Adventure Craft: Outdoor Adventure Can

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With summer quickly approaching there is no doubt you will be spending a lot of time outdoors. Whether you are exploring nature or scavenging your backyard, this adventure craft will help your children keep their discovered treasures secure as they continue to explore.


The materials you need are construction paper, markers, duct tape, scissors, ball point pen, paper fasteners, an empty chip can (original flavor works the best for smell purposes), and any other items for embellishment.

Have your child decorate a piece of construction paper. We used markers and stickers, but you can use anything you would like. You can even paint the can directly. I would recommend not using glitter. The can will be rubbing against your child and his/her clothing.

While your child is decorating use the pen and puncture holes into the chip can. Make one hole at each end. It is important that they are lined up with each other.

Wrap the decorated piece of paper around the can. You will need to cut off the excess from the end.

You will notice that the paper does not completely cover the can. This area is perfect for the holes you punctured. The area in between the holes can be covered with a strip of paper or a piece of the duct tape you are using. In the image below you will see transparent tape. We used that to secure the paper. My son decided to use a piece of the duct tape to cover the area.

Now cut a piece of the duct tape about a meter long. Fold the tape over onto itself to make a very sturdy strap. My son chose bright orange duct tape, but they have a wide variety of neat designs (including flames and animal prints) and colors.

Use your scissors to snip a small hole into each end of the strap. Be very careful not to make the hole too big. You do not want the fasteners to be able to slip through the hole.


Put a paper fastener through the hole on the strap and then into the hole on the can. Reach inside the can and open the brads to secure the fastener.

Now with this adventure craft you have your very own Outdoor Adventure Can. This is great for collecting so many wonderful finds. Be aware that lizards and toads will fit in the Outdoor Adventure Can. This is experience talking.

The Outdoor Adventure Can is not only a great way to carry stuff you found on your journey, it is also a sturdy way to carry things to your journey. You can easy roll up paper and put in pencils for nature sketch supplies. Drop in some snacks and they will be safe from crushing and smashing as you explore.

Have fun and enjoy the outdoors!

Sharing is Caring!