My Style. Taking Care of Teen Acne

Back to school means getting back into a set routine. Taking care of your skin is not only an amazing healthy habit to get into but it’s also beneficial to you in many ways. Your teen years are usually when you’re the most prone to acne. It’s also a time of great change as you move into high school and your body changes. Acne can have a big impact on a teen’s self esteem. […]

My Style. Clear Start Summer Skin

Its starting to get warmer and you know what that means?!? SUMMER! But it also means oily skin, and if your skin is acne prone like mine sometimes summer can really suck! Finding the solution to this is no easy thing either. But when I tried dermalogica clear start skincare line I guess you can say it was love at first sight. […]

Celebrating Consonant Skincare’s Expansion

I am a big fan of Canadian brand Consonant Skincare and their collection of natural products, from their multitasking DHE Mask to their new baby line and everything in between. So you can imagine my excitement about the opening of their second store location in downtown Toronto in the P.A.T.H underground. To celebrate our Junior Style Blogger and myself attending the media opening. […]

Bio-Oil Specialized Skincare for You

I miss summer vacation already but the start of school brings with it a sense of renewal and not just for the kids. Bio-Oil wants to give your skin a little renewal in the form of a giveaway. […]

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Dry Skin. Damaged Skin. CeraVe

Dry winter weather seems like a distant memory as the temperatures start to get warmer but it was a difficult one on our skin. Even with the warmer weather, dry and damaged skin is still an issue in our home but I think we’ve found a solution. […]

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Kosmea for My Rosacea

As children we inherit many family traits. Some we love like eye colour, hair texture, or temperament while others we may not cherish so much. For me it is a slight case of Rosacea. I always felt it was just my skin tone and I have just lived with it but as I get older my skin doesn’t hide this issue as well. Enter Kosmea’s Rose Hip Oil. […]

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Elizabeth Grant Exclusives for Aging Skin

I’ve never had the best skin. I’m sure part of that can be blamed on lifestyle choices — not drinking enough water or getting enough sleep – but some of my skin condition is hereditary. As I get older these issues either seem more pronounced or they just bother me a little more or perhaps a little of both. […]

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