Free Meal Plan: Open Faced Bacon & Egg Salad Sandwiches

Summer is (almost) here! We’re getting close to the summer solstice, which means long sunny evenings, and a struggle to get kids to bed when it doesn’t seem like bedtime. It also means plenty of opportunity to dine al fresco, in the back yard, and be silly as we wind up the school year and summer vacation is in sight. I still enjoy spending time in the sunny kitchen, so this week I’ll be using some of the first greens of the season. […]

Open Faced Bacon and Egg Salad Sandwich

In summertime, there’s nothing like a real egg salad sandwich. I like making them for a meal we’ll be paying attention to, like dinner – it’s not ideal to tote along for a picnic on a hot day, anyway. This version is chunky and rustic, and the addition of crispy bacon makes it a play on the classic bacon and egg combo. On hearty bread, this open-faced sandwich is a knife and forker! […]

Free Meal Plan: 5 Travel Inspired Ethnic Dishes

I have the travel itch. When spring shows up, everything thaws and blooms and the days get longer, I want to stay outside – and hop on a plane, train or automobile, if at all possible. The travel bug translates well to the kitchen, fortunately – if I can’t make it to Asia or Greece myself, I can always use my imagination. Right? I’ll go for a walk and visit some interesting ethnic groceries – much cheaper than a plane ticket. […]

Free Meal Plan: Curried Carrot and Cauliflower Soup with Apple and Ginger

As I start to ponder the fact that shorts weather is imminent, I’m trying to eat healthier with summer in mind – and so this week will see a veggie-rich rice bowl, lean and spicy-sweet beef lettuce wraps and grilled cheese with braised kale. […]

Free Meal Plan: Fridge-Cleaner Frittata

It’s a short week, thanks to Easter, and we’re settling into our longer days and sunny mealtimes. I’m feeling more creative these days, enjoying the sun coming into my kitchen, and am in the mood to expand my culinary horizons and think summery thoughts with crispy fried shrimp sandwiches, mint-ginger chicken kabobs with spicy raita, and fall-apart beer brisket. We’ll practice summery dishes and dream of a few months ahead. With any luck, we’ll be dining al fresco! Maybe. […]

Pork Recipe: Meatball Subs

Meatball subs make a fun family meal, and extra meatballs can be frozen to serve on spaghetti (or to make extra subs) on another day. While you’re at it, double the recipe to get a head start on dinner down the road. […]

Free Meal Plan: 5 One Dish for Two Meals

This week is all about multitasking – cooking once, eating twice, and repurposing leftovers from one meal to the next. After all, why shouldn’t dinner do double duty? Roast chicken makes great salad the next day, and a pot of pasta sauce, chili or meatballs produces enough leftovers to act as dinner insurance on a busier night. […]

Free Meal Plan: Creamy Carrot Orange Soup

The crunch is on. Families are traveling, making last minute preparations for the big day. Weeknight dinners tend to be more an afterthought than at any time of year. Takeout is a popular option as so many of us spend after-work hours in malls and shopping centres. This week calls for recipes that are simple to make and/or can be taken to go on evenings occupied by Christmas concerts, parties and other festive events. Keep calm, carry on! […]

Snack Recipe: DIY Panini

Make your own panini night is a fun switch from the usual pizza – put together a do-it-yourself sandwich bar with a panini press on the end, and let the family build and grill their own. It’s a great fridge cleaner – leftover roast chicken, ham, salami, cheese ends and veggies are delicious in panini, as is pesto and roasted red peppers if you have some in the door of your fridge. […]

Free Meal Plan: DIY Panini

Kicking off the week with Halloween is sure to make the rest of it a little rougher around the edges – the kids will likely be overtired and hopped up on mini Snickers, so I planned meals that are nutrient-dense yet simple to pull together. Monster nachos for the Big Night, then black bean pizza, ziti with zucchini and sausage and quinoa salad to act as ballast for the inevitable junk. Don’t give in to the pizza guy! I’m always happy to have fed everyone from scratch. […]