Out of This World Giveaway from Ontario Science Centre

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It’s not unusual to base our reality on our experiences and data we have access too. I mean, people once believed the world was flat, something to be sailed off of should you go to far. Explorers and inventors help us get a better understanding of the world around us, even parts we don’t see with our own eye. The Hubble telescope is one such amazing piece of technology.

On April 24 the Hubble Space Telescope will be celebrating 25 years! Twenty-five years of amazing imagery from space, giving us a glimpse of parts of the universe we never knew existed. The Ontario Science Centre is celebrating International Astronomy Day with a full program of events on Saturday, April 26 (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.). Discover backyard astronomy and aerodynamics. Build space-related crafts and make craters. Catch IMAX Hubble on a giant screen. Be inspired to explore the vastness of space or just the stars over your home.

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Image: Filmed with the IMAX® Cargo Bay Camera, astronaut John Grunsfeld, positioned on a foot restraint on the end of Atlantis’ remote manipulator system (RMS), and astronaut Andrew Feustel replace a Fine Guidance Sensor in the mission’s fifth and final session of extravehicular activity (EVA). Footage from these intricate spacewalks, captured with the IMAX camera onboard STS-125, is featured in Hubble. Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, Hubble is an IMAX and Warner Bros. Pictures production, in cooperation with National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). © 2010 Warner Bros. Courtesy of NASA.

To stir a love of space and perhaps encourage a budding astronomer or explorer, the Ontario Science Centre is giving one (1) EverythingMom reader an Out of this World prize pack (value $200). You’ll enjoy admission to the Ontario Science Centre (up to 5 people), admission to the IMAX (up to 5 people), How to be a Space Explorer book, Solar System Mobile kit, and perhaps some surprise swag from the Ontario Science Centre, IMAX and the Canadian Space Agency. Cool right?

For a chance to win let me know in the form below your favourite place to gaze at the stars above or the last time you visited the Ontario Science Centre.

Hubble Ontario Science Centre giveaways Collector Pin

Update: We were just informed that a pair of these limited edition pins talked about by Chris Hadfield on social media will also be included in this price pack.

One (1) Out of this World prize is available to be won. Contest closes May 11, 2015 and is open to Canadian residents only. Winner must live within the Greater Toronto Area or driving distance to the Ontario Science Centre in order to claim their prize as transportation is not provided. Please see full contest rules.

Lead image: Nebula. Composite image of the colorful Helix Nebula taken with the Hubble Space Telescope’s Advanced Camera for Surveys and the Mosaic II Camera on the 4-meter telescope at Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile. This image is featured in the IMAX® film, Hubble. Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, Hubble is an IMAX and Warner Bros. Pictures production, in cooperation with National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). © 2010 Warner Bros. Courtesy of NASA, ESA, C.R. O’Dell (Vanderbilt University), M. Meixner and P. McCullough (STScI).

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Sharing is Caring!

27 thoughts on “Out of This World Giveaway from Ontario Science Centre”

  1. The last time I visited the Ontario Science Centre was with my kids in the fall this year. It was the first time my kids had ever been to the Ontario Science Centre- they LOVED it!!!!! It had been 25 years since I had been- I was pleasantly surprised- the kids lean and explore area was AMAZING. I would love to go back with my family. My husband hasn’t been since he was in Cubs with Scouts Canada. Also my kids were disappointed that we missed the electricity demonstration. They were hoping to have a chance to touch the ball and have their hair stand up on end. Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. My husband and I went during this past March Break when we both hadn’t been since we were kids (20-30 yrs ago)… we brought our kids, but it was a toss up of who had more fun.

  3. The last time I was at the Science Center I was with my Brownie troop… im 44 now, so I’m going to guess at about 35 years ago


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