.”
  • “Send me your favorite TikTok/YouTube video.”
  • “Send a screenshot of your search history from the past two days.”
  • “Send me a picture of your first crush.”


Now that you’ve read our collection of playful truth or dare questions over text, it’s time to go wild and have a blast with your loved ones in your next group chat! So have fun and game on!

Which of these questions did you find to be the most fun? Which ones do you think you’ll be asking your friends and family and perhaps your potential partner? Let us know in the comments below.

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