Star Wars Rogue One Toys and Contest

I remember my dad taking my sister and I to see Star Wars The Empire Strikes back in theatres. I love that it is a world I can share with my kids, from the experience at Disney World to the new movies as they are released. We’re excited about the new movie, Rogue One, coming to theatres this December and to celebrate we had a peek at some of the new toys as well as a contest for fans. […]

15 Ways to Celebrate May the 4th

If you live in a geeky household like I do than your family is probably looking forward to May the 4th.  To put you into the Jedi mindset, here are 15 ideas to add the force into our celebration. […]

Star Wars and Literacy: May the 4th Be With You

Teaching our kids to read must be one of those big issues that weigh on the mind of most parents. I know it has for me. Although there are all sorts of opinions, programs, and tools to help kids with their reading, it should be based around the love of books. […]

Kids Book Review: How to Speak Wookie

Star Wars. How to Speak WookieeChronicls Books/Raincoast BooksWritten by Wu Kee Smith, illustrated by JAKe24 pages […]

Kids Book Review: Star Wars ABC

Star Wars ABCScholastic Canada Age 0-3board books […]

Kids Book Review: DK Readers Star Wars Series

DK Readers Star Wars Levelled Readers DK Books Age 5-8 32 pages […]