STEM Based Play on the Melissa & Doug Blog

I love math and engineering. Science Fairs were my favourite school activity as well as basic computer programming but these were things I was exposed to just before high school. The STEM movement reminds us that learning Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math can be approachable and fun for younger kids, boys and girls. […]

Sick Day Distractions on the Melissa & Doug Blog

Like it or not cold season is upon us, and little kids seem to be magnets for these bugs. My latest post on the Melissa & Doug blog talks about sick day distractions for the kids. […]

Early Math Concepts on the Melissa & Doug Blog

Puzzles are a great activity for the whole family but they can also be valuable tools for learning. On my latest Melissa & Doug blog post I share how you can use that wonderful number puzzle to understand a few early math concepts. […]

Sesame Street Presents The Body Exhibit

Why do we sneeze? Where does the food go after we eat? Does everyone fart or just daddy? The human body is fascinating to people, even I am amazed at how it functions, but kids have questions and they want to know. A new exhibit at the Ontario Science Centre in collaboration with Sesame Street hopes to reward your child’s quizzical requests with answers. […]

Speech Versus Language. What’s the Difference?

Clearly one of a parent’s greatest concerns is their child’s speech and language development – and rightly so! Communication is one of the most important skills our children ever develop. It connects our children to their families, to their peers and to their world. Research shows that good communication skills are critical to social, emotional and academic success. […]

How is Your Child’s Vision?

As parents we want only the best for our children. We enroll them in extra curricular activities. We help them with their homework. We give them cuddles when they are sad and take them to the Doctor when they are unwell. But are we aware of issues with their vision? […]

JumpStart Pet Rescue Goes Mobile

Mobile devices are great tools to help young kids with learning. With the countless apps available it can be overwhelming trying to find a good one. JumpStart is known for it’s fun preschool educational games such as Pet Rescue and now you can get it to go. […]

It Takes More Than Just a Teacher

When it comes to thank you gifts, we all remember the teacher, the person who spends almost as much time with our kids as we do. But as parents we know that it is more than just the classroom teacher that molds our child’s school experience and education. […]

Story Time with Santa

Kids write him letters and leave him cookies by the fireplace. We wait in line so our children can whisper their wish lists in his ear. Santa is a part of the Christmas tradition for many families and now Toronto Eaton Centre’s Story Time with Santa gives kids a new interactive experience to get ready for Christmas. […]

School Lunch Ideas: Ninja Sandwiches

I received a package from Mr. Christie introducing their new Fruit Krisps, a thin cookie-like treat that’s made with real fruit. Along with these snacks they sent along a few other ideas to beat the lunchbox lull, such as notes, pencils and other small trinkets, and cookie cutters for creating shapes out of food. This had me thinking about the lunches I’ve been sending with my kids to school. […]