11 Paper and Pen Activities to Keep Kids Busy

It would be nice if life went according to plan, especially when kids are involved, but as any parent knows the unexpected often happens. Stuck in traffic, sitting in the doctor’s office waiting room or trying to wrap up a phone call for work? Did you know the secret to keeping the kids occupied for a few extra minutes is easy with a paper and pen.  […]

Words Beyond Hate

I hate math. I hate going to swimming lessons. I hate my friend. I have when you make meatloaf. Have you ever noticed how often the word HATE appears in your child’s vocabulary? With the number of words available to us in the English language it feels as though some words are often overused and perhaps not being used correctly. […]

Beyond WeDay. How You Can Make a Difference.

Ways Thanks to the folks at TELUS I had the chance to attend this year’s WeDay event in Toronto. I love that TELUS is a sponsor, just one of many ways the company invests in the community around them. Not surprising, the WeDay event was inspiring but they also shared some ways our kids can maintain their momentum. […]

8 Air Transat Family Perks

As vacation planning season begins, getting away with ease is almost as important as finding the perfect family destination. Air Transat offers families both with their Family Collection of resorts as well as special perks to make vacationing with kids even easier. […]

My Style. Dos and Don’ts of Instagram

It seems as soon as everyone hits the age of 13 they all start to get into social media. I’m on both instagram and snapchat so I have seen some good and bad ways of using these tools. I don’t claim to be an expert but I wanted to give you some things you should and should not be doing while using these sites. […]

6 Ways to Address Dietainment in Your Home

Have you heard this term “Deitainment” floating around social media? As I mentioned in my earlier post, it’s a new term to me, one coined by Multi Grain Cheerios, but the concept is a familiar one. Knowing what it is and that it’s probably influencing my children, the bigger question is what can I (and other parents) do about it. […]

This Summer, Wanna Play?

There’s something special about those two summer months, especially for kids. Homework-free nights. No morning alarm clock. Long warm days of nothing planned. Do you ever wish you were a kid again just to feel that joy? But summer freedom isn’t what it used to be when I was the age of my children. […]

Creative Puppet Play on the Melissa & Doug Blog

It’s puppet time! My latest post for the Melissa & Doug Playtime Press blog gets silly with puppet play. I never knew playing with puppets could be as much fun as a family game night. My family and I even share a little video of the fun. […]

6 Ways Kids Can Help With House Cleaning

Beyond the kids cleaning their rooms my kids don’t have set tasks to perform in our house though they are expected to contribute like everyone who lives in the house. According to an essay within the Wall Street Journal “Giving children household chores at an early age helps to build a lasting sense of mastery, responsibility and self-reliance”. […]

Magic Card Trick on Melissa & Doug Blog

Magic can be great fun to watch but it’s even more entertaining to preform. My kids love dabbling in a little magic but there are other benefits for kids beyond just presentation skills. See my latest post on Melissa & Doug’s blog. […]