9 of The Best Christmas And Holiday Drinking Games For You

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Can you feel the magic in the air? Does everything suddenly smell sweeter and merrier? You know why that is so, right? Oh yes, you guessed it right; it’s because Christmas is just around the corner!

If we’re being honest, this holiday season continues to induce as much happiness and excitement in us as it did when we were kids.

Remember the days when we would hang a sock outside our rooms, wait to discover Santa tiptoeing to deliver our gifts, and run to see our presents under the tree every Christmas morning?

Well, while giving and receiving presents is just as wonderful, a few more additions accompany the holidays that make them more memorable, such as meeting friends and family after a long time, cooking elaborate meals with them, and reminiscing the years gone by.

Another element that makes Christmas fun is the many holiday-themed games, and one that is extremely popular and loved by pretty much everyone is a holiday or Christmas drinking game.

Who wouldn’t want to be around their loved ones, concocting delicious cocktails and indulging in some harmless and much-needed fun, right? After all, what are the holidays about if not for sparkling drinks, scrumptious food, thrilling activities, and the warmth of those you love?

So, if you’re looking for a Christmas drinking game that will have everyone high and joyous, we’ve got a bunch of them for you to pick from.

Drinking Games to Try Out This Holiday Season

Searching for a Christmas drinking game that everyone around you can participate in during the holidays? Here are some to note down:

1. Christmas Dinner Drinking Game

Christmas Dinner Drinking Game

When you’re at a Christmas party, it’s super fun to observe people and watch them repeat their old patterns. The Christmas dinner drinking game doesn’t even require a lot of people because you can even play it with just two or three individuals.

The rules are pretty simple, being that you have to take a sip every time something specific happens. For example, take a sip when someone keeps looking at their phone or talking about politics and so on. You can also alter the number of sips accordingly.

For instance, take one sip whenever someone says ‘cheers’ or ‘happy holidays,’ take two sips when someone spills a beverage or makes a happy announcement or initiates a political conversation, and take three sips when someone clicks a selfie or hides in the bathroom or nags about a present.

2. Christmas Card Drinking Game

As you must have guessed from the title, this Christmas drinking game involves cards. So, take out all the holiday cards you have and gather around with all the players. If you don’t have enough cards, you can also ask your guests to bring along some of the holiday cards they have.

The rules are not only easy but they can also be altered based on what you prefer. The gist is to drink, depending on what you see on the card. Divide the holiday card equally between all the players before starting the game.

Every player is required to read the card out loud and describe it.

Take a sip every time a holiday card features people dressed in Christmas sweaters or if they contain religious affirmations and pictures of a Christmas tree. Everyone should drink if the holiday card features an animal.

3. Christmas Edition of Never Have I Ever

Christmas Edition of Never Have I Ever

The game of Never Have I Ever is iconic. It is played at numerous parties and gatherings. Let’s make a fun Christmas version of it, shall we? The rules remain pretty much the same, with the difference being that the statements revolve around Christmas.

There isn’t really a limit to the number of players you can have for this game. Gather everyone around, with all the players getting the chance to say something they have never done, and anyone who has done that activity is required to take a sip.

You can include prompts such as never have I ever re-gifted something I received for Christmas, never have I ever kissed someone under the mistletoe, never have I ever exchanged a Christmas present, never have I ever bought a Christmas present for someone and kept it for myself, and so on.

4. Finish the Christmas Song

We all love to sing Christmas songs during the holidays. Well, to be honest, most of us like to sing them throughout the year. The good thing is that this can be turned into a Christmas drinking game as well.

Gather all the players and sit in a circle. The person who begins the game has to sing the first line of a Christmas song, and the person on the left sings the next phrase, and that is how the game continues.

The game keeps going till someone messes up a line or forgets the song, and that’s the player who needs to take a sip. If everyone sings the song correctly till the end, everyone should take a sip once the song is over.

5. A Marshmallow World

For this game, you will need a huge pack of marshmallows. Include as many players as you’d like and get a coaster to place at the center of a table. The game is to place the marshmallows on the coaster.

One by one, each player will come and place a marshmallow on the stack till it falls off. The person responsible for toppling the stack over should take a sip.

6. The Drink If Game

The Drink If Game

The game of Drink If is a delightful combination of Never Have I Ever and King’s Cup.

The cards will contain different statements such as ‘drink if you love chocolate chip cookies,’ ‘drink if you had too many glasses of wine,’ ‘drink if you made out with someone under the mistletoe today,’ and so on.

Each player has to draw a card from the stack, read it out loud, and if the statement is applicable to them, they have to take a sip of their drink.

The cards can also have statements such as ‘drink if you believe in Santa Claus‘, ‘drink if you enjoy eggnog, ‘drink if you’re only on your second drink,’ etc.

7. Winter Pictionary

Imagine playing the classic game of Pictionary at a Christmas gathering. Sounds fun, does it not? For this game, you will need a board or paper to draw on and a pencil or marker.

One of the players starts drawing on the board, and as soon as someone guesses what it is, the timer needs to be stopped to see how long it took for someone to guess it. For every 15 seconds that go by, the artist is required to finish a quarter of their drink.

The maximum time limit is of one minute. For instance, if it took 30 seconds for the players to understand what the artist was drawing, the latter needed to finish half their drink.

8. All I Want For Christmas

All I Want For Christmas

For this game, you can have two players, or four players split into two teams. It’s a typical game of beer pong, but you can also choose to fill the cups with water and keep a separate glass containing your favorite drink.

The twist is that every time a team hits a cup, they get the chance to say what they would like to have for Christmas.

If the other team can fulfill their wish and give them what they want, they don’t have to drink. However, if they fail to fulfill their wish, they must drink the cup and take it out of the game.

9. The Ugly Christmas Sweater

The relationship we have with the ugly Christmas sweater is both hilarious and nostalgic. In this game, you need to draw four circles on an ugly Christmas sweater, namely red, white, green, and the bull’s eye.

The player has to take a sticky ball and hit it on the sweater. Depending on where it lands, they have to do the tasks accordingly. If it lands on red, they have to share a drink. If it lands on white, they have to give a drink, and they need to take a sip of their drink if it lands on the green.

If it hits the bull’s eye, then everyone needs to drink.

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The dinner table is set, the wine and champagne classes are out, the fairy lights are twinkling in the background, and the Christmas tree looks majestic. We are all set to embrace the holiday season with utmost enthusiasm.

Are you also looking forward to playing some fun drinking games with your siblings and buddies this Christmas? Let us know in the comments below which of these you will be trying for sure this holiday season.

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