Drink More Water with This Brita Giveaway

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It’s one of the simplest ways to benefit your health. We have even talked about it as a way to boost your immunity yet many of us don’t do it nearly enough. I’m talking about drinking water and Brita Canada wants to encourage you to drink more with a little #BritaBootcamp Giveaway.

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In a recent study conducted by Brita Canada, results showed that less than 50 per cent of Canadians are actually drinking the recommended two-to-three litres of water. Brita Canada challenges you to drink the daily recommended 8-12 glasses of water a day, one of the simplest ways to becoming a healthier you and being a part of that forty per cent!

To motivate you, Brita Canada is giving one (1) EverythingMom reader a Brita Bootcamp Pack consisting of a Brita pitcher, replacement filter, and a Brita water bottle (for on the go hydration). For a chance to win tell me in the form below how many glasses of water you think you drink a day. I know I don’t drink nearly enough and I hope to change that.

One (1) Brita Bootcamp Pack is available to be won. Contest closes February 27, 2015 and is open to Canadian residents only. Please see full contest rules.

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Sharing is Caring!

75 thoughts on “Drink More Water with This Brita Giveaway”

  1. Depends on the day, as to how much water I drink. So, that would mean that any where between 2-10 glasses.

  2. Through the week I have no problem drinking my water in fact I drink to much, but on weekends for some reason it just seems harder to drink water, but I would have to say I drink 8 plus glasses a day!!

  3. I drink 1-2 bottles of water a day. No where near what I should intake.
    I tried using flavored drops to help drink more…. didn’t work. I wish I could drink more but still haven’t pushed myself to do it.
    I have a Brita, so am not entering but I did share. Good luck everyone!

  4. I only drink water and coffee , anything else is a treat so im going to say anywhere from 5- 8 glasses of water a day

  5. probably 1 or 2 – how big is a glass? i usually just have a few sips now and then – i know, not nearly enough!

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