Fun Back to School Crafts for Kids

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If you are looking for back to school crafts that you can do with the kids to get them ready for back to school we have some great ideas for you. These crafts are great for kids of all ages including preschoolers and toddlers. 

Back to School Crafts

9 Back to School Crafts Your Kids Will Love!

Button Chalkboard

If you are looking for a fun back to school craft for kids then you will want to make this button chalkboard. 

Supplies Needed:

Back to School Crafts
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To make these button chalkboards follow these simple instructions.

  • Gather supplies. 
  • Then let your child decorate the chalkboard border however they like. 
  • Once decorated, let it dry. 
  • After the button chalkboard dries, your preschooler can practice writing letters and numbers on it! 
Back to School Crafts
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Apple Name Tag

Getting a class into the back to school mode sometimes takes a simple craft project that is fun but also has a purpose. To make these apple name tags, you will need:

Back to School Crafts
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To make an apple name tag:

  • Cut an apple shape out of white construction paper
  • Next, cut the apple shape in half horizontally. 
  • Then have the kids glue cut up red and green tissue paper onto the white construction paper. 
  • Next, tape 4 popsicle sticks together and then glue one half of the apple to the top and the other half to the bottom, leaving a space where the popsicle sticks can still be seen. 
  • Then add some black construction paper seeds to the sticks. 
  • Finish off this back to school craft by adding a stem and a leaf of two!
Back to School Crafts
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Pom-Pom Bookmark

With a Pom-Pom bookmark, reading can become more fun for your kids! 

To make these pom-pom bookmarks, you will need:

  • Colored cardstock
  • Yarn
  • Hole punch 
Back to School Crafts
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To make these bookmarks:

  • Cut rectangles out of different colored cardstock. (this will be the base of your bookmark)
  • Then Punch a hole in the top center with a single hole punch
  • Next take different colored yarn and cut plenty of 5-6 inch strands. 
  • Your child can then thread about 10-12 strands through the hole and tie them individually. 
  • Once they have tied their strands have them cut them down to make a little pom pom at the end of their bookmark!

Tissue Paper Plate Apple

Fall is also a time schools are coming back into session so this tissue paper plate apple is a great back to school craft that is easy to do. You will need:

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To make these paper plate apples:

  • Pre-cut red tissue paper into squares. 
  • Once your supplies are ready, start by squeezing a little glue on an extra plate. 
  • With a pencil,  wrap one red tissue paper square and dip it into your paper plate of glue.
  • With the tissue paper attached, dip the end of the pencil into the glue, then press onto the white paper plate. 
  • Repeat this step until your paper plate is filled with red tissue paper!
  • Once your apple is dry to make it a complete craft worth displaying by adding a brown construction paper stem to the top and hang it up either in the classroom or at home on the fridge!
Back to School Crafts
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Recycled Crayons

We all have those broken crayons laying around in drawers and pencil cases that can be recycled into new crayons. You can help your kids make some fun-shaped crayons that will be a hit in their new classrooms. You will need:

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To make recycled crayons you will want to follow these simple instructions. 

  • Break up the crayons and place them in molds
  • Bake at low temperature. Keep checking on them and once they are melted enough you can take a toothpick and swirl all the colors together. 
  • Let them cool completely before removing from the mold. 

Melted Crayon Art

Since crayons are so cheap it is the perfect time to make melted crayon art. To do this art project you will want to purchase: 

  • 8×10 canvas. 
  • Box of crayons
Back to School Crafts

How to make melted crayon art

  • To begin this project you will want to unwrap 5-6 crayons and attach them to the canvas with hot glue. 
  • Once attached stand the canvas up on some newspaper with the crayons at the top. 
  • Then have your child turn on a hairdryer and heat up the crayons. 
  • Once the crayons heat up they will begin to melt down the canvas making an awesome piece of art. 

DIY Pencil Vase

Back to school means a new teacher and there is nothing better than giving a back to school teacher gift they can enjoy. Your child can give their new teacher a pencil vase full of fresh flowers on the first day of school. You will need the following supplies:

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How to make a DIY Pencil Vase

  • First, Wash the can out really well and take the label off.
  • Next, take a hot glue gun and glue the pencils to the soup can. 
  • Using just a few drops of hot glue per pencil repeat this step until your can is fully covered in pencils.Since using a hot glue gun is needed your child can help assist you by handing you the pencils. 
  • Now all you have left is purchasing a fresh flower bouquet right before the first day of school. To really treat the teacher include a box of pencils she can actually use with this gift! 

First Day of School Handprint Art

Back to School Crafts

With the right poem and a painted handprint this back to school craft is one that parents tuck away in their child’s keepsakes box forever. 

  • To make this craft you will want to preprint a first day of school poem on white cardstock paper. 
  • Have each child write their name on the bottom of the paper. 
  • After that have them pick their favorite primary color. 
  • Using their favorite color, paint on their whole hand and then place their painted hand down on the paper. 

There you have their first day of school handprint art! 

Paper Bag Monster Puppets 

Want to make storytime more fun for kids? Have them design their own paper bag monster puppets. You will need: 

  • paper lunch bags
  • some paint
  • a pack of multi-colored cardstock
  • googly eyes. 

To make paper bag monster puppets pre-cut different shapes out of cardstock for them to use but let them use their imagination to create their own monsters. 

Their imaginations will go wild with the supplies given making the best monster they can imagine! 

What are your favorite back to school crafts to do at the start of the school year?

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