A Giveaway to Get You out and Hibernot

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The chill in the air and snow on the ground might make it easy to stay indoors but after my recent adventure with Land Rover Canada I’ve changed my mindset from hibernate to #hibernot. We have just the incentive to encourage your family to #hibernot too.

Sure, putting on those layers may be a deterrent but I discovered there is joy to be had by getting out this winter, something unique to the sunnier seasons. I think that’s why I love the Land Rover Canada #hibernot initiative. Whether it’s playing in the park (those slides are super slipper in a snowsuit), having a scavenger hunt, or skating on an outdoor rink, winter can be fun for the whole family. If you’re stuck for a little inspiration visit Hibernot.ca for a collection of ideas from Land Rover, outdoor enthusiasts and just regular family folk like me.

Winter Hibernot Horseshoe Resort Snowshoe Trail5

Thanks to the folks at Land Rover Canada we have one (1) Sony Action Cam HDR-AS100VR with a 32GB memory card to give away to one (1) EverythingMom reader. Record your daughter’s first ski experience, your family’s hunt for animal tracks in the woods, maybe a snowball fight while the snow is still on the ground. Whatever you do to #hibernot, this Sony Action Cam will capture it all.

For a chane to win simple comment in the form below with how you plan to #hibernot this winter season? What outdoor fun will you be up to with your family? Be sure to visit Hibernot.ca for some cross Canada inspiration.

One (1) Sony Action Cam HDR-AS100VR with a 32GB memory card is available to be won. Contest closes March 27, 2015 and is open to Canadian residents only. Please see full contest rules.

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Sharing is Caring!

84 thoughts on “A Giveaway to Get You out and Hibernot”

  1. We like to go for walks and to the beach and the park. It’s been pretty mild here in BC this winter.

  2. With 10 Children, at different ages, I find we are doing a million different things, for the Older Children we really enjoyed outdoor Hockey (We had our own Skate rink on our driveway ( It was massive lol,, We also really enjoyed Soccer, and now that the ice is melting and the nicer weather is approaching, the younger kids and I have been jumping in puddles, and using our parachute to bounce our balls around and run under, the kids Love it =)

  3. We do a lot of sledding & skating in the winter months. In the spring we just love walking around town and taking time at the park, lunch outside…

  4. We love all the seasons and try and make the most of each one, although some are easier than others. In winter we love to snow shoe and picnic. Yes picnic along the way. So quiet. Love winter ๐Ÿ™‚ , you just have to dress for it.

  5. skating and sledding were two of the activities we did quite a few times during the winter. This would be so great to win so we can record our experiences in the future

  6. We have a lot of woods behind us and we go for hikes a lot and tobogganing. My son just got a snowboard too and loves it.
    We love sitting and watching for deer and it would be awesome to grab a video of them with my kids.

  7. We love to go ice skating during the winter months. We live one block away from the outdoor rink so we spend tons of time there.

  8. It would be great to win this Sony Action Cam HDR-AS100VR with a 32GB memory card.
    In response to your questions of
    How do you plan to #hibernot this winter season? What outdoor fun will you be up to with your family?
    Since it is almost Spring the snow will be melted soon
    but i did #hibernot this winter by playing ice hockey,going snowshoeing and sledding.
    Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!!!

  9. Winter is over now, but we still got out during the winter. We still went to the park, and we still went for walks and played in the snow.

  10. We go winter camping in local Alberta campgrounds that are still open through this season. We like hiking & also ice skating & tobagganing!

  11. We’re going to #Hibernot by getting in as much skating as possible before spring really settles in.

  12. I’ve bought binoculars and enjoyed watching Ontario’s birds. I’ve spotted a few great owls and many Northern Cardinals. I’ve also picked up snowboarding with my neighbor and we both are pretty good putting into consideration we went 6 times this winter. Hopefully I’ll be able to go ice fishing. But I doubt that with this beautiful spring weather approaching. I would appreciate an Action Cam so I can record my cycling trip from toronto to Montreal this coming summer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. We’ve done a bunch of treks up to Mt. Seymour to take the kids tobogganing, and we’ve gone hiking in Squamish. We’re trying to do a family hike once a month.

  14. We love Geocaching, hiking and walking in the winter and it doesn’t matter what our winters are like, we get out! #hibernot

  15. I’d be doing so much more outdoors with an Rover but this cam will have me out photographing and making gorgeous videos! Over the next few weeks, I’d be documenting the melt and new growth in the huge ravine across the street!

  16. I am not a mom but my wife is and she would have fun using this camera. She home schools so has so many moments she could capture with this!

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