My Style. 40 Texting Terms Your Teen is Using

“Text language” or txt-speak has become more and more popular. People are coming up with what seems like a million abbreviations a day. It doesn’t help you, parent, if your son or daughter keeps using them and you don’t know what they mean. To help you out I compiled a list of abbreviations (or short cuts) so you will now be able to decode messages on social media or text.  […]

5 Easy Ways to Add to a Healthy Lifestyle

When I worked at home I could slip in a little fitness whenever I wanted, my day was pretty flexible, but ever since returning to office life it’s been harder trying to fit this into my day. Harder but not impossible, especially with the addition of technology. I, like fifty-two per cent of wearable owners (MaRS Market Insights), find technology helps to keep me motivated around my healthy endeavours. […]

My Stye. 5 Shops to Find Cool Phone Cases

The holidays are now over and I know a lot of my friends received phones (either new or hand-me-downs as parents received new phones). You know they just got a standard clear plastic case but a phone case is more than something that protects your phone. It can say a lot about what you like or your personal style. If you’re looking to add some fun to your phone I’ve shared five spots where you can get unique cases that will fit your style perfectly. […]

Samsung Canada Challenge Means Tech Grants for Schools

It’s often touted that kids today are obsessed with technology, sending inappropriate texts to friends or accessing social media without their parent’s knowledge. But there are many benefits to technology for kids especially where education is concerned and Samsung Canada wants to help. […]

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Family Game Time: Nintendo’s Splatoon

Lately I have been thinking about trying paint ball for the first time. That is why I got excited when I heard about Nintendo’s newest game Splatoon. I’m looking forward to working with Nintendo Canada. I think that Splatoon is a good family game for these 5 reasons: […]

Get Home Faster with TomTom

I’ve got it figured out. If I pick the kids up right after school I can stop at the grocery store before dropping my youngest daughter off at her friend’s birthday party. We had everything organized the night before and the kids knew no dilly-dallying in the schoolyard or else the whole schedule would be off. […]

Family Game Time: 6 Multiplayer Game Apps

I have a lot of games on my iPad that I love playing but most of them are single player only. Sometimes I like to play these games with other people but not all apps can provide this type of experience. I found some multiplayer games that can be played on one device (so two people can play on one iPad) and these 6 are some of my current favourites. Some are free and some cost money but all of them are worth the download. […]

Young People’s Theatre and tagged

During my high school days we only had to worry about notes and whispers behind our back. I didn’t even own my first mobile phone until I was in my twenties. Now smartphones proliferate the school yards and classrooms and with it comes a whole other realm of social behaviour. […]

American Express Gives Taylor Swift Fans a Unique Interactive Experience

Music is a big part of how American Express rewards its Cardmembers with programs like Front of the Line, which just celebrated its twenty-fifth year and American Express UNSTAGED, a partnership with Vevo and Youtube to showcase some of best talent the music industry has to offer. Their latest initiative with Taylor Swift takes that experience to a whole new level. […]

Fitbit Flex Versus Jawbone Up

The Ftbit Flex and the Jawbone UP are two personal devices designed to give users a way to monitor their everyday health but which one? Thanks to VIVA from Best Buy I was able to put both of the devices to the test. […]