Dinner and a Movie Indian Style

We eat together at the table every night but just like our routine is altered by the weekend so is our dinner rituals. Some Saturday nights we find ourselves eating something casual in front of our television. This past Saturday we added a little international flare with an Indian inspired dinner and a movie. […]

Free Meal Plan: 5 Make Ahead Meals

I’m away at a conference for most of this week – Monday I’ll be at home, but Tuesday-Friday the boys will have to fend for themselves. Not to generalize, but I know in this case it means KD, pizza and eggs on toast, so I’ve chosen some meals that can be prepared ahead of time and either frozen or refrigerated, then assembled at the last minute. Fortunately summer means not a lot of heavy meals – no big roasts or stews or long cooking times. I think they’ll survive. […]

Free Meal Plan: 5 Easy To-Go Meals

Everyone is getting run down, catching spring colds, tired of school and ready for summer holidays. This week is going to be simple, comforting, low-stress and easy to eat – nothing complex if at all possible. I’m hoping for some happy, relaxed mealtimes with minimal prep that will rejuvenate tired kids (and parents!) so that we can focus on resting and reconnecting, taking dinner to soccer or eating at the park. Nothing some bare feet in the grass won’t cure. […]

Free Meal Plan: Fridge-Cleaner Frittata

It’s a short week, thanks to Easter, and we’re settling into our longer days and sunny mealtimes. I’m feeling more creative these days, enjoying the sun coming into my kitchen, and am in the mood to expand my culinary horizons and think summery thoughts with crispy fried shrimp sandwiches, mint-ginger chicken kabobs with spicy raita, and fall-apart beer brisket. We’ll practice summery dishes and dream of a few months ahead. With any luck, we’ll be dining al fresco! Maybe. […]

Quick and Easy Dinner: Bacon & Egg Pizza

Friday is traditionally pizza night – but that doesn’t necessarily mean take-out. Start with good quality pitas, naan, other flatbreads or even, yes pizza dough – and make your own. Personal-sized bacon and egg pizzas will be a hit, particularly if you let the yolk ooze out onto your plate. A big green salad or Caesar will round out your easy Friday night breakfast for dinner. […]

Free Meal Plan: 5 Dinner Party Dishes

I’m stretching my creative muscles this week, with different dishes that seem somehow celebratory (it is the week of love, after all) and yet simple to put together. It’s a great time to celebrate those you love – I may invite friends and family over to share chai salmon, white pizzas with garlic and arugula, or a hearty beef stew with mushrooms. It doesn’t have to be the weekend to host a dinner party! […]

Free Meal Plan: Creamy Carrot Orange Soup

The crunch is on. Families are traveling, making last minute preparations for the big day. Weeknight dinners tend to be more an afterthought than at any time of year. Takeout is a popular option as so many of us spend after-work hours in malls and shopping centres. This week calls for recipes that are simple to make and/or can be taken to go on evenings occupied by Christmas concerts, parties and other festive events. Keep calm, carry on! […]

Free Meal Plan: Bison & Sausage Chili in Bread Bowls

It’s here – November has gone and slid straight into December, and now the crunch is on. This is no excuse to not cook. This is no excuse to not cook. This is no excuse to not cook. (Repeat after me – this is no excuse to not cook.) In fact, the cold weather and shorter days beg for home cooked meals to warm the house. I find it getting dark by 4, and I’m drawn to the stove earlier than usual. I don’t tend to get too creative at this time of year – saving my kitchen experimentation for holiday baking, party food and the big feast. For this week’s meal plan, comfort meets kid-friendly, with no sign of frozen fish sticks or takeout. […]

Quick and Easy Dinner Recipe: Pizza with Flax Crust

Fridays are so often pizza nights – once you get the hang of doing it yourself, you’ll have a hard time dropping $40 on takeout. Pizza dough is a snap to mix and knead, and the hour it needs to spend hanging out on the countertop isn’t really a big deal when you’re at home, decompressing and getting things sorted out from a week of work and school. […]

Quick and Easy Dinner Recipe: Easy Pantry Pumpkin Pizza Sauce

This is a great last minute sauce that gets made with pantry ingredients. All you need is some frozen or canned pumpkin, tomato paste, water and a few dried spices.  This is also an easy treat on a snow day when you don’t feel like going to the store. […]