Celebrating the New Year, Family Style

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For most of us the days of wild late night New Year’s Eve party celebrations are behind us. Becoming parents has tamed some of us. But having a family doesn’t mean all the fun is sucked out of your life; celebrations take on a slight different style.

This New Year’s Eve we’ll be ringing in the new year, family style. If you are planning a similar family focused celebration, here are some ideas to help you make it until midnight.

Party Food
We party all day at our house. Instead of sitting down for lunch or dinner at the table, we snack all day. We have standard treats like cheese, crackers, olives and pickles. We also enjoy bite-sized snacks. We found 60+ party recipes you can try if you’re looking for ideas. You can’t have a party without sweets, like one of these 47 of the Best Chocolate recipes. Kraft Canada’s Easy Oreo Truffles are just that, easy, and oh so tasty. You can get the kids involved with this one too, getting them to crush the Oreos for the recipe.

Party Drinks
I love eggnog and a New Year’s Eve party is my last chance to drink it since it’s not available in stores anymore. I’ve stocked-up but you can make your own with this recipe. Wine is always nice to enjoy whether it’s just you and your partner or you have some neighbours and friends drop-in to join your family celebration. Try one of these LCBO wines, all of which are under $20.

Party Fun
Until we’re closer to the New Year countdown, we love to hangout and watch movies together and play family games. With our Xbox Kinect, we love getting into the game with some of these fun game ideas. Looking at inviting friends over, try these tips and recipes on getting ready for a Cocktail Party. As we wrap-up one year and prepare for a new one, I love the idea of creating a record of now and predicting the future. I’ve already printed off a few of these sheets to get the kids to fill out (the parents can fill them out too) and then seal them away to open next year.

How will you be celebrating the New Year with your family?

Sharing is Caring!

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