51 Winter Craft Ideas

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Sharing is Caring!

The holidays are over but the snow is still here. Keep the kids busy outside and inside with some of these winter craft ideas.

  1. Toilet Paper Roll snowflakes, Muffin Tin Mom
  2. Paint with Snow, EverythingMom
  3. Ice Crystals Scavenger Hunt, EverythingMom
  4. Snowman Snow Ruler, Mom Tried It
  5. Coloured ice, hurrayic all things delightful
  6. Crayon Resistant Snowflakes, Art Projects for Kids
  7. Dress-up Ice Cream Snowman, cute everything
  8. Bird Cake and Necklaces, Red Art
  9. Snowball Throwing, I Can Teach My Child
  10. Colouring Snow, Really Quite Lucky
  11. Snow Taffy, Mama Bear
  12. Snow Play Dough, Spotted Pony
  13. Birdseed Snow Art, Motherhood on a Dime
  14. Natural Ice Boats, Reading Confetti
  15. Snow Table, Martha Stewart
  16. Juice-sicles, delia creates
  17. Q-Tip Snowflakes, Simply Mommie
  18. Simple Winter Lanterns, Red Art Blog
  19. Indoor Snow Play, Mama Smiles
  20. Snow Land Art, Chocolate Muffin Tree
  21. Sock Snowballs, The Golden Gleam
  22. Snowman Puppets, Hands On As We Grow
  23. Snowman Snow Bag, De Tout Et De Rien
  24. Homemade Snow Play Dough, Nurturestore
  25. DIY String Snowballs, Nes-ting
  26. Tic-Tac-Snow, Parents
  27. Snowless Snowballs, Cottage in the Oaks
  28. Paper Plate Snowglobe, Library Storytime ABC
  29. Ice Lanterns, Oh My Creative
  30. Ice Mandalas, Garden Mama
  31. Textured Winter Birch Trees, Artastic
  32. Frozen Bubbles, Science Made Fun
  33. Macaroni Snowflakes, Katy Elliott
  34. Bubble Wrap Snowman, Mrs. Crosbie
  35. Melting Snowman Bath, Bath Activities for Kids
  36. Winter Nature Photo Scavenger Hunt, Go Explore Nature
  37. Epson Salt Luminaries, Crafts by Amanda
  38. Snow Falling Scene, 3G Growing Godly Girlz
  39. Snowball Caterpillar, Martha Stewart
  40. Snowing Branch Mobile, Wonder Years
  41. Snowball Toss Game, Think Crafts
  42. Snow Crystal Crown, Make and Takes
  43. Cereal Box Snow People, School Supplies Blog
  44. Winter Landscapes, The Art Room
  45. Faux Snow Paint, Mom’s Crafty Space
  46. Cotton Ball Snowflake, Time for Flash Cards
  47. Make Your Own Snowman (Printable), Kids Activities Blog
  48. Snow Globe Cookies, 1 Fine Cookie
  49. Glittering Snowflake Canvas, Apartment Therapy
  50. Ice Encrusted Candles, Ivy Cottage Blog
  51. Popcorn Snowballs, Random thoughts of a Supermom

Sharing is Caring!