10 Easy & Fun Preschool Christmas Crafts

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Preschool Christmas crafts are so fun for kids to make. These quick and easy craft projects will be the highlight of your preschooler’s day! 

Preschoolers love craft projects. They love doing them at school or at home. So we are rounding up the very best preschool Christmas crafts that your child will love doing.

The best thing about these crafts are they are quick, easy and totally doable for young kids. They make great gifts and DIY crafts for them to create. So get out the craft supplies and get crafting with your young kids. 

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Easy Preschool Christmas Crafts

#1 Pine Cone Ornament

preschool christmas crafts

Supplies Needed:

How to make pine cone ornament:

Go on an outdoor scavenger hunt and search for some pine cones. Let the kids grab as many as they want.

Then go inside, cover the workspace with newspaper, and lay the pinecones out. 

Using the spray glue, cover the pinecones. Let the kids then sprinkle glitter on the pinecone. 

Let it dry. 

Your preschooler has now created a fun decorative shimmery pinecone to display. 

#2 Handprint ornament

preschool christmas crafts

No Christmas is complete without a handprint ornament. As a mom, these have always been my absolute favorite! There is nothing better than a special memory of just how quickly your kids grow up. 

Supplies Needed:

How to make handprint ornaments:

To begin you will want to have your preschooler roll out the salt dough in a circle. You will want it to be bigger than their hand. 

Once complete you will want to help your child place their hand into the dough to form a handprint. Gently lift their hand out to ensure the handprint does not smear. 

Make to small holes at the top with a toothpick for the string to go through. Be sure the hole is big enough. 

Follow the directions with the salt dough to dry. 

Once the ornament is dry, let your preschooler paint it how they would like. 

Loop string through both holes and tie together. 

Your ornament is now ready to display on the tree. 

#3 Solo Cup Rodolph 

preschool christmas crafts
Source: kidscraftroom.com

Preschoolers love Rodolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, so why not let them create their very own with this fun project! 

Supplies Need:

How to make a solo cup Rodolph:

To begin you will want to paint your solo cup brown and set aside. 

Once dry, turn the cup over so the opening is on the table. 

Create two holes at the bottom of the cup. 

In the holes insert 1 pipe cleaner per hole and tie a knot inside the cup. 

Then take additional pipe cleaners and create antlers on the pipe cleaner sticking out of the cup. 

Attach your eyes and your nose with glue. 

Now you have the perfect solo cup Rodolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. 

#4 Popsicle Stick Trees

preschool christmas crafts

This is one of those classic Preschool Christmas crafts that we all make at some point in our childhood. I love saving these popsicle stick trees year after year to see how our kid’s creativity changes over the years. 

Supplies Needed:

Decorating supplies like bells, pom poms, pipe cleaners etc. 

How to make popsicle stick trees:

These popsicle stick trees are so fun for preschoolers and they are so easy for them to make. Making them the perfect Christmas craft. 

To begin, have your preschooler paint 3 popsicle sticks all the same color. Let them dry. 

Once dry, glue them together to form a triangle. 

Then let your kid decorate them however they like with the supplies you have on hand. Some of my favorite supplies for this project are little pom pom balls, pipe cleaners, and jingle bells. 

#5 Candy Cane Reindeer

preschool christmas crafts

If there are two things preschoolers love it is craft projects and candy, so with this candy cane reindeer, it combines both. 

Supplies Needed:

To create this Christmas craft for preschoolers you will want to first start by carefully removing the candy canes from the box. 

Once removed, take your pipe cleaner and wrap it around the rounded part of the candy cane. Twist it 3 times and then let them arrange the “antlers” however they would like. 

Next, take some glue and glue on the eyes and attach the red pom pom nose at the end. 

Your preschooler now has a fun candy cane reindeer to eat or hang on the tree! 

#6 Countdown chain

preschool christmas crafts

Preschoolers get so excited about Christmas so why not make Christmas Countdown Chains with them! This is a simple Christmas craft project for preschoolers that they will love. 

Supplies Needed:

  • Green and red construction paper
  • Glue

How to make a Christmas paper chain:

To begin you will want to cut your paper into 1 ½ inch strips. You want to have enough strips for days until Christmas. So if there are 18 days til Christmas you will want 9 red and 9 green. 

Once strips are cut make a red circle and glue the end together. 

Then take a green circle and loop it through the red circle and glue the end to create a chain. 

Continue a pattern: red, green, red, green until all the strips are used. 

Now your preschooler has created the perfect countdown to Christmas. Each day let theme remove a link to then count how many days until Christmas. They will want to create this project year after year. 

#7 Tissue Paper Candy Cane

preschool christmas crafts
Source: 1pureheart.blogspot.com

This tissue paper candy cane craft project is perfect for helping your preschool develop fine motor skills. 

Supplies Needed:

  • White construction paper
  • Red and white tissue paper
  • Elmers glue

How to make this tissue paper candy cane:

To begin, you will need to cut 2” x 2” tissue paper squares in red and white. 

Then you will want to cut out a candy cane out of your construction paper. 

Next, dip the middle of your tissue paper square in the glue and add it to the candy cane. 

Continue this process until your candy cane is completely covered in the red and white tissue paper.

Once covered, let dry and then hang on the fridge to decorate for the holidays. 

#8 Reindeer Footprint

preschool christmas crafts

Footprint crafts are always a huge hit among preschoolers. Try this reindeer footprint project for a fun project. 

Supplies needed:

How to make this reindeer footprint:

First, you will want your preschoolers to remove their shoe and sock. 

Then you will want to paint their foot brown and place it on the white paper. Let this dry. 

Once dry, add red pom pom ball to the heel, add googly eye and draw on the antlers. 

Now you have the perfect keepsake to keep for years to come. 

#9 Cotton Ball Snowman

preschool christmas crafts

You can’t celebrate Christmas without Snowmen. So help your preschooler create these fun snowman out of cotton balls. 

Supplies Needed:

How to make cotton ball snowmen:

First, you will want to draw a snowman shape onto your construction paper. 

Next, you will want to begin gluing on your cotton balls onto the snowman shape making sure it is completely full. 

Once full, then draw arms and a hat on your snowman. Attach googly eyes. Now you have your very own Frosty the Snowman. 

#10 Lollipop Ornament

preschool christmas crafts

If you are looking for a preschool Christmas craft with a photo, then you will want to create this fun lollipop photo ornament. 

Supplies needed:

How to make a Lolipop Photo Ornament:

First, you want to start by taking and printing a picture of your preschooler. 

Next, paint your popsicle stick red and white like a candy cane. Set aside to dry. 

Cut your picture into a circle. 

Then cut a circle out of your piece of paper a little bit bigger than your picture. 

Attach your picture to the circle.

Attach a loop to the top of your circle. This allows your ornament to hang on the tree. 

Once the popsicle stick has dried, glue the circle onto the top and tie a ribbon below it. 

You have now created a fun lollipop photo ornament for the tree. 

These fun preschool crafts are easy to make that your kids will love! Share your favorite Christmas crafts in the comments below! 

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