Challenge Your Family to #StepOutside

I’ll just come right out and say it. I’m not a big fan of spring. Sure I’m glad the cold winter months are behind us (mostly) but the fluctuating temperatures, the falling rain and muddy ground, the brownness of everything that makes up this season also makes me want to stay indoors. Then Kamik sent me a pair of rain boots, inviting me to #stepoutside and I’m extending the challenge to you too. […]

My Style. QUO for Your Nails

Its springtime and this is when I really get into doing my nails. But when I do I want to make all sorts of crazy designs or try something out that I saw on instagram. So for this month’s Shoppers Drug Mart visit I wanted to show you four items from QUO that MAKE my life a whole lot easer when it came to doing my nails. […]

Kids Book Review: Books for Spring

The snow is still on the ground here but there’s something hopeful about the first day of spring. What better way to get ready for the season with some books for the kids and I’ve found a few favourites from publisher Raincoast Books (plus a little giveaway that will put you in a springtime frame of mind). […]

TOMS Brings a Little Sunshine

Sweaters and jackets. Thick wooly socks and big clomping boots. The layers protect against the frigid cold but they also weigh me down. Checking out the new spring and summer collection from TOMS added a much-needed bit of inspiration for warmer days. […]

51 Flower Craft Ideas

Whether its for a Mother’s Day gift or just to celebrate the beginning of spring, flowers with their colours and shapes are a delight for the eyes. Even if you don’t have a green thumb you can still fill your life with flowers starting with these 51 flower craft ideas. […]

The Colour of Spring 2014 with PC Home

The temperature keeps bouncing like a preschooler on a trampoline, one moment high in the air with the warm sun and next down by the cold frosted ground. It’s those moments of high, those sunny slightly warmer days that have me dreaming of Spring and Summer and the recent PC Home Spring 2014 preview event helped this feeling along. […]

13 Colourful Rain Gear Ideas

With the arrival of spring, rain showers are inevitable. Just because the sky is grey and the ground is dark doesn’t mean you have to dress all gloomy. Bring a little sunshine to your rainy day with these 13 colourful rain gear ideas. […]

Kids Book Review: Rain

Rain!Houghton Mifflin Harcourt/Thomas Allenage 3-5, 5-8Written by Linda Ashman, illustrated by Christian Robinson32 pages […]

My Style. Zara Spring

I never heard of Zara until I had a chance to visit their new online store. I was impressed by their selection of clothes. It was easy to pick out my spring outfit from their great collection and I didn’t even have to hear my mom whine because we didn’t go to the mall. […]

Garden Revival: Your Spring Growing Guide

You want to add some life to your yard, be it gorgeous flowers and leafy plants, or nourishing produce that you can use in the healthy meals your family eats? Spring is just around the corner, and calls for immediate action. With our guide, you’ll be harvesting carrots, lettuce and tomatoes by summer – the season that calls for fresh, light fare – and adorning your dinner table with stunning floral arrangements. […]