CLIF Bars for Urban Adventure Kids

We may not be big into traditional sports but we like a little adventure when we travel. An urban adventure also calls for energy especially where kids are concerned. […]

Tips for Summer Family Entertaining

Big family gathering or a few close friends, summer weather brings the perfect opportunity for summer family entertaining with a backyard get together. We’ve gathered a few of our favourite tips for family entertaining. […]

Easy Ways to Conserve Water at Home When #EveryDropCounts

On a recent trip to California we went hiking in Eaton Canyon just outside of Pasadena. The trail we were suppose to hike was closed because of damage from the rain. Not flooding but rather erosion due to the draught the state has been experiencing for the last few years. That’s right, years.  Our ecotourism guide from Bikes and Hikes LA reminded us how it has been a hard lesson for residents to learn and I understand. […]

5 Ways to Keep Them Bones Strong

I’m not as young as I used to be. Mentally I don’t think I’ve aged at all but my body often corrects this misinformation. I don’t dread getting older but it does cause me to be mindful of my personal health. Currently on my mind is osteoporosis and how I can stave off its affects. […]

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Boston Pizza Gives a Little Heart

What’s that expression? The quickest way to your family’s heart is through their stomach? That’s true when it comes to Boston Pizza and their heart-shaped pizza available only on February 14. […]

5 Easy Ways to Add to a Healthy Lifestyle

When I worked at home I could slip in a little fitness whenever I wanted, my day was pretty flexible, but ever since returning to office life it’s been harder trying to fit this into my day. Harder but not impossible, especially with the addition of technology. I, like fifty-two per cent of wearable owners (MaRS Market Insights), find technology helps to keep me motivated around my healthy endeavours. […]

Fuelling a Child’s Love of Hockey

I thought it was going to be just one of those things that kids say. It’s not that I didn’t take her seriously but you know how kids can be with things. Stella is the middle of 4 daughters and the only one I took to a special event hosted by a former Team Canada woman’s hockey player. Although she’d never been on hockey skates before, I figured she might enjoy trying something new. […]

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EQ Bank Charges Less and Pays More

I can’t remember the last time I stepped into my local bank. Perhaps to use the bank machine but hardly ever to see the teller. So much of my family’s financial life happens online yet I still seem to be supporting an antiquated banking system. […]

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Gift Ideas to Get to the Family Quick

Every year I plan to get an early start to my holiday shopping and every year I find myself in a scramble. Buying last minute for my own family isn’t too bad but it’s those out of town gifts that get hindered by the time crunch. Those gifts for the cousins and family friends. Thankfully I’ve found an easy solution. […]

Cyber Monday Travel Deals

I love the philosophy of spending less on things and more on experiences but it can be a hard notion to get behind when everyone is touting super Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales. Who doesn’t like a good deal? Well Air Transat makes it easier to go for the experience option while grabbing a great deal thanks to their Transat Auction. […]