5 Easy Ways to Add to a Healthy Lifestyle

When I worked at home I could slip in a little fitness whenever I wanted, my day was pretty flexible, but ever since returning to office life it’s been harder trying to fit this into my day. Harder but not impossible, especially with the addition of technology. I, like fifty-two per cent of wearable owners (MaRS Market Insights), find technology helps to keep me motivated around my healthy endeavours. […]

The Evolution of the Phone Store

Remember when a visit to your local phone store was to pay a bill or upgrade to the latest device? I love my Samsung Galaxy 6 from TELUS, connecting me to so many parts of my life. This seems to be a trend and one that TELUS is embracing based on their more lifestyle focused concept stores in the Toronto’s Eaton Centre and Edmonton’s Southgate Centre. […]

January 15th, 2016|Tags: , , |4 Comments

Beyond WeDay. How You Can Make a Difference.

Ways Thanks to the folks at TELUS I had the chance to attend this year’s WeDay event in Toronto. I love that TELUS is a sponsor, just one of many ways the company invests in the community around them. Not surprising, the WeDay event was inspiring but they also shared some ways our kids can maintain their momentum. […]

My Style. Dos and Don’ts of Instagram

It seems as soon as everyone hits the age of 13 they all start to get into social media. I’m on both instagram and snapchat so I have seen some good and bad ways of using these tools. I don’t claim to be an expert but I wanted to give you some things you should and should not be doing while using these sites. […]

A New Role with TELUS

It can sometimes feel as though our loyalty to brands is fickle, changing based on who has the best offer or what’s the coolest new thing. I’m not immune to this as my needs change and I become more educated. If I’m honest there are only a few brands that have won me over as a long-term customer and TELUS is one such brand. […]