Family Travel Benefits and Tips to Choosing All-Inclusive

Sometimes choosing the right type of getaway to meet the needs of everyone in your family can be a challenge. All-inclusive vacations may offer a solution but since I haven’t been on many of these types of trips I asked those who have experience to share the benefits as well as some tips when considering an all-inclusive vacation with your family. […]

Today’s Tip: Defogging the Bathroom Mirror

I can’t be the only one this happens to. Whether it’s at home or when we’re traveling I find the steamed up bathroom room mirror to be a nuisance. Of course the first thing you do is grab a towel and wipe the mirror down but that ends up making things messy, with another wet towel and water streaks over the mirror. […]

Family Game Time: Nintendo 3DS on the Road

On long road trips your kids will probably ask to use technology. Earlier I shared a few multiplayer apps perfect for playing in the backseat with siblings but as I mentioned in our Disney World road trip video I love to bring my Nintendo 3DS in the car. You can play both 3DS and earlier version games plus you can purchase digital games in the e-shop. […]

Disney Road Trip Essentials

I love family road trips. With five of us, traveling by car is certainly a cheaper way to travel but it can mean limits on our destinations. One of our favourite trips for us is Walt Disney World in Florida. It’s not a bad drive if you are prepared. […]

Family Travel Comforts

Waking up to fresh juice delivered to your room. Savouring the flavours of a different world. Doing nothing at all or squeezing in different activities every waking hour. Family vacations offer an escape from the chores, weather, and everyday routine and it’s something we love to do together. […]

5 Travel Tips to Save on Roaming Fees

Some people may frown on it but my smartphone is just as important to me when traveling with my family as it is when I’m working at home. I love being able to share our experiences as they happen using social media tools, like our Instagram, twitter or Facebook accounts. Being connected also benefits our trips too when looking for directions, getting weather updates or finding the nearest local diner. […]

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51 Disney Craft Ideas

Have you ever noticed when you talk to someone about your last vacation you develop the desire to return to that destination? That’s they way I felt when Travel & Leisure invited us to participate as a panelist on their recent twitter travel chat focused on Disney travel. […]

Disney’s Memory Maker Puts Mom in the Vacation

As moms we are the family vacation masters. From planning and organizing the trip to capturing family memories, like your little one’s first Walt Disney World ride or your daughter meeting Elsa in person, but where are we? How many vacation photos is mom in? Disney’s Memory Maker  hopes to change that. […]

Getting More From Your Family Vacation

When it was just my husband and I traveling we often made decisions based on price, finding the cheapest getaway we could afford. As a family of five falling within a budget is still important but perks that add to our experience far outweigh the cost. It seems we’re not the only ones who feel this way. […]

MyMagic+ Makes Disney World Planning Even Easier

From rides and parades to dining and character experiences, Walt Disney World packs a lot of fun into one family vacation. The new MyMagic+ service makes planning all that fun even easier. […]