Cumin & Ginger Shrimp Grilled Cheese

Yup, fall is definitely here. I’m not complaining. Fall is one of my favourite seasons and it has nothing to do with my birthday. It’s perfect for warm sweaters and cozy socks without the bulky outerwear. The air smells of chimney smoke and the ground is swirling with colourful, crunchy leaves. […]

BBQ Sunday: Grilled Shrimp Tacos and Barbecued Cinnamon Buns

The hot weather we have experienced the last few days has us eating lighter; however, that doesn’t mean we’re not using our grill. Instead of smoked ribs or hamburgers, we tried our hand at shrimp tacos and SkinnyGrape wine […]

Free Meal Plan: Open Faced Bacon & Egg Salad Sandwiches

Summer is (almost) here! We’re getting close to the summer solstice, which means long sunny evenings, and a struggle to get kids to bed when it doesn’t seem like bedtime. It also means plenty of opportunity to dine al fresco, in the back yard, and be silly as we wind up the school year and summer vacation is in sight. I still enjoy spending time in the sunny kitchen, so this week I’ll be using some of the first greens of the season. […]

Free Meal Plan: 5 Meals from the Garden

Things are starting to grow! Fields of asparagus outside the city are ready for harvest, and spinach is popping up all on its own in the raised beds in our back yard. I’m diving right in, starting to use ingredients as they become available – at their brand-new, green and growing peak. […]

5 Kid-Friendly Dinner Ideas

I’ve had negligent Mom guilt this week – working and traveling too much – and so I’m trying to focus more attention on my 6 year old. That includes dinnertime, so I’ve come up with some recipes that I know will make him happy – pasta and burgers and French toast on a stick. Because sometimes it has to be all about him… and satisfying my inner 6 year old at the same time. […]

Free Meal Plan: 5 Travel Inspired Ethnic Dishes

I have the travel itch. When spring shows up, everything thaws and blooms and the days get longer, I want to stay outside – and hop on a plane, train or automobile, if at all possible. The travel bug translates well to the kitchen, fortunately – if I can’t make it to Asia or Greece myself, I can always use my imagination. Right? I’ll go for a walk and visit some interesting ethnic groceries – much cheaper than a plane ticket. […]

Free Meal Plan: 5 Quick and Easy Spring Dishes

This week our meals will be interesting yet simple; springtime is an inspiring season, yet tends to be extra-packed with extra-curricular activities. So while I like to be able to make dinner from scratch every night, sometimes I need to streamline things a little bit. None of this week’s dinners taste rushed – a springy risotto with peas and asparagus is one of those dishes that looks and tastes like it took longer than it actually does; ditto the crispy Panko fish sticks that come together in about ten minutes. […]

Fish Recipes: Crispy Panko Fish Sticks

Crispy fish sticks from scratch come together even more quickly than the frozen kind, which typically require about 25 minutes to bake. Making them yourself is fast and easy – you can use whatever kind of fish is available – and the result is ethereally crisp and tender, with no trace of freezer burn. Serve with tartar sauce for the grown-ups; ketchup for the kids. […]

Free Meal Plan: Pulled Pork Tacos

Spring has almost sprung, and although we’re still waiting for those first tips of green to poke through the ground, we still gotta eat our veggies. I’m a little jaw-weary of root veggies and winter squash though, and so will shake things up with a vegan veggiepalooza quinoa fried rice, springy leeks baked with salmon and a side of (yes, imported) sugar snap peas, and even a wintry turnip… baked with chicken and lentils into an easy and hearty one-dish meal. […]

Free Meal Plan: 5 Dinner Party Dishes

I’m stretching my creative muscles this week, with different dishes that seem somehow celebratory (it is the week of love, after all) and yet simple to put together. It’s a great time to celebrate those you love – I may invite friends and family over to share chai salmon, white pizzas with garlic and arugula, or a hearty beef stew with mushrooms. It doesn’t have to be the weekend to host a dinner party! […]