73 Best Library Pickup Lines to Impress a Book Lover

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Were you in awe the first time you saw that gorgeous yet serious librarian at the library near your house?

Did your jaw drop the day you bumped into a cute missy at the bookstore? She might have cast an annoying glance at you after her favorite Jane Austen fell to the ground.

Looks are deceptive, so if you feel that the grave-looking girl only swears on books, you might be mistaken. Book lovers make one of the best romantic partners due to umpteen reasons. They are creative to the tee, understanding, and can sensibly handle adverse situations.

So what are you waiting for? Instead of keeping your admiration to yourself, put on your thinking caps. Get that poet out of you and weave a touchy pick-up line. Who knows, your crush could be your partner in no time!

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Few Best Library Pick-Up Lines to Put You Into a Win-Win Situation

To help you out of that writer’s block, we have come up with some suggestions here; you can use any of these to impress one of your ‘bookworm’ friends.

Simple, Cute, And Cheesy Pick-Up Lines

Simple, Cute, And Cheesy Pick-Up Lines

If you aren’t a bibliophile, keep the pick-up line short and simple. Perhaps, a little cheesy, too, if you’ve known him or her for quite some time. Don’t overdo it, as it could backfire.

  • Hey! There isn’t much difference between a good novel and you – both make a permanent place in my head.
  • You like books, and I like you, do you like me too?
  • You like books, and so do I. Why don’t we weave the story of life together?
  • I am not supposed to be judging a book by its cover, right? No, wrong! One look at you, and I am already floored.
  • I have a great collection of books. Why don’t you come over?
  • Can’t stop from checking out on you, like you were a library book.
  • Allow me to be your book. Read me, understand me, acknowledge me, and handle me with care.
  • Had you been a book, I would have needed glasses to read through your fine-printed pages.
  • I wish to choose you from the many books in the library called the world.
  • Would you like to be a part of my library?
  •  Why don’t you be my reading partner for the night? I would read you the unreturned library book I have.
  • Had I added a catalog to you, ‘Desirable’ would be my choice!
  • I wish I could pass my fingers through you like you were a book.
  • Coming to the library? I’ll be waiting for you in the stacks.
  • You have overdue books. Don’t you? I wonder why I see FINE written all over you.
  • When around, you make me feel hotter than “Fahrenheit 451”.
  • I can’t have enough of you like you were a thriller.
  • Let’s make good use of the romance section, and make Romeo and Juliet envious.
  • The only book in this library I wish to read is you.
  • Dear Missy! Do you mind giving me your cutter number?
  • May I help you with the stacks? I learned to arrange them from my mom, who like you was a librarian too.
  • Playing doctor is for kids. Why don’t we play library?
  • Heard you are a cataloger. Hope the lists you make have enough space to accommodate me as well.
  • How hot you look, girl! What have you been up to? Burning books or what!
  • Would you mind if I keep you in reserve?
  • Can you read my mind with the same passion that you have while reading books? It has ‘LOVE’ written all over it.
  • Please shed off the restricted section tag so that I may access you.
  • Would you mind walking up to the poetry section with me? I would love to recite a few verses to you.
  • Let’s meet in the library! How about the fantasy section?
  • Had you been a library book, I would have taken you home and never given you back!
  • Want to sneak out with you to the reference section to make some citations.
  • You are a librarian. Aren’t you? Well, I need to get shushed then.
  • Let’s get into a search engine game. Make an entry and wait for the positive results.
  • You are the hottest book in this library.
  • Let’s play library. Be the door and allow me to slam you.
  • Typing all day has made my fingers really strong.
  • Would you mind giving me your reference number?
  • Hey! I have a huge Jane Austen collection. Wish to come over?
  • Read between the lines, and you’ll be able to read my mind.
  • Wanna be my roommate for the night? Together we could make a lot of sound and fury.
  • If given a chance to arrange the stacks, I wouldn’t miss putting U and I in one place.
  • Do I have the honor to make you a part of my private library?
  • Happy that I have a library card. I am going to check you out now.
  • Alas! The library doesn’t allow food. How do I please my hunger for you?
  • Want to know my name? It’s William S. Burroughs. How about a “Naked Lunch” together!
  • You are so hot! I wouldn’t mind you folding my pages in a dog-eared fashion.
  • Do you happen to be shelf R.1034? I have been searching for you all over the place.
  • Let’s reserve a room in the library and study each other.
  • No one believes me to be a librarian. Why don’t you check me out?
  • Had you played quidditch, you would have been the keeper.
  • I am MARC. Let’s INSPEC and see if we can MeSH.
  • Allow me to apply my dewey decimal on you.
  • I know a cutie. Wish to impress her with a book. So, what would be your pick?
  • You have a banging body. A sequel is the need of the hour.
  • The day I saw you, my heart went on hold.
  • My imagination went wild since the day I got to know that you are a librarian.
  • The library has a time limit, but my home doesn’t. Let’s go back and have a whale of a time.

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Creative Library Pick-Up Lines

Creative Pick-Up Lines

Good for you if you, too, are into books and love exploring every genre. To ease things out, make an attempt to know your Missy or Mister’s favorite book or character. It would help you pen the perfect pickup line. Avoid doing too much of it. A line that’s a cakewalk for you to understand might sound like jargon to the one you adore.

  • While reading the “Book of Numbers” last night, I realized I don’t have yours.
  • I would love to cling to you forever like you were my ‘Last Leaf.’
  • To win your heart, I would strive, seek, and find but never yield.
  • Life is what you make it. I wish to have you in my life and make it beautiful.
  • Are you Scarlett? My heart seems to be “Gone with the Wind” each time I see you.
  • If you have “Great Expectations” from me, I promise you that I will meet them for sure.
  • Be my Magi this Christmas, and walk into my life.
  • I can sense you are overloaded with sensibility. Now! Hope it wasn’t Austen-tatious on my part in pointing that out. Was it?
  • Let’s be one, and we will sail through the good times and hard times together.
  • I wish for a secret garden with a flower for each of the times I think about you.
  • To “All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” I am sorry but still want to say that I have finally got someone way too better.
  • A room with you inside is as beautiful as a room with a view.
  • Depriving me of taking you out would be a crime from your end and a punishment for me.
  • Are you one of those five people? Meeting you makes me feel like I’m in heaven.
  • Want to know my name? It’s Big Brother! As I have my eyes on you all day and night.
  • Allow me to make you a part of my life. We would walk together through the woods on a snowy evening.

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Be creative, and make your one-liners a blend of wit and fun. Also, show confidence while delivering them. You would for sure succeed. So, wish you luck in your Mission Wooing!

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