Kids Book Review: Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet? Chronicle Books / Raincoast Books By Nina Laden, illustrated by Adam McCauley 36 pages age 3 to 5 […]

Exploring the World with Gift’Ems

From Shopkins and gogo’s (not the band), many pocket-sized collectable toys have made their way through our home. When I first heard about Gift’ems I thought these were more of the same but I have to admit I love their travel aspect. […]

Recording Family Travel Moments with Lonely Planet

Some of my favourite family memories are from travel, like discovering the foodie side of Pasadena or a little one-on-one spa time with my teen daughter. With these memories still fresh in our mind record your family travel moments, saving little details that sometimes get replaced with school lessons or new memories. Lonely Planet is a great resource for travel inspiration but they can also help preserve those memories. […]

Achieving Flexibility When Returning to Work

When I agreed to take on a new role, returning to the digital agency life again as a Program Director at Blue Hive, the HR personal was curious why I would give up the freedom my work-from-home life afforded me. It’s true, I did enjoy a fair amount of freedom like volunteering at my children’s school or taking impromptu trips. What she didn’t know was that thanks to TELUS I wasn’t giving up on my freedom. I was adding more flexibility. […]

11 Paper and Pen Activities to Keep Kids Busy

It would be nice if life went according to plan, especially when kids are involved, but as any parent knows the unexpected often happens. Stuck in traffic, sitting in the doctor’s office waiting room or trying to wrap up a phone call for work? Did you know the secret to keeping the kids occupied for a few extra minutes is easy with a paper and pen.  […]

6 Travel Games from the 2016 Toy Fair

Technology can come in handy when traveling with kids if used in moderation. Our own Family Game Time blogger even shared a few apps that siblings can play together on one tablet. But distraction and fun can be had without the use of devices. Visiting this year’s Toy Fair in New York City I discovered a few toys perfect to pack in your carry-on bag or stow in the backseat for your family road trip. […]

Theme Park Necessities

You may find this hard to believe after visits hanging out by the beach in Mexico and touring Hawaii but I love visiting Walt Disney World. I think even if I wasn’t traveling with the kids I would love that Florida theme park but it helps to be prepared. When visiting the theme parks I always bring a few essentials to make the experience a breeze. […]

My Style. Ready for the Theme Park

One of my favorite things too do during the summer is travel. (You can see the photos on my instagram account from my recent visit to Maui, Hawaii. Soon I’ll be heading to Disney World in Florida. So on my recent visit to Shoppers Drug Mart I got together four of my absolute necessities when I go to theme parks and I wanted to share them with you. […]

DIY Autograph Books on the Melissa & Doug Blog

We’re heading back to Disney World this summer for the first time in a long time. Though my kids are older, my two daughters have requested that we make time to visit some of the Princesses this year. In preparation for our visit we decided to forgo buying autograph books and instead make our own. You can see the full DIY process on our latest Melissa & Doug blog post. […]

Kids Book Review: Toronto ABC

Toronto ABC Harper Collins Canada age 0-3 By Paul Covello 32 pages […]