DIY Kits from ETSY Canada

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The One of a Kind Show and Sale wrapped up recently and of course the ETSY Marketplace was a buzz with people. I can’t help but feel inspired to call on my own creativity but the hardest part of DIY projects for me is not the doing but rather coming up with the creative idea. That takes talent and what better spot for creativity than Etsy Canada. These DIY kits contain everything you need to feed your inner crafter.

Fringe Lantern Piñata from pomtree

Party planning is on your agenda? This ombre pom lantern kit gives you everything you need to make a large 14” lantern, plus instructions on how to turn it into a pull string piñata. You can even choose the colours to match your party’s theme. How fun!

Etsy Canada DIY Kits Paper Lantern Pinata

Sock Monkey Kit (traditional) from Munkybuns Sock Toys

There’s something about sock monkeys that make me smile. Whether you’re looking to make one for your own kids or gift as a gift to someone, this DIY Sock Monkey Kit has everything you need, just add stuffing. A perfect beginner sew project for your tween too.

Etsy Canada DIY Kits Sock Monkey

Sewing 101 Pouch Kit from Les Triplettes Shop

Another great DIY kit for beginner sewers is this hand-sewn pouch. All you need is a pair of scissors and a ruler. She has a number of different kits available in different materials depending on what colours and patterns you find appealing.

Etsy Canada DIY Kits Hand Sew Pouch Wallet

Prickly Pear Cactus Kit from Bubblegum Belles

Crocheting was one of the first skills I learned when I was a tween though I have since forgotten the steps. Having a craft kit can be the inspiration to pick-up a skill you haven’t used in a while or try something new. This cactus is certainly one you won’t be able to kill and it looks so cute.

Etsy Canada DIY Kits Cactus Softie

Wood and Cardboard Car Kit from Fidoodle

I’ll admit I love Fidoodle’s fun creations like their blocks and dolls but how great are their kits? This car kit gives your child something to design, build and then play with in the end. Isn’t that the best DIY?

Etsy Canada DIY Kits Cardboard Car Kit

Unicorn Sock Puppet Kit from Cate and Levi

We fell in love with Cate and Levi’s fun change purses when we stumbled upon them at the CN Tower gift store. Now you can make your own fun creatures in puppet form, like a unicorn, monkey, dog or giraffe. Their kits include everything and even use reclaimed wool as their base material.

Etsy Canada DIY Kits Unicorn Puppet

Fiesta Cat Embroidery Kit from Kiriki Press

I love these little animals from Kiriki Press, especially the festive looking Fiesta Cat. The kit includes the pattern, thread and instructions to make your own plushie. All you need is an embroidery hoop and stuffing. If you’re a true beginner like me, you can also pick-up the Starter Kit with you selected animal (which is what I’ve done).

Etsy Canada DIY Kits Fiesta Cat Embroidery

Felt Elephant Mobile from Golly Gee George

Expecting a baby or know someone who is? Add a personal touch to the nursery with this easy beginner felt mobile (no sewing machine required). The kit includes everything you need (excluding stuffing) and the end result is something fun.

Etsy Canada DIY Kits Felt Elephant Mobile

DIY Hand Bound Book Kit from Mule Mother Books

Looking to start a journal? Storing your thoughts in a hand bound book created by yourself is the perfect secret keeper. This book kit makes it easy.

Etsy Canada DIY Kits Handbound Book

Whether you’re looking for some personal distraction or an activity to keep your creative teen busy, that inner crafter is bound to come out with a few of these DIY kits in your possession. The finished results will make a great keepsake or gift and might even instill a new hobby to love. Is there a hobby you’ve thought about taking up?

Sharing is Caring!