24 Exciting Road Trip Jokes And Puns For All Ages

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Trips are always a fun adventure, no matter what, right? It’s a wonderful way to get together with your loved ones and see new places. They also serve as a great occasion to go and explore the world by yourself and find your purpose in the process.

There is a famous saying that “The journey is more important than the destination.” It’s also probably why road trips are so preferred by everyone, despite their age.

While hopping from one beach to another, marveling at the intricacy of museums, and consuming delicious cuisines are elements we all love about vacations, road trips are a whole different magic altogether. It lets us drink in the beauty of nature and have deep conversations with friends and family.

Jokes and puns about road trips are exciting as well. Not only do they tickle our ribs, but they also bring back fond memories we will cherish for a lifetime.

If hilarious road trip jokes are what you’re searching for, we have curated plenty of them for you to crack up at and get nostalgic over.

Funny Road Trip Jokes And Puns Everyone Will Enjoy

Road trips from one of those unique subject areas for funny anecdotes and quips. We keep hearing jokes on common themes pretty much all the time. While those are amusing, jokes become funnier when they are centered around fresh and distinctive subjects.

Road Trip Jokes

Road Trip Jokes

Let’s get right into the jokes, shall we?

Which road did Satan opt for while on a road trip?

He took route 666.

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


RV who?

RV there yet. 

Where does a bee stop to use the restroom during road trips?

The BP station, of course.

  • I immensely enjoy sleeping during a road trip. However, everyone always asks me to keep my eyes on the road.
  • I always thought I was a good driver. However, I realized I was wrong when my navigation system said, “In 400 feet, do a slight right, stop, and let me out.”
  • Schrodinger once got pulled over by a policeman. He started looking inside the trunk of the car as he felt suspicious. Turning towards Schrodinger, he asked, “Do you know that there’s a dead cat in here?” To which he replied, “Well, I do now.”
  • A man got charged for parking his car in a restricted area, to which the judge asked if he had anything to say in his defense. He replied, “Well if they didn’t want anyone to park, they shouldn’t have given a misleading notice. It said, ‘Fine for parking here. How was I supposed to know.”?
  • While on the road trip, Mary crossed the road, changed a lightbulb, and walked into a bar. It almost made her feel like her life was turning into a joke.

Puns on Road Trips

Puns on Road Trips

How about we delve into some road trip puns now, yes?

Did you hear Tesla no longer has that wonderful new car smell?

Instead, those cars now have an Elon Musk.

Do you know how the people at NASA arrange a party?

They planet.

What type of car do you think Yoda drives?

He drives a Toyoda. 

What is the name given to a Mexican who loses his car during a road trip?


Why is it that amputees are good at road trips?

It’s because they are always on the last leg. 

Why does Kelly not take her dog on road trips anymore?

It’s because he is such a bark seat driver.

Why does a car work after the wheels have been changed?

It’s because they get retired. 

What does one use to count cows?

A cowculator.

Why did the cyborg have to take a break after her long road trip?

It’s because she had a hard drive. 

They were driving through England on a road trip and were supposed to be in Greenwich the next day.

They didn’t know what to do in the meantime. 

Bob took a road trip with his girlfriend, who finally told him she needed to stop and hug now and again to reduce anxiety.

From there on, it was just touch and go. 

A bug splattered on my windscreen while driving.

I bet it doesn’t have the guts to do that again. 

What kind of car does a cook drive?


What kind of snakes can you find in cars?

Windshield vipers.

What type of petrol do you think Vin uses?


What happened when the frog’s car broke down?

It had to be toad away.

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Why Are Road Trips Exciting For People of All Ages

What is it about road trips that make everyone excited about it?

1. Nourishes Bonds With Friends And Loved Ones

Nourishes Bonds With Friends And Loved Ones

Perhaps you haven’t seen your family in a long time, or maybe you’re meeting your childhood friends after ages. Do you know a good way to make up for a lost time? Through a road trip, of course!

It provides one the perfect chance to relive old memories and make new ones. By the end of it all, you are sure to feel much closer to them, ending your road trip by having developed a better bond with those closest to you.

2. Provides Freedom And Flexibility

With certain vacations, everything is fixed, and you’re often required to adhere to a tight schedule. Luckily, road trips don’t come with any such restrictions and let you have as much freedom and flexibility as you’d like.

People embarking on road trips can create their schedules depending on what makes them comfortable. Is there a cute café you want to check out? Do it.

Spot a pretty waterfall you’d like to take pictures of? Go ahead. Heard of a cool spot from the locals? Explore it all you want.

3. Allows You to Explore Nature And The Outdoors

Allows You to Explore Nature And The Outdoors

Relaxing at a resort and being around known faces is certainly pleasant, but that doesn’t allow you to enjoy the great outdoors. When you’re on a road trip, you get to marvel at nature in all its glory.

Take your kids on hikes and treks and see how much they enjoy every moment. Through a road trip adventure, you get to see remote locations, interact with the local residents, hear their stories, and even relish local cuisine that you wouldn’t normally find elsewhere.

4. Helps You Relax And Wind Down

Maybe there’s a book you’ve been meaning to finish for months or a podcast you have been dying to listen to but haven’t had the time to get to either of these pieces of entertainment and art due to work pressure or familial responsibilities.

During a road trip, however, you can leave all your stress and anxieties behind and indulge in everything that brings you peace. While others drive, you can read a book, listen to your favorite album, do some journalling, or let the photographer in you capture the stunning views all around.

5. Instills Good Values in Children

Instills Good Values in Children

Believe it or not, road trips actually aid in instilling some positive values in kids and young adults. For instance, it teaches them to be more patient.

Unlike a luxurious vacation where one can access almost everything at their fingertips, road trips require you to look around and be patient till you get it.

Similarly, it encourages children to step out of their comfort zone. If they want to go swimming, they can do so at a calm river instead of a plush swimming pool. Delightfully, it helps them gain a new perspective and learn more about life.


Who doesn’t enjoy unique jokes, right? When you crack road trip jokes and puns, for instance, at a party or a gathering, they’re sure to entertain the people around you. Read through the articles listed and let us know which ones had you laughing out loud.

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