Pringles Tortillas are My Latest Snack Obsession

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I love hitting the US grocery stores when we road trip south of the border. That’s how we discovered Pringles Tortillas. You can imagine my surprise (and utter excitement) when I found out I could buy these crunchy treats here in Canada.

There are three great flavours: Original, Zesty Ranch, and Nacho Cheese. When it comes to tortillas I’m usually an original fan but Zesty Ranch has won my heart (and I’m not a big Ranch fan). Nacho plus cheese, how could my kids go wrong with Pringles’ Nacho Cheese flavour?

Sadly our stash has been depleted (a problem I have with chip-like products) but you could enjoy the crunchy taste of Pringles’ new Tortillas flavours with this fabulous giveaway. One (1) hungry EverythingMom reader will win a Pringles Tortillas snack pack consisting of a vintage Pringles shirt and eight cans of each of the three Tortilla flavours. That’s 24 cans of snack-happy munching. I must admit I’m tempted to claim the prize for myself but what fun would that be?

With the launch of Pringles Tortillas in Canada, it seems there’s a little bit of a debate going on. A #PringlesDIPbate. To dip or not to dip? I’m a dipper when it comes to traditional Tortillas but these Pringles Tortillas make me a non-dipper, no matter which of the three flavours.  For a chance to win this Pringles Tortilla snack pack weigh in on the debate by commenting in the form below on whether you are a dipper or a non-dipper. You can follow the DIPbate by following the hashtag #PringlesDIPbate.

One (1) Pringles Tortillas snack pack is available to be won (approx. value $75 Cdn). Contest closes September 29, 2014 and is open to Canadian residents only. Please see full contest rules.

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Sharing is Caring!

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