CLOSED: Win Tickets to BlogHer 12 in New York City

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Social Media is such a great tool for sharing, connecting, inspiring and being inspired. We love the community we’ve gathered on our site, Facebook, and Twitter and in the new social arenas. Many women don’t often get the chance to meet up with their comrades from across the country to deepen these virtual relationships with the sweetness of real life moments.

Getting up the courage to travel to a new city, a big city, and put yourself out there, away from the computer, takes heaps of courage but that shouldn’t stop you. We think everyone should have the chance to experience BlogHer if they want and not be held back because they don’t have the funds or the means to get a sponsor.

We’ve been to BlogHer and know the benefits of having one-to-one connections. We want to share that experience with other women, enabling them to make their own alliances. We have four BlogHer full conference tickets and we’re going to give them away to you.

All we want to know is how will you connect at BlogHer?
Who do you want to meet? What do you hope to draw in and fill your soul with at BlogHer? Just leave a comment below. We’ll accept entries until April 11, 2012.  Since what fills each of us up and makes us happy will vary, each story has merit, we will randomly pick 1 commenter from below.  (One entry / comment per person.)

NOTE!  If you are a member of, you will need to login before you can leave a comment.  (We know, this is one of our new site bugs that we are trying to squash and apoligize for the extra step.)

Contest Details
EverythingMom Media Inc. is giving four (4) commenters one (1) ticket each to attend the BlogHer conference in New York, New York  (August 3-4 2012). The approximate value of each ticket is $298 USD, and is entirely exclusive of airfare, transportation, lodging or other trip expenses. Contest is open to Canadian and US residents only, and ends at midnight (EST), Wenesday, April 11, 2012. Please see full contest details.

And the winners are:

As chosen by, the following ladies are the proud new owners of a full conference pass to BlogHer 12 in New York!  Congrats and thank you all for your beautiful comments and entries!

* “kristen”

* “[email protected]

* “Heather Gifford”

* “Cheri-Lynn Buchanan”


Sharing is Caring!

39 thoughts on “CLOSED: Win Tickets to BlogHer 12 in New York City”

  1. Second attempt – now logged in (I think)
    I would love to go to Blogher and meet other lifestyle bloggers. You know those of us who can’t seem to narrow down our topics to any less than a large handful? I’d love to meet someone and pick their brain who has made a go of monetizing such a beast. πŸ™‚

  2. I would love to go to Blogher and meet other lifestyle bloggers. You know those of us who can’t seem to narrow down our topics to any less than a large handful? I’d love to meet someone and pick their brain who has made a go of monetizing such a beast. πŸ™‚

  3. A chance to attend BlogHer this coming August would be energizing, inspiring and a chance to meet, mingle and learn with some of the country’s most successful and fabulous bloggers. I am a writer by profession but am still getting my footing in blogging but see this as my future. There is so much I could learn!

    Last Fall, my first exposure to the blogging world was at Blissdom Canada which opened my eyes and inspired my soul. That was the first time I’d been anywhere – by myself, for myself – since 2000 when I was pregnant with my first child. Funny thing is, my final pre-mommy trip was to New York City – 32 weeks pregnant and ready to pop. I loved everything about my first visit to the Big Apple and instantly fell in love with this amazing city. BlogHer is my chance to make a return trip to NYC!

    My career and writing has taken a back seat for the past eleven years and I need these chances to get out there in the big girl world. You can help this crazy Gemini Momma break out of Mommy Mode for a few glorious days!

    I promise to embrace the opportunity and savour every second. I want to hear the stories and connect with fabulous, intelligent, amazing, inspiring women

  4. My friend went last year and had the time of her life. I too want the experience of a lifetime and want to improve my blogging by making lifelong connections.

  5. I’m just really looking forward to getting out of my comfort zone and actually SPEAKING TO STRANGERS. I’m such an introvert (aren’t most bloggers?) and I get easily intimidated. I may have to hide in the bathroom with The Bloggess.

  6. I am looking forward to connecting with friends I’ve met before, but also to getting to know other bloggers I’ve read but haven’t yet met.

  7. I would love to meet other bloggers and fill my soul with inspiration and draw in electrifying positivity and momentum that comes from interacting with a large group of like-minded women!

  8. I would love to meet some of the bloggers that I follow as well as learn how to improve my blog. Thanks for the opportunity πŸ™‚

  9. I missed out on attending the Blogger11 event in California by meer moments. I decided to follow the feed on line and was totally and completely inspired by what I was seeing. To be able to attend an event of this magnitude outside of Canada while representing EverythingMom would be an honour and I know that I would do it justice. As a parent and businesswoman who strives for greatness in everything that I do, I would love to rub elbows with my peers and those who inspire me everyday.

  10. I’d love to go to BlogHer to be inspired to take on more meaningful projects for myself, and to find others to work with and assign to.

  11. Every year I watch my friends tweet about the great experiences they’re having at blogger. I want two days to focus on writing and learning. I want to meet all the people I’ve grown to love through blogs. I want to know what the cheeseburger party is really all about.


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