32 Creative December Writing Prompts For Kids

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The holidays are a wonderful time for most people, allowing them to see their families and visit friends they probably haven’t seen in a long time.

Everyone has different holiday traditions. While some like to sit around the bonfire and recollect old stories, others prefer to cook delicious delicacies.

Regardless of the traditions you follow, the feeling of togetherness is enhanced in many ways, be it with the barbecue session in your backyard or singing carols with your loved ones.

This season mainly means presents, warmth, love, and merriment for kids. They indeed have a lot to say about it, and one way for them to do so is through holiday or December writing prompts.

Introducing writing prompts or writing in any manner to a child proves very beneficial for them throughout their lives. In addition to making them fluent in the language, it also boosts their creativity and aids in developing their motor skills.

Whether you’re a parent wishing to inculcate the love for writing in your child, or a teacher looking for an eclectic activity for your students, writing prompts are a great option to go for.

December Writing Prompts For Kids to Explore

December Writing Prompts For Kids to Explore

Giving a writing task to a kid entails them being patient for a certain period of time, and for that to be accomplished, the writing prompt needs to be interesting. So, what better than December writing prompts to get them excited enough to work on the task, right?

Let’s look at the ones we have compiled for you:

  • Which winter holiday is your absolute favorite and why?
  • Depending on where you live, is it warm or cold in December? What kind of activities do you participate in during this month?
  • What are your favorite dishes and beverages during the holiday season?
  • What does a typical Christmas morning look like in your household?
  • Which is the best Christmas present you have ever received? Why did you love it so much?
  • Which is your favorite Christmas movie? What are the elements that make you love it?
  • If you could go away from your hometown during the winter holidays, where would you go? What would you like to do there?
  • Which animal would you have as a pet: a penguin or a polar bear? What is the reason behind the one you picked?
  • What were your favorite memories from this year?
  • What is something that you’re really looking forward to for next year?
  • What New Year’s Eve traditions do you like to get involved in? Where do you and your family usually celebrate the beginning of the year?
  • Is there an important lesson you learned this year?
  • Do you believe you can bring about a positive change in this world? How would you do so?
  • Imagine that it has started snowing outside. What snowy day activities would you do with your family or friends?
  • Would you like for it to be winter all year long? If yes, then why so?
  • Which is a household chore you absolutely despise and why?
  • What seven things do you want to do during your winter break this year?
  • Write a short poem about Christmas.
  • If you had to describe the atmosphere of your home during the holidays in 10 sentences, what would you say?
  • How would you like to decorate your snowman? What would you name it?
  • What books do you want to read during your winter break?
  • Are there any good hobbies you wish to pick up for the upcoming year?
  • If you could spend Christmas with your favorite fictional characters, who would you pick?
  • Suppose you’re given the choice of joining a bunch of superheroes to save Christmas. Who would you wish to have on your team?
  • Is there a holiday dish you like cooking with your mom and siblings? How does it feel to make something in the kitchen with your family?
  • You are given the opportunity to ask for five things from Santa Claus. What are your wishes going to be?
  • Which is the best surprise you have ever received during Christmas? What made it so special?
  • Would you like to visit the North Pole? How do you think your experience will be?
  • Write a letter to a friend or cousin you won’t get to see during the holidays.
  • What would it be if you had to create a new holiday tradition?
  • If you had to be transported into a fairytale for the winter holidays, which fairytale would you pick and why?
  • What do you think an elf does on its day off? Write a story about an elf’s adventurous day.

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Benefits of Creative Writing Prompts For Kids

Incorporating creative writing for kids brings about several benefits. Not only does it help with their development during the early stages, and it allows them to think out of the box and improve their problem-solving abilities. Here is why you should develop creative writing prompts for kids:

1. Improves Communication Skills

Improves Communication Skills

By engaging in writing prompts, kids learn to communicate better. This isn’t just limited to oral communication; it also enables them to communicate better with others through the written word. Therefore, it makes them more comfortable in terms of self-expression.

2. Boosts Memory

When a child writes something, it sharpens their memory. For instance, with something like a holiday writing prompt, they get to exercise memories and jog their brains regarding the little details, thereby boosting their ability to remember certain specifications.

3. Enhances Imagination And Creativity

Enhances Imagination And Creativity

Writing and reading are closely linked. If a child loves to read, they somehow automatically love to write.

Utilize their love for language through writing prompts and help them enhance their creativity and imagination, whether they’re writing about fairy tales or real-life situations.

4. Inculcates Discipline And Self-Confidence

Writing requires children to calm their minds and focus on a particular thing for a while. As they continue this exercise, it makes them more disciplined and perseverant. They also become more confident about their talents and abilities by writing their own stories.

How to Utilize Writing Prompts For Kids?

How to Utilize Writing Prompts For Kids

Listed below are some tips to remember while developing writing prompts for kids and how to utilize them well:

  • Make the writing prompts specific. Stick to certain hobbies, holidays, or events. Holiday writing prompts, for example, focus on a particular period, allowing them to narrate all the details they remember.
  • Give them the writing activity early in the day when they are mentally rejuvenated. This will allow them to think clearly and write about what they’re looking forward to for the rest of the day or week.
  • Writing requires peace and quiet. So, ensure that the setting is in a noise-free area where they’re away from all unnecessary distractions.

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The holiday season gets the little ones immensely excited. You can use this excitement to polish their writing skills or to help them sit still while the adults around them engage in conversations.

Explore the December writing prompts in this article, and let us know which one you would ask your child to write on.

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