30 Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas

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So, you’ve got a new arrival on the way? Now, it’s time to celebrate with a baby shower, and perhaps even a gender reveal!

First off, though, you need to plan your baby shower. Part of this is setting a date, theme, and location, as well as sending out baby shower invitations!

If you’re sending out invitations, you need to decide on what they will say, too. Here are some baby shower invitation wording ideas to get you started!

Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas

Penning the perfect baby shower invitation isn’t everyone’s strength. I’ve composed these baby shower invitation wording ideas to help you out! 

Included below are sections for boys, girls, gender reveal, unisex, and gender-neutral baby shower invitations. You’re welcome to make these your own by adding or removing text, too!

Baby Shower Invitation Wording for Girls

Are you welcoming a little girl into your life? If so, these girly baby shower invitation wording ideas will go down well for her baby shower.

Roses are red; violets are blue.

Our little princess ………. is coming soon!

Please join us to welcome her,

and of course, to spoil her mamma bear!

Our precious baby girl …….. is on the way!

And we’re tickled pink to meet her.

Please join us to celebrate this special day,

and shower her mom-to-be with love!

Miracles truly do come in small packages!

Join us as we welcome ours –

Our little girl …….

Our little girl ….. is on her way!

Please join us as we celebrate sugar and spice

and everything nice on this day!

We’re tickled pink at the prospect

of welcoming our little girl!

Please join us to welcome our little blossom into the world!

Princesses aren’t made

they’re born!

We can’t wait to meet ours!

We welcome you to shower a queen, 

Her lovely mom ……. on ……….

Mommy-to-be ………

cordially invites you to welcome

her little girl……. with a pretty pink baby shower!

Thank heaven for little girls!

Please join us to shower ours.

………. will be coming soon!

We’d like to celebrate with a girly do!

Girls make the world a little sweeter.

We welcome you to celebrate the arrival of ours!

Please join us on this special day for a baby shower.

Little girls bring lightness, laughter, and joy into the world.

However, there’s only one place they get it from!

They’re momma, of course!

Please join us to celebrate our little arrival and hers: 


Baby Shower Invitation Wording for Boys

Are you having a little boy? If so, these baby shower invitation wording ideas are perfect for your little man’s baby shower!

Boy, oh boy, yes, it’s a boy!

Please come and celebrate!

And, shower his soon mom-to-be …….. , of course!

Oh, little baby boy!

We’re throwing a do to welcome you and celebrate you, momma!

Please join us to celebrate!

Our precious prince is on his way!

Come join us on this special day.

As we honor him and his mum ……….

by throwing a baby shower on ……….!

We’re so happy.

We’re definitely not blue!

A baby boy is on his way.


Come join us to celebrate him and his mummy, too!

Sound the trumpets!

Ring the bells!

Our little prince will soon arrive.

We’d like to honor him and his mum.

So, please join us on ……… for a regal baby shower!

Little boys are the seedlings full of promise.

One day, they’ll grow big and strong.

Please join us on this special day.

To honor the mum who made him!

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Our little boy brings so much joy already!

That’s why we would like you to come 

celebrate and shower his lovely mom


Our baby boy is growing up.

One day he will be his mummy’s rock.

But, for now, she’s in need of plenty of spoiling and love!

Please come and shower her with this on – 


Soon we will meet our baby boy.

But, first, we need to celebrate with all of you!

Please bring all your love, 

to honor ………. on the day of this baby shower. 

There’s a baby boy on board!

And boy, oh boy, mommy’s gonna have her hands full!

So, come spoil and honor mommy-to-be ……….

on ………….

Gender Reveal Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Are you planning on revealing your new bundle’s gender at the baby shower? If so, these gender reveal baby shower invitation wording ideas are perfect!

Boy or Girl?

You’ll only know if you come!

Please join us on ……. to find out

which bun is in the oven!

A boy or a girl they could be!

But to know, you’ll first have to join us for a surprise reveal!

A bun is baking in the oven.

Is it a boy or a girl?

Join us to find out!

Our little angel is on their way!

But you may be curious?

Boy, or girl?

Who are they?

Come and find out on this special day!

Blue or pink?

Place your bets!

On ……….., you’ll find out!

P.S. Please bring diapers!

Will it be bows and butterflies

Or, puppy dog’s tails and bow-ties?

Find out on …………!

He or she?

Baby girl or a boy?

What will our baby be?

Join us on ……… to know for sure.

And, celebrate at our baby shower gender reveal party!

Roses are pink; violets are blue.

Our little bundle is definitely one of the two!

Each color symbolizes either a boy or a girl.

Please come and join us to find out who!

Little Mister or Little Miss?

One thing is for sure!

You’ll find out when you join us on …….

To find out which!

Baby hues like pink and blue

They make you wonder who is who!

On ….. all will be revealed!

So, don’t forget to bring a few tears!

Unisex & Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Have you decided not to know your baby’s gender, or don’t ascribe to gender roles? If so, these neutral baby shower invitation wording ideas are just right!

Well, well, well!

Look what the storks will be dropping off soon!

Please join us to celebrate our special delivery!

Children are a gift from up above!

We’ve decided to share the love.

Please join us on this special day,

As we welcome another one

and shower love upon his mommy! 

There are few gifts as special as children.

Please join us to welcome another special one into this world at our baby shower!

Our bundle of joy is on their way!

So, please come join us to shower his mummy on this special day!

Mom’s are angels.

That’s why they deserve a special day.

Come and honor mum-to-be ……. on


Our bundle of joy is on their way.

They’ll get here soon!

But what to do until they arrive?

I know!

Let’s throw a baby shower!

P.S. You’re invited!

Those dear little hands

The pitter-patter of tiny feet

The joy and love

The lack of a good night’s sleep!

Yes, our little one is on their way!

So, please join us to shower mom-to-be ……. on this day!

Twinkle, twinkle, little star

You’ll come into the world as perfect you are!

With the time we have before you arrive,

We’ve arranged a bash to celebrate your and mum’s light!

We welcome our guests from near and far,

to come and shower you with love, you absolute stars!

Boy or girl,

you’re perfect as you are!

Most importantly, let’s spoil your mommy-to-be …….. on ………….

With love and gifts from guests from near and afar!

Little boys and little girls

bring happiness to all whom they adore!

Unborn, you’re already our pride and joy!

We’re counting the days until we meet,

Our little arrival, so cute and sweet!

Dear guests, please come meet us on ……. at …….

to spoil an excited momma …….!

How to Design the Perfect Baby Shower Invitation

Now that you know what baby shower invitation wording you’re going to use, there’s still more to do. These top tips will help you out, ensuring you send the perfect invitation out!

Add Important Info

Don’t forget to include information about the location, time, and method to RSVP for the baby shower. You could lay this out in various formats; I’ve added examples below.

Feel free to play with the layout of this information, too. Also, play with italics, bold type, capital letters, different fonts, and various font sizes.

Bold type and large font size are usually used for important info, like RSVP contact details, time, and date. And, italics and small font sizes are usually for longer sentences, such as addresses.

Ultimately, how you write the words will depend on your invitation’s layout. So, ask yourself these questions. Is it landscape or portrait? How big is it? How much space do you have?

Example 1:

(Your Invitation Wording)

1 December 2021 – 12:00 PM

1 Tree Lane, New York, New York

RSVP Jane | (555) 555-1234 | [email protected]

Example 2:

Well, well, well!

Look what the storks dropped off!

Please join us to celebrate our special arrival.


12:00 PM | 1 December 2021

1 Tree Lane, New York, New York

RSVP – Jane  (555) 555-1234

[email protected]

Example 3:

(Invitation Wording)

12:00 PM

1 December 2021

1 Tree Lane

New York, New York


Hosted By:

Jane & Derrick Brown

RSVP – (555) 555-1234

[email protected]

Mention Activities on the Invitation

If you’ve planned any baby shower games, you can also mention these on your invitations. Doing this will pique your guest’s interest and make them excited to come!

Mention Dress Code on the Invitation

Do you have a theme you’d like guests to dress for? If so, remember to add this to the invitations!

Hire A Graphic Designer

So, you know what you want to be written on your invitations. That doesn’t mean that you have to design them, too. 

If you want a unique design, it’s a good idea to get a graphic designer to create one for you. They’ll be able to tailor the design, fonts, colors, and more to your baby shower theme.

Make Your Invitation Yourself

If you’re a DIY queen, you could also create your own invitations. However, you’ll need to use a free or paid design program to do so.

Choose How You’d Like to Print Your Invitation

Once you have your design, you can send it to a printing company if you don’t have a printer. However, you could also use the money to buy an affordable printer instead.

If printing at home, you can use a free online invitation template. Then, order fancy paper to print it on! Just make sure your printer can handle the paper’s weight and thickness.

Consider Whether to do a Digital or Physical Invitation

These days, sending invitations out via the mail isn’t always the most convenient or eco-friendly option. 

You could opt to send digital invitations, instead, which are both quicker and cheaper to send. These will arrive instantly, and you can also manage your RSVP’s digitally, as well.

Digital invitations are a much better option for short-notice baby showers, too. You can rest assured they’ll get to guests on time!

Match Your Theme

Don’t forget to match your invitation’s colors, font, and images to your baby shower theme. Speak to your graphic designer or create a mood board to ensure you get the look right!

Add A Handwritten Element

When getting your invitations printed, you can leave slots open to hand-write. This is a good strategy if you’re unsure of the date, time, location, or other details.

If you have particularly good handwriting, you could also order an invitation pad and pen them yourself! I find it’s nice to hand-write the guest’s names on the invitation and envelope.

Pick up Other Baby Shower Essentials

Are you buying an invitation pad, printer, or paper online? If so, you can also pick up some other baby shower essentials at the same time to avoid paying extra delivery fees.

These diaper raffle cards and guest signing canvas are just a few examples of the affordable, cute options out there!


Your baby shower invitation, including colors, theme, and baby shower invitation wording, is unique to you. Hopefully, this post has helped you to settle on the perfect wording!

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