Connecting with Your Family through Video Games

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Most of parents these days have realized the importance of spending quality time with their children. The problem being that if your children differ in age, it becomes quite a task to find an activity that will please all. Often families trek off to local arenas, community centres & museums with the promise that there will be something to please all age groups. Truthfully, there is likely an item in your own home that can promise that as well.

videogame-family-bondingIt’s been given a bad reputation as a babysitter, a time wasting device & a source of squabbling. Otherwise known as a Video Game console. This item once deemed as an unhealthy activity is now being revamped into a hub for families to connect with one another.

In the past video games were often battles between a child & the system, but if the game did have a 2-player mode it was for head to head battles which usually turned into heated arguments before the Game Over screen appeared.

Fast forward to present day and you can see that the video game companies are listening to their customers. Sure you can still buy a multitude of violent games, but never before has there been such a variety of family participation games as there are now.

A few examples of these would be Mario Kart, Lego Games & Rock Band.

Starting with Mario Kart, yes there is a multi-player head to head mode, but it also offers a team mode where you, along with your additional players, help each other to race against the video system’s team. Next would be the Lego movie themed games (Star Wars, Batman & Indiana Jones). In their multi-player modes the focus again is to help each other. In order to get to the next level, Players are required to combine their tools and moves in order to accomplish the task required. Then we get to Rock Band. This game became so popular with families it’s been reincarnated over & over to the point where young children now know who the Beatles are and can sing along with their Parents and Grandparents!

So the next time you’re at the local video entertainment store, take a look at the Family Games and see which one might be right for your family. While you’re there you might want to put a hold on the newest release combining two Family Favorites … arriving soon Lego Rock Band.

Sharing is Caring!

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