My Style. Taking Care of Teen Acne

Back to school means getting back into a set routine. Taking care of your skin is not only an amazing healthy habit to get into but it’s also beneficial to you in many ways. Your teen years are usually when you’re the most prone to acne. It’s also a time of great change as you move into high school and your body changes. Acne can have a big impact on a teen’s self esteem. […]

Fall Clothes Shopping for Kids – 6 Tips

I am not a fan of shopping, whether for myself or someone else. I’m the type of person who goes into a store and heads right for the underwear section (usually what I end up going into store for most it seems). No straying into other sections. That’s why I need a plan, especially when it comes to shopping for my kids, so I’m sharing a few tips I find useful when fall clothes shopping for the school year. […]

Top Tween Tips When Visiting Universal Studios Hollywood

If you’re looking for some themepark thrills in Sothern California with your tween, Universal Hollywood should be at the top of your list. That’s what my eleven-year old son and I had planned, tossing some roller coaster fun along side our nature hikes. Here are my tween’s favourite picks for the park: […]

Family Travel Southern California Road Trip with Tweens

My son and I enjoyed a little Southern California adventure, taking a seven day road trip, just the two of us. Of course I had to overcome my anxiety of being the only driver but after that our trip together was non-stop. We visited Pasadena and Hollywood, drove over to Huntington Beach and then down the coast through Dana Harbor and ending in San Diego. […]

Whale Watching off California’s Dana Point

Sea life has a way of fascinating kids but as they get older, visits to the aquarium may not produce the same awestruck response. When traveling out to Southern California with my eleven year old son, we decided to go bigger, as in an ocean bigger. […]

6 Ways to Address Dietainment in Your Home

Have you heard this term “Deitainment” floating around social media? As I mentioned in my earlier post, it’s a new term to me, one coined by Multi Grain Cheerios, but the concept is a familiar one. Knowing what it is and that it’s probably influencing my children, the bigger question is what can I (and other parents) do about it. […]

Vlog 006: Social Media and Parenting

This week we’ve been talking body image, marketing and social media at our house so Eseena O’Neill’s video was a perfect fit. No surprise many people are talking about the video but instead of looking at it as a comment on our social media usage, I thought of it from a parenting side. More on this week’s vlog. […]

My Style. Don’t Shut Me Out of Halloween

It was a cold Friday night, October 31 to be exact, and this was the first year I would be going trick-or-treating with my friends, no mom or dad tagging along. I was so exited as the bell rang ending school for the day; I felt the adrenaline pumping through my body. This was going to be great! Or was it? […]