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As you prepare for your child’s return to school, like with our own Junior Style Blogger this may be the year a cellphone makes the back to school supply list.  The Moto G from Motorola is a perfect pick and we have one to giveaway.

Moto G delivers a premium experience for at a significantly less cost than current high-end phones, and since we know every parent loves good value, you’ll be happy you didn’t break the bank this back-to-school season!

The device comes equipped with a brilliant 4.5” HD display – the sharpest in its class – that goes edge-to-edge so your child can enjoy photos of friends or their favourite online videos.  The device also has all-day battery, quad-core speed, the most current version of Android, and a variety of colorful Moto Shells so your child’s phone will be as personalized as their handwriting


Now you can stay connected with your pre-teen as their extra curricular activities take over. Plus the fabulous features may put you in the cool parent category without breaking your back to school budget.

In addition to the Moto G, Motorola also offers a number of cellphone options for $200 and under, including the Moto G with 4G LTE and the Moto E.

The folks at Motorola want to ensure your tech-savvy child is ready for another school year by offering one (1) EverythingMom reader a Moto G (valued at $150 Cdn). For a chance to win fill out the form below letting me know why you think this is the school year for a cellphone.

One (1) Motorola Moto G is available to be won (approximate value $150 Cdn). Contest closes September 19, 2014 and is open to Canadian residents only Please see full contest rules.

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Sharing is Caring!

124 thoughts on “Motorola Moto G Phone Giveaway”

  1. Because a cellphone is excellent to have in case of emergencies and it’s also great to keep connected / in touch through out the day.

  2. It just seems like such a good idea to be able to be in touch when needed for the things that pop up. Thanks for the chance. Cheers.

  3. It keeps kids safer and organized and parents worry less when they know a child has their cell phone withthem.

  4. for my partner cause he has been waiting for Rogers to send his phone out for two months and we still have to pay for bill , its stupid

  5. its affordable, has the latest version of android and fast – I have seen these phones being sold unlocked in reputed stores which means no contract

  6. It’s so common today for the kids to own cell phones. It also provides parents with peace of mind knowing we can reach the kids at any time when not in class.

  7. My phone is extremely out of date and if I need to contact other parents to arrange for them to take my daughter home ’cause I got called into work then I need something reliable.

  8. this year every teen who has a cell phone texts during lunch break and after school and now its essential for emergencies.

  9. My son is in High School and one thing teenagers need is a cell phone. I want to be able to reach him and of course all of his friends will have one too

  10. cell phones and social media is a way of life now, for everyone, old and young, its a huge leap forward, makes us smarter 🙂

  11. What kid doesn’t have a cell phone nowadays! I am seeing them younger and younger. My son is starting highschool and I think he is ready!

  12. This is the year for a new cell phone because my girls are in high school and it would be used strictly for safety reasons and to help keep them organized and in the loop. Thanks for the chance!

  13. A cell phone is needed most times, who knows when there is going to be an emergency. With the kids in all kinds of afterschool activities, you need to have one

  14. Even as there is danger around every corner for our children and the world is no longer a safe place, being tech savvy and being able to access help at any time is almost a given today. I would have piece of mind knowing that they were able to reach out and touch someone, anyone if ever they felt threatened or in danger.

  15. My daughter has been bugging me for a cell phone for a year now and she has shown that she is responsible enough now.

  16. I connected my daughter’s phone this year for her 13th birthday. But the phone is old – easily 4 years old and it is an iPhone 3 so she’d love the upgrade of a Motorola. She has been super responsible with her phone so I am very pleased with her responsibility and behaviour.

  17. My daughter is in a lot of sports and after school activities,so I like that she can contact me at anytime to pick her up and to keep in touch!

  18. If you have kids involved in extracurricular activities a cell phone is a great way to keep up to date on the activities and times to pick up, etc.

  19. A phone is most important this year because it is the best way to keep contact as well as having the internet on a moments notice is so convenient too !

  20. My daughter is going into grade 8 next week and she is probably the only one of her friends who don’t have a phone, but I think this is the year for her. She has shown a great amount of responsibility over the summer.

  21. The kids will each be going to a different school so phones will be key in coordinating pick up/ drop off changes.

  22. I think my kids should each have a cell phone so that I can call them to check in! Hopefully, they will answer!

  23. My son is wanting to have his own phone. It will be a good thing to know where he is and he can connect with me when needed. However there will be rules to be followed!!!

  24. My daughter is getting ready for her first phone although there will be very strict rules regarding it’s use. I want to be able to stay connected to my daughter no matter where she is.

  25. Makes me feel better to know that they can stay in contact and I know where they are and that they are safe.

  26. My grandson is at the age and ready for a cell phone. It would help if his parents could keep more in touch with him by phone.

  27. With the 3rd now joining jk, and big sis now hitting double digits… If there’s an emergency the 2 little ones will seek her out. She has earned the trust for an emergency phone.

  28. My kids school has wifi so they can use their devices as a tool in class and this would work perfectly! This is their final year of high school so this is definitely the year!

  29. This is the year because my teen has a very active social life and is never home half of the time!!!

  30. for my teen nieces, it is about staying connected and for us adults, knowing they can reach us, safety!

  31. This is the year for a cell phone so I can stay in touch with my nephew in highschool who can let me know where he is & if he needs a ride etc.,

  32. My nephew has shown that he is now responsible enough to have a cell phone and I would love to win and give it to him as a Back to School surprise.

  33. This is my Daughter first year of high school and it is time she had her own phone since she will be participating in several after school activities.

  34. My stepson is old enough and responsible enough to stay at home after school for a bit so for safety reasons he needs a phone!

  35. My oldest son is going into grade 9. He could really use a phone to keep in touch with friends and to let me know if something comes up through the day and he will be late getting home

  36. Actually, I don’t believe in cell phones for kids. I have 5 kids, and my oldest didn’t get his first cell phone until he was 16 and had a part time job in order to pay for it himself. My second oldest is 17 now and he doesn’t have a cell phone either but I’m sure he would like one, and I think he’s old enough. My youngest 3 are 4, 5 and 7 and will have to wait a long time before they get one. I don’t care if their friends have them or not, I simply don’t believe they need them.

  37. Time to cut the chord *gulp* – my son is attending elementary school starts Grade 6 on Sept 2nd. His friends all have cellphones – Tis’ the time to keep communication lines open and have a 3 way contact with Mom/Dad/Son – plus my 10 year old son said tonight “It’s hard to believe that I am growing up so fast – in December I will be 11 – Mom do you think I should have a cellphone soon ?”. Sign of the times *change*….this would be great to fulfill his dream.

    Eva Mitton-Urban

  38. To Keep in touch with the Boys. Thanks for the chance. I am running an very old BB so this would be the lottery for me.

  39. I think it’s the year simply for safety reasons.. It’s great to be able to have a life line if needed!

  40. My daughter is older is is involved in a lot of after school activities, this would be awesome to win for her. I need contact at all times.

  41. I think Jr. High is a great time to have a cell phone, its the time you start to venture out on your own more often and its needed for safety!

  42. She will be going into highschool and taking care of her younger brother after school so it would be great to get in touch with them.

  43. The oldest is 15, and while I don’t like idea of kids having phones too young. The safety and and knowledge it provides is a benefit

    • I’m with you Cris. I don’t think my kids need cellphones yet but I do see the benefits for my oldest just for keeping in touch should there be a problem.

  44. my son is going to grade 10,so a cellphone is a necessity in his eyes..;) It`s good for him to keep in touch with me after school,and to keep track of things.

  45. This would be perfect for traveling back and forth to school, always a few late nights for the studying. Great way to stay safe as well as knowing no matter where you are you can alway phone.

  46. My son is getting older and all his friends have one. Would be great to keep track of him also. Thanks.

  47. My daughter is in high school & has reached the age of more independance. She needs a phone to keep in contact & in case of emergency.

  48. My kids are getting older and venturing away from the school for lunch with their friends, we live in a busy neighbourhood and I will feel better if they could call home 🙂

  49. With two children in high school having acell phone would be great to be able to keep track of them at school activities ect.

  50. I work in a school and I don’t have a cellphone (I know – I might be the last adult on the planet who doesn’t have one) and this is the year to get one because I am worried with the crazy winters we’ve been having that I will get stuck in a ditch and won’t have way to get help so it is really important to me and is a priority.

  51. I have a neice starting high school this year who would love this phone and I think her parents would love to be able to contact her whenever they need too!

  52. Our son just turned 13 so we think he is old enough now to have a phone. He has been asking for one. 🙂

  53. My son just turned 13 and it seems like all of his friends have cell phones. He is also busier than usual with after school activities, so it would be nice to have a phone to keep in touch with him.

  54. my mother actually needs a cell phone as I’d like her to have one while she is on the road in case of emergencies

  55. I have a daughter starting college, in Toronto.. I’m in small town Port Hope.. I would love to win this for her.

  56. My son is starting grade 7 and this year at break they can walk down the road to a little restaurant/store for a snack. Would love to know i’m just a phone call away just in case 😉

  57. Would be great too keep in touch with my son. He only picks up his text messages, otherwise no way I can contact him.

  58. My nephew is starting high school this year and for my sister’s sanity, I think it would be great for him to have his own cell phone so my sister and the family can keep in touch with him.

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