Bing’s Top 50 Canadiana Search Terms and a Giveaway

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Perhaps it’s the geek part of me but I’m always fascinated by what people use the Internet for. Just in time for Canada Day search engine Bing shares their Top 50 Canadiana Search Terms. Did you expect these to be on the list?bing_top50_canadiana_search_terms_giveaway

“On July first, Canadians will join together to celebrate our country’s culture – Bing’s Top 50 Canadiana Search Terms list is a reflection of the many people, places, and things that affected Canadians this year,” said Eric Thaler, Bing Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Canada. “From where to find the items needed to help combat extreme weather, to getting the latest travel tips and updates on noteworthy Canadians, Bing is helping more Canadians understand and act on the world around them.”

Bing’s Top 50 Canada Search Terms list, pulled by the organization’s expert data analysts, was sourced through the analysis of all Canada-related search terms from May 2013-May 2014. Like those searching Via Rail, Niagara Falls, and Ripley’s Aquarium Toronto I’m all about doing a little travel and site seeing now that winter is behind us.

Perhaps as a way to recognize what has been on the minds of Canadians as the take to their computers, Bing is offering one (1) EverythingMom reader a Bing Top 10 Canadiana Search Giveaway. The gift basket consists of something based on some of the top 10 searched items (valued at $100 Cdn):

  • $25 gift card for Canadian Tire, #1 on the list
  • Leather luggage tag, thanks to Air Canada’s #2 spot
  • $10 in scratch tickets from OLG, #4 on the list
  • $20 donation to The Nature Conservancy of Canada, thanks to Environment Canada’s # 5 spot
  • Set of 4 HBC Collection patio glasses from The Bay, #6 on the list

For a chance to win this Bing Top 10 Canadiana Search Giveaway complete the form below and let me know what terms you have been searching online.

One (1) Bing Top 10 Canadiana Search gift basket is available to be won (approx. value $100 Cdn). Contest closes July 11, 2014 and is open to Canadian residents only. Please see full contest rules.

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Sharing is Caring!

79 thoughts on “Bing’s Top 50 Canadiana Search Terms and a Giveaway”

  1. I have been searching preschool activities. My son will be started JK next year and I am starting to get nervous he wont be ready.

  2. I love searching for coupons online, good contests online, Via Rail Discounts online, and shopping bargains online.

  3. Holiday out of province not financially feasible this year – so a weekend excursion fishing in Alberta. What I have had my eye on recently is finding a nice durable/thick new Sleeping Bag @ Canadian Tire.

    Eva Mitton-Urban

  4. I search often for kids activities, also meals, baking recipes and to help with the kids homework. Im always searching lol

  5. I’ve searched at least 60% of the things on that list. Most of my searches lately have been for recipes and business hours for local businesses.

  6. My most common search is “(insert food/plant) toxic to cats” because my little guys want to eat everything, but I have to make sure it won’t hurt them before I give them a taste.

    • Yes with cats I’ve just come to the conclusion that we can’t own indoor plants. Let me know if you come across something that isn’t toxic. Miss the green.

  7. I searched for a recipe for crock pot pork chops and for a swim schedule from our local pool.

  8. oh my,this could get embarassing..lol…..;)..The last thing I was searching on google was facebook cover pics!!

  9. I’ve been searching about plant care to see which plants need little care, making a flower garden and I don’t want to spend lots of money and they die on me because I neglected them

  10. I have been searching for totem poles because my son has been asking for more information on them ever since we saw them at Stanley Park in Vancouver.

    • Yes babies do pose a lot of queries don’t they Tanis. Even as my kids are out of the baby stage I find I’m still searching for things online based on the stage they are going through.

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