A Daily Dose of Delicious with a Giveaway

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Sharing is Caring!

For some it is a chore, used to create To-Do and grocery lists. It becomes an obligation when away at camp or after receiving a gift. For me, a regular sheet of lined paper and a pen gives me a daily dose of delicious.

Like yoga or knitting is for others, writing is my creative outlet. I like to write about personal experiences but what pushes me more is the fictional world, the world of childhood wonderment and adolescent emotions.

Writing allows me to escape for a moment into another world, shaping it based on my whim. The ink flows on the paper, pulling my ideas from my body and forming them into words through the tip of my pen. Many ideas are scratched out, only a few develop into anything, but they all make it to the paper. I have books of outlines, character descriptions, first chapters, and full drafts.

I love these moments to myself, building on an idea that occurred to me walking the kids to school or in a dream the night before. The writing is for me. It’s not for client approval; it doesn’t have to be done by a specific deadline or make everyone who reads it swoon, laugh or even relate to it. These writing moments are brief but that’s what makes them so delicious. Forget the chocolate or bubble bath. Show me to a quiet corner with a paper and pen and I will be content.

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Sharing is Caring!