33 Flirty Corn Pick-up Lines to Make Her Blush

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While choosing pick-up lines to woo the one you adore and admire, make sure you know what the other person likes. Else you may end up goofing things. Like, a chocolate pick-up line for someone who doesn’t have a sweet tooth would result in a complete mess up.

Food pick-up lines have a charm, and uniqueness of their own, if you can present them most appropriately.

Corn pick-up lines may work wonders if you are dating someone with an infinite love for corn.

You could make your imagination run wild and use the cornfield metaphorically to describe Missy’s looks or body. You may even keep it decent and sweet by adding a touch of corniness to your corn pick-up lines.

Enticing Corn Pick-Up Lines That Would Make Your Lady Love go Red

Here are some of the best corn pick-up lines to use on a wooing spree. The range is diverse, from cheesy and dirty, to cute and meaningful.

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Cheesy And Dirty Corn Pick-up Lines

Cheesy And Dirty Corn Pick-up Lines

Going to the next level might be on your cards if you finish the initial formalities of impressing her. Want to take her on a date or ask for a night out? These cheesy pick-up lines could help you in your purpose. Make sure you press the control button if you sense that cheesy lines aren’t making her blush but go red with anger.

  • I want to stalk you like you were a corn.
  • I wish you were a cornfield. I could plow you right away.
  • You are hot enough to get all my corns to pop.
  • I have become a horny unicorn since the time I met you.
  • It’s your cob that I desire in a field full of corn.
  • I wish to push my stick in you like you were a corn.
  • May I corn-er you tonight?
  • You grow corn so well, as a farmer would do.
  • Hey, you’ve got stalkers all around you! Where do you live? In a cornfield?
  • I want to take you to the cornfield and kiss you between the ears.
  • Does your silo have corn, or have you planted barley as well?
  • Hey! You’re a corn! Aren’t you? Then get ready. I am all set to heat you and make things go popping between you and me.
  • Why don’t you pop my corn as fast as a microwave?
  • Missy, you look like a pretty 4th of July cornfield. I desire to explore you more and go knee-deep in you.
  • Lol! You said maize, and I heard LAYS.
  • Hey girl! Can I buy you some corn dogs?
  • You are hot corn. No wonder my cornea explodes each time I see you.
  • I’ll get into every corn maze to find you.
  • How about holding my corn dog?
  • You are sweet corn, and I am popcorn. So together, we will make baby corn.
  • Let’s go to the CORN-er and make the best of what we have.
  • Can you give me the corned beef on your plate if you don’t like them?
  • In my wildest desire, I wish to take you to the cornfield at midnight and STALK you.
  • Do you know what happens when maize meets a werewolf? A CORN DOG is born.

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Cute And Corny Corn Pick-up Lines

Cute And Corny Corn Pick-up Lines

The first impression is, in most cases, the last impression. On meeting your girl for the first time, you wouldn’t want to show her your wild side. Right? So go slow, choose some adorable pick-up lines and win her heart in the first go:

  • Corny, it may sound. But the truth is that you are just a-maze-ing.
  • Should I call you cheesy popcorn, delicious caramel corn, or sweet corn? I am utterly corn-fused.
  • Do I sound corny to you? I live in a cornfield.
  • You’re as sweet as corn syrup.
  • Hey babes! Wanna know why I have corny pick-up lines? Simple, because I am a corn.
  • You’re sweet candy corn. I wish to come close to your ears and whisper the sweetest things in the world.
  • Corn dogs are my favorite at the country fair. So let’s have some together.
  • You are my baby corn, and I am your sugar popcorn.
  • Meet me in the cornfield, and we will do a cornball dance.

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Hope these corn pick-up lines bring you CORN-full of success. With the right attitude and perfect delivery, your Mission Flirting will yield positive results.

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