Angry Birds at the Movies

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From the video games and board games to our Angry Birds Space Encounter experience in Florida, these flightless feathered friends have been popular in our home for a number of years. When we heard about The Angry Birds Movie release it was pretty high on our list to see.

I’ll admit, I had some concern on how the game concept would translate into a story. I mean we loved what they did with the LEGO movie. Unfortunately, The Angry Bird Movie didn’t translate as well as I hoped to the big screen, a little disappointing considering the game developers played a big part in the movie’s creation.

Creating a Story. We’ve all familiar with the concept behind the game, with green pigs stealing eggs and the birds bombarding the pig compound to rescue the captured eggs. The creators felt a need to create a backstory, telling us why this battle occurs, and this seemed to fill most of the movie time. Not something I was expecting.

Angry Birds. I’ll be honest, I never really gave much thought to the Angry part in the game’s title beyond the birds taking revenge for the stolen eggs. The anger in the movie seemed to stem from one bird, Red, who was abandoned as a chick and grew up teased for his large eyebrows. This led to him being an “angry bird” dealing with emotions he couldn’t contain by punching and fighting with others. This seemed like a regular theme through the first half of the movie.

Bathroom Humour. I also didn’t expect as much bathroom and adult humor. It felt a bit like an attempt for laughs versus being necessary part of the story. Something I thought was in poor taste, younger audience members (and adults) lapped up so this is simple personal taste. This is probably one reason for the PG rating too.

Pig Battle. Yes, the movie did have a battle with the birds bombarding the Pigs’ village to rescue the eggs. Finally, what we were waiting for but it was a much smaller portion of the movie. Perhaps taking the game to literally, I thought there would be a battle, Pigs would retreat and set-up camp again, leading to another battle. Just as we started to get into the part of the film I was waiting for, it was over before it started.

Of course that was my parent take on The Angry Birds Movie. For another perspective I brought our Family Game Time blogger for a kid’s perspective and here are his thoughts:

I was excited to see the movie since I’m a big fan of the game. I was happy to see Rovio was included in the production but I also had high expectations in how the game and movie would tie together. I thought the movie would relate to the game more though they included all of the game characters that I am familiar with including the bird that splits into three birds when attacking.

Parents may not enjoy what my dad calls boy humour (8-year-old humour that guys never grow out of) but I thought it was funny. I think my sister would have laughed at many of those scenes too.

Even if the movie didn’t live up to my game expectations, I still enjoyed it as a movie. You don’t need to be familiar with with the Angry Birds game to enjoy the movie.


So as you can tell, some elements of the film that didn’t win me over, such as the humour, entertained our younger Family Game Time blogger. I think it’s fair to say having seen the movie together that the movie failed to live up to the game expectations but put those expectations to the side and some may enjoy the film.

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