Colouring to the Moon

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From helping with hand-eye coordination and improving fine motor skills, encouraging colouring with kids has many benefits.  But it’s not just a task for kids, offering many benefits for us as adults too. Colouring is a great family activity and To the Moon encourages everyone to work together.

You could easily fill the table with a collection of colouring books, giving each person their own canvas to work on based on their interest. To the Moon, the “tallest coloring book in the world” at an estimated 151 feet, invites you to work on one large creation together.



This foldout single-sided colouring book takes you from a home on Earth, adding new layers as you build up until you reach the moon.


Each panel represents a different scene offering something of interest to everyone. There are castles and skyscrapers, robots and dragons, and even a super large elephant. After unfolding the long colouring tablet, each person picks the area they wanted to focus on and sets to work.

Family Colouring To the Moon


The To the Moon colouring book is attached to a cover making it easy to fold up and tuck away for storage or pack for a trip to the cottage. When you’re done you can detach your finished creation to display.

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This colouring activity is a great family addition. It’s easy to pull-out with very little set-up. It’s easy to transport for fun at grandma’s, the cottage, or offering some downtime on a family vacation. It’s a great way to work together, completing one large piece over time with everyone’s input. I can’t wait to see this piece when it’s finished. Do you colour as a family? What are some of your favourite books?

Sharing is Caring!

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