60 Fun Simon Says Ideas for Kids and Adults

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Imagine this situation: You’re sitting in your living room, surrounded by your family members and friends you’re meeting after a long time.

Kids are giggling and running around; overall, everyone is having a gala. The element of a fun game, of course! What can make this scenario even better?

There are several games one can play in a group setting. However, choosing one that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults becomes slightly tricky. In such cases, the one game everyone would agree to is that of Simon Says.

Most of us have played this game at some point in our lives, whether in school or with our friends back during our glorious, carefree childhood days. It’s a great way to unite people and indulge in silly, hilarious moments.

Simon Says can be played during gatherings and holidays with themes centered around festivals such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. It’s also a game that teachers and educators often go back to cheer the students on or bring some energy to the class.

If you’re looking for some enjoyable Simon Says ideas, we’ve curated a list for kids and adults that will make your next party super fun for everyone!

Interesting Simon Says Ideas for Kids and Adults

Interesting Simon Says Ideas for Kids and Adults

The beauty of a game like Simon Says is that it doesn’t require the presence of props or a particular ambience. It can be played at any given time and anywhere you want. You can choose a big or small group at your convenience.

Let’s take a look at some of the interesting Simon Says ideas for adults and kids.

Simon Says on a Cold or Rainy Day

Simon Says on a Cold or Rainy Day

When the day is rainy and cold and sunshine seems to evade your presence, you can turn things around and make it joyful with a game of Simon Says.

Whether it’s a classroom full of students that needs to be cheered up or you’re just in your living room and wish to play with your cousins, this works everywhere:

  • Simon says stand in front of the blackboard.
  • Simon says grab a chair.
  • Simon says run to the nearest green object.
  • Simon says get something pink from the fridge.
  • Simon says fetch a glass of cold water.
  • Simon says untie your shoelaces.
  • Simon says borrow a pair of sunglasses.
  • Simon says pretend to take a nap.
  • Simon says howl like a dog.
  • Simon says pretend you’re talking on the phone.
  • Simon says meow like a cat.
  • Simon says find a jacket.

Simon Says as a Quick Activity in a Classroom Setting

Simon Says as a Quick Activity in a Classroom Setting

A classroom is a popular spot to play Simon Says. Maybe you’re done with your lesson for the day and want to indulge in a bit of a relaxing time with the little kids, and if that’s the case, they will be thankful for this pleasant surprise:

  • Simon says clap your hands five times.
  • Simon says roar like a lion.
  • Simon says touch your right foot.
  • Simon says tickle your ribs.
  • Simon says walk back three steps.
  • Simon says hug your tummy.
  • Simon says lift your left foot.
  • Simon says raise your right hand.
  • Simon says pout your lips.
  • Simon says behave like a robot.
  • Simon says move your arms in circular motions.
  • Simon says point to something blue.

Simon Says on a Trip or Vacation

Simon Says on a Trip or Vacation

A vacation or trip is the perfect place to play a round of Simon Says. Regardless of whether you’re camping or out sightseeing, it can turn into a series of comical incidents with your friends or family around:

  • Simon says pretend to walk in heels.
  • Simon says find a leaf.
  • Simon says point to the direction of the mountains.
  • Simon says drink water from a paper cup.
  • Simon says collect sand in a glass.
  • Simon says grab some sunscreen.
  • Simon says get your bag of goodies.
  • Simon says put on your slippers.
  • Simon says carry your suitcase.
  • Simon says pour yourself a glass of juice.
  • Simon says bring a book from the bookstore.
  • Simon says get your sibling’s comb.

Simon Says During a Sleepover

Simon Says During a Sleepover

Sleepovers are always super fun, are they not? Having your friends around and chatting all night with them while watching movies and playing games is something we all love to do. Next time you play Simon Says during a sleepover, try these ideas:

  • Simon says grab a pink pillow.
  • Simon says bring a tube of toothpaste.
  • Simon says identify an object that is grey in color.
  • Simon says pick a towel from the bathroom.
  • Simon says run and grab a box of cereal from the kitchen.
  • Simon says get three books from the study room.
  • Simon says run to where the ice cubes are.
  • Simon says bring a piece of grass from the garden.
  • Simon says fill a bowl with cold water.
  • Simon says fill a bucket with towels.
  • Simon says color your lips red with a marker or pen.
  • Simon says bring two pencils.

Simon Says For a Family Game Night

Simon Says for a Family Game Night

Family game nights are occasions where you see the competitive side of your siblings, parents, and cousins emerge. Why not make it more interesting and add the element of Simon Says, right?

  • Simon says wail like a toddler.
  • Simon says perform like a ballet dancer.
  • Simon says do five push-ups.
  • Simon says lift your left eyebrow.
  • Simon says sing in a nasal tone.
  • Simon says touch your toes.
  • Simon says lick your elbow.
  • Simon says pretend to lift a couch.
  • Simon says laugh in a fake manner.
  • Simon says pretend you’re holding a hot plate of food.
  • Simon says imitate someone in the room.
  • Simon says imitate your spouse.

How to Play Simon Says?

How to Play Simon Says

The game of Simon Says is quite easy, and the rules are fairly simple. They are as follows:

  • Gather a group of people and select someone for the role of Simon.
  • The person elected as Simon is the group leader who gets to issue commands to the other members.
  • Each command should begin with the phrase ‘Simon says. The minute this is uttered, the players must follow the order and do as the leader says. For example, if they say, ‘Simon says touch your nose, everyone must touch their nose.
  • If the command doesn’t begin with ‘Simon says, the players shouldn’t follow it. For instance, if they ‘Jump’ instead of ‘Simon says jump,’ the players should stay on their spot.
  • The players who follow a command without the phrase ‘Simon says’ being uttered will get eliminated. The one who manages to listen carefully and follow or does not follow the commands accordingly will be declared the winner.
  • In order to make the game interesting, the leader should make the commands slightly difficult and tricky while uttering them quickly so that it confuses the players and they make a silly mistake, adding extra fun to the game.
  • The leader’s duty is to create more hurdles for the players, and the players’ job is to listen attentively.

Benefits of Playing Simon Says for Kids

Benefits of Playing Simon Says for Kids

Although Simon Says is a fun game, it does have many advantages for kids. Some of them are:

Develops Body Awareness

The game Simon Says helps in developing body awareness among children. They learn to hold a position, enabling them to imitate the body movement of others around them.

For the younger kids, this game can be an opportunity to learn how to label the different body parts. It also teaches them motor skills such as balancing their bodies.

Instills Sportsmanship

Sportsmanship is an excellent quality to have for kids from a young age. When they keep playing a game, as Simon Says, it allows them to accept that sports are not about winners and losers but rather about the spirit of playing and learning to cheer for the achievements of your peers.

Inculcates the Ability to Follow Directions

For kids who are just learning to listen to commands and directions from their parents or teachers, Simon Says can help them understand directions and follow them diligently. This also inculcates discipline among children and improves their ability to focus.

Teaches About Past Tense Verbs

When Simon Says is played in a classroom setting, the teachers can use it as a way to teach the kids about past tense verbs. For example, they can learn to say sentences such as, “First, I touched my nose, and then I jumped 10 times.”

How Can I Make Simon Says Easier for Young Kids?

How Can I Make Simon Says Easier for Young Kids

When playing Simon Says with younger kids, the rules need to be eased a little so they can follow the instructions clearly and have fun.

While adults can respond to quick instructions in a fast manner, kids cannot do the same, especially the ones in preschool.

Here’s how you can make Simon Says easier for little kids:

  • Give the commands slowly and say each word clearly.
  • Don’t give commands that ask them to do more than one thing at a time.
  • Stay away from commands involving complicated body movements. Ask them to do simpler things, such as raising a hand or touching their nose.


Simon Says is one of those classic games that doesn’t require an occasion for one to play. It can be played with a small group of friends or even a large one consisting of many people.

Not only do kids have fun with it, but adults also enjoy it. Tell us in the comments which ones you think are fun and what more you would add to the list.

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